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Colts Have No Luck in Dallas

Discussion in 'Game Summaries & Team News' started by CaptMoe, Feb 22, 2014.

  1. CaptMoe

    CaptMoe Walk On

    Jul 27, 2012
    Get it? Get it?
    I had to, sorry thafuture3886. I didn't even realize he was hurt until I read your game summary from week 11.

    This was another really good game. And the final score pretty much sums it up as Dallas managed to continue a solid season with the 33-28 win at home. The tone was set on Dallas' first possession. On the first pass attempt of the game, J. Echavaria was picked off as he tried to force the ball down the field and into coverage. But, on the return, the Colts' LB got blasted by TE J. Hanna, coughing up the ball which was promptly scooped up by HB L. Dunbar, giving the Cowboys the ball and a fresh set of downs. The drive would end in a TD and an early 7-0 lead. On the kickoff return, KR Tate would get hammered by FS Milines, fumbling the ball which was recovered by Dallas. A quick TD pass would make it 14-0 Dallas.

    The game would go back and forth in the 1st half, with neither defense willing to allow a running game. Dallas would strike last, kicking a 42yd FG for a 24-14 lead at the half. But the Colts would come back in the 3rd to make it 24-21. The Cowboys added a FG to make it 27-21 and then kicked off. This time Tate took it up the right sideline, untouched, for the TD and a 28-27 lead in the 4th. Dallas would go to work, Echavaria spreading the ball around and taking what the defense gave, which was pretty much anything under 10yds. This drive would end in a L. Dunbar TD run and 33-28 lead after a failed 2pt attempt. The Colts would get the ball back with just under 3:00. But M. Claiborne picked off a pass down the sideline, ending the Colts' comeback attempt. The Cowboys would run out the clock for the win.

    GG Curtis...
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  2. thafuture3886

    thafuture3886 Power Rankings Analyst

    Jul 23, 2010
    Gg moe..defense couldn't get off the field
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