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Colts Overcome Turnovers To Edge Chiefs Late; 21-20

Discussion in 'Game Summaries & Team News' started by CHUNKNESS, May 15, 2013.


    CHUNKNESS Commissioner Quality Simulation Football

    Jun 13, 2010
    Indianapolis, IN - The Colts (6-6) overcame numerous mistakes in week 14 against the visiting Chiefs (7-5). They were -2 as far as turnovers were concerned, but once again the Colts "never give up" attitude proved to be a success. Following a key 4th-and-inches converted for a first down to open the fourth quarter; late scores by Dante Davis and Andrew Luck propelled the Colts past the Chiefs, 21-20.

    Always a pleasure saintsdave75. Really enjoy our chess matches!

    Please enjoy some highlights from the game... :)

  2. LtJustice

    LtJustice QSF Commissioner

    Jul 22, 2010
    Wow, great game guys. Heck of a comeback Doug. That 4th down conversion was HUGE, and he just made it! Most quarterbacks would have dropped it as hard as he got hit! That play definitely swung momentum in your favor. That TD pass to Davis was insane and all the sudden your defense had sticky fingers.
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