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Conference Alignment

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by QBKILLAR, Nov 8, 2011.


    QBKILLAR If you only win one, please let it be Ole Miss.

    Jun 5, 2011
    All right now that we know Mizzou is headed to the SEC what are we going to do with the SEC west. I'm gonna vote send the two eastern most schools over to the east when you move Mizzou in. So PNC have fun with Auburn and Bama over there.;) Will be nice to be able to lose 1 game and still be western conf. champs. Over the past 3 years if I'm not mistaken 1 loss in the west would have put me out of the conference championship.

    Looks like we are on hold til the West Virgina lawsuit is setteled?
  2. Michael Woodward

    Michael Woodward Walk On

    Feb 17, 2011
    I'm more worried about all the new Big east teams being confirmed than the WV lawsuit. Missouri is facing a huge parting fee so they're sorta on hold too but both teams will wind up where they want to be. It's just knowing what Houston, Air Force, Boise, UCF, and SMU are going to do so that the Big East isn't empty when I move Syracuse, Pitt, and WV out.

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