Colts Wipe Out the Titans

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    The Colts hosted the visiting Titans on Sunday and sent them hope with a bitter taste in there mouth. The Colts took control from the beginning and never stopped. Arguably there best defensive performance of the year, the D held the Titans to under 200yds total and kept Chris Johnson to a measly 5 yds on the ground. QB Carvel had a miserable day as he was flustered from his first possession to his last. He would be picked 5 times and just couldnt get a rhythm.
    Luck had a subtle day going 10-14 for 144yds and 2 tds. It was the Colts offensive explosion on the ground that ate up the Titans D. Demarco Murray rushed for 90yds on the day and had a td. With this win it puts the Colts at 14-0 and face the Jags next weekend in the last of there division matchups on the year.
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