Colts ( 31) vs Texans (34) (OT)

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    Oct 3, 2010
    I can say alot about this game but I going to keep it short an sweet. This was a offensive celebration. The Colts and Texans combined for over 1000 yards total offense. Manning threw for over 450 yards and Schaub for over 350 yards. This was a game that went to overtime and finally the Texans defense decided to show up and get a stop to get the ball back to the Texans offense. AJ grabbed an important catch to get his team in position for a game winning field goal.


    Schaub 16-30 362 4 TD and 1 INT
    Blount 17 ATT 111 yards
    Johnson 5 Rec 139 yards 3 TD


    Manning 36-63 468 2 TD 2 Int
    D. Clark 7 Rec 108 yrds
    Wayne 10 Rec 108 yards 1 TD

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