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College Gameday Week 5, Season 2011

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by gowazzucougs, Oct 4, 2010.


Who Do You think will win?

  1. Auburn

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  2. South Carolina

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  1. gowazzucougs

    gowazzucougs WSU is better than UCLA

    Jul 18, 2010
    College Gameday Week 5, Season 2011


    Week 5

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    YOU ARE LOOKING LIVE AT Williams-Brice Stadium, the home of the South Carolina Gamecocks. The Gamecocks are lead by their all world back Marcus Lattimore. The Gamecocks were many experts pick to win the conference, but the Gamecocks are hoping to rebound after suffering a devasting loss to the Georgia Bulldogs.

    The Gamecocks’ opponent today is the Auburn Tigers who are lead by QB Cameron Newton. The Tigers have been a pleasant surprise this season starting 3-0, and had achieved a top 15 ranking before the Florida Gators stepped on their throat last week beating the Tigers 52-21.

    Auburn Tigers Key Players CB Neiko Thorpe (91), SS Mike McNeil, (90), HB Onterio McCalebb (90), DE Nosa Eguae (90)
    2011 Record- 2-0(1-0 in SEC)
    Coaches/Media Ranking 18/19
    Passing Leader: Cameron Newton: 52-84-755 yards, 7 TDs, 1 Int
    Rushing Leader: Onterio McCalebb: 34-105 yards
    Receiving Leader: Travante Stallworthk: 9 recs., 179 yards, 2 TDs
    Defensive Leader: Mike McNeil: 14 Tackles, 2 TFLs, 1 Sack,

    South Carolina Gamecocks key p layers: WR Alshon Jeffery(93), LT Kyle Nunn (91), SS DeVonte Holloman (90), CB Stephon Gilmore (89)
    2011 Record- 2-1(0-1 in SEC)
    2011 Media/Coaches Ranking-
    Passing Leader: Zac Brindise-83-139 1280yards, 11 TDs, 6 Ints
    Rushing Leader: Marcus Lattimore 73-390 yards, 3 TDs
    Receiving Yards: Tori Gurley 19 recs. 341 yards, 4 TDs
    Defensive: Tony Straughter, 13 Tackles, 7 TFLs, 3 Sacks, 1 Int.


    Virginia Caviliers Key Players MLB Steve Greer (91), C Anthony Mihota (88), WR Kris Burd (88), K Robert Randolph

    2011 Record- 0-4 (0-2 in ACC)
    Coaches/Media Ranking- UNR

    Passing Leader: Michael Strauss: 74-165-1568 yards, 8 TDs, 7 Ints

    Rushing Leader: Keith Payne: 38-95 yards, 3 TDs

    Receiving Leader: Rashard Kirk: 13 recs., 424 yards, 2 TDs

    Defensive Leader: Steve Greer: 29 Tackles, 3 TFLs

    Maryland Terrapins key p layers: WR Torrey Smith (93), K Nick Ferrera (91), WR Ronnie Tyler, HB Davin Meggett (87)
    2011 Record- 4-0(2-0 in ACC)

    2011 Media/Coaches Ranking- #23

    Passing Leader: Jamarr Robinson 65-97-1090 yards, 8TDs, 3 Ints

    Rushing Leader: Davin Meggett 68-306 yards, 4 TDs

    Receiving Yards: Torrey Smith, 23 recs.-406 yards, 4 TDs

    Defensive: Darin Drakeford, 24 Tackles, 5 TFLs, 2 Ints.

    Today the Terrapins host the struggling Virginia Cavaliers . The Terrapins are lead by athletic and mobile QB Jamarr Robinson and his two highly skilled receivers Torrey Smith and Ronnie Tyler. Viriginia’s defense will have their hands full trying to contain the Terrapins receivers and RB Davin Meggett who ran wild against the Wake Forest defense.

    The Cavaliers are lead by QB Michael Strauss who leads the country in passing yards. Strauss’s go to go guy is WR Rashard Kirk who has over 400 receiving yards. For the Cavaliers to contend today the Strauss must avoid throwing interceptions, because the Terrapins defense is filled with ball hawks.

    Analysis of Other Games​

    Wake Forest looks to rebound after their lost to Maryland by taking on Clemson. Wake Forest wants revenge for their humiliating loss they suffered last year at the hands of the Tigers.

    Boston College looks to continue their winning ways against a disappointing Hurricanes team who has lost to OSU and Maryland so far this season. The Eagles look to have their hands full, but if they want to win the conference this is a game the Eagles must win.

    Kentucky goes down to Athens to battle Georgia. The Wildcats are in for a fight, the Bulldogs are undefeated, and have upset the Gamecocks, this game should be entertaining.

    N.C. State hosts Georgia Tech, last year the Wolfpack beat the Yellow Jackets in an offensive slugfest. So far this year the Wolfpack has won with offense, hopefully the Wolfpack defense will show up in this one.

    Ole Miss is on the road this week traveling to Fresno State. Much is not known about the Bulldogs, Ole Miss should have the talent to escape Fresno with a W.


    Always be a good sport, be a good sport all ways
  2. gowazzucougs

    gowazzucougs WSU is better than UCLA

    Jul 18, 2010
    I will have the updated stats later, the dynasty wire is not working too well.
  3. T-Law10

    T-Law10 Wolfpack Coach

    Jul 16, 2010
    Great job Wazzu!!!
  4. gowazzucougs

    gowazzucougs WSU is better than UCLA

    Jul 18, 2010
    I have updated the stats
  5. Timpegoose

    Timpegoose Walk On

    Jul 17, 2010
    Great job! I'm a little worried about playing Virginia. I tend to struggle against the pass, so if he can get that going I could be in trouble. Hopefully my defense continues the bend but not break style they've been playing.

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