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Congrats to AJ

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by JOEDESIGNS, Jan 9, 2011.



    Feb 21, 2009
    Played a great game as UF beat BAMA 28-20. As the game ended the Coaches came to mid-field and shook hands, "I hate the gators, but I can't hate their Coach. Their is a mutual respect between us, the games are always close, perhaps we'll get em next year." Coach Joe is rumored to be headed to Tallahassee to take over the Seminoles, "instead of turkey, I'll be eating gator" laughs the Coach.
  2. AJ Hart MN

    AJ Hart MN Marseille - TFL Season 1 Champions

    Oct 16, 2009
    haha, yeah it was so much fun. Those games between the two of us are always classics. It pains me to see you leave but at least I'll still see you every year. It's so frustrating at times trying to stop that run but also really fun because it's such a freaking chess match. You'll certainly have your hands full over in the ACC with Boda controlling the reigns over there but if you can play him like you do me, you'll give him all he wants and then some.

    Congrats on the great season and good luck in the bowl game.. Which ever team you'll be coaching.

    I'll get a full recap of the 28-20 classic in a bit.

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