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Conference Stability in NCAA'13??? And also a question about Coaching Carousel

Discussion in 'NCAA Football' started by Five_Fifs, May 27, 2012.

  1. Five_Fifs

    Five_Fifs Walk On

    May 27, 2012
    Can anyone clarify for me whether this is actually a "pitch" in recruiting this year? I've heard a few guys mention it on some youtube videos during their reviews of the new features...and one of the things they've said is that the frequency in which teams are added and dropped from the conferences affects "conference stability".....only thing is, I havent found any article or any screenshots speaking of conference stability. In fact, the lists that I have seen say nothing about conference stability...are they just misspeaking about "conference prestige"??? And if so, everything I've read about conference prestige, I've seen nothing stating that it factors in how frequently teams are added to or deleted from the conference....

    Anyone have any insight or clarification?

    Also, I know there was a great lil stink (mostly on the OS forums), about the fact that not a lot has been done about coaching carousel.....and though we haven't heard anything specific about what changes, if any, have been made to CC, I believe we may have gotten some kind of indication through the dynasty presentation through Jordan Peterson's synopsis of all the changes to dynamic recruiting

    Coach Prestige

    Each week Coach Prestige is determined by passing, or failing, goals in your contract. These objectives will have varying impact upon Coach Prestige, depending upon their difficulty.

    Coach Stability

    The new Coach Stability rating replaces Coach Loyalty and Program Stability. It is determined by the number of years a Coach has spent at the school, years left on the coach’s contract, their current job security percentage, and the number of times the Coach has renewed their contract at the school. There is also a penalty for leaving a contract early if it’s not for a better job, so be careful when trying to switch positions in the Coaching Carousel."

    I remember that some of the more frequent complaints had to do with 1)every coach in the games prestige being an A after a few seasons and 2) the fact that when ever you signed a new contract, your job security would change and 3) undeserving low level coordinators and coaches getting premo job offers

    Now I could be reading too far into everything, but to me, the fact that coach prestige is dynamic and factors in your contract goals (which in turn usually includes some wins or losses) corrects a few of the issues, folks have complained about if only in a backdoor, if not deliberate way. First, i think these desciptions suggest that the number of "A" rated coaches and coordinators necessarily will be limited.....with every game, some one has to win, someone has to lose. With every great offensive game, someone has a poor defensive showing... This seems to require that a coach have to have a sustained level of success to increase rating....and to maintain it. If you're going .500 every season, i don't think it's likely that you, or more importantly, the computer will be able to achieve a greater rating, at least on a consitent basis. In my experiences, the CPU coaches that would get the premo job offers were the A or A+ rated coaches....so, even assuming the dev team did nothing substantial to CC itself, so long as the they maintained the status quo, there should be fewer "A+" type coaches from poor performing schools who would get the great job offers...

    Also, that the game now keeps track of how many times you have renewed your contract gives me hope that the "job security percentage" won't drop to 50% everytime you get a new contract. In a nutshell, even if an overhaul of the entire CC system hasn't occurred, some of the tweaks they've made with the dynamci pitches may end up having a beneficial affect on CC......Thoughts?
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  2. Shaun Mason

    Shaun Mason Somebody you used to know.

    Feb 9, 2009
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    There isn't a Conference Stability, there is Conference Prestige.

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