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Congratulations to ...

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Brogowicz, Sep 29, 2011.

  1. Brogowicz

    Brogowicz Walk On

    Apr 20, 2011
    Easy - congrats on the title run. I may not have agreed with the pollsters, but you were able to beat a great team (Michigan) who was loaded with talent and speed. In doing so, you now join the nation's elite group of programs.

    Smooth - congrats on the great season. You may have come up short in the end, but you ran the table up to that point and out-recruited many schools (including MSU) as a 4-star program. You clearly earned back your 5th star.

    Ego - congrats on the Rose Bowl win. After a very close battle against MSU in year one, your guys came out on top in the rematch in year two. Although both of our defenses played questionably, your offensive performance was outstanding and your play-calling at the end of the game was courageous and, more importantly, good enough to pull out the win.

    Goose - that big win in your bowl game was good enough to get your 5th star back. You took some lumps in the season, but you pulled out some great wins and have re-energized the fans in Madison. Rumor has it your strong finish was good enough to get some looks from the AD in Columbus, who is looking to clean up the mess that was left with the sudden departure of coach Griffin.

    JCA - a strong finish was enough to get the Huskies one step closer to the elite programs in the country.

    MSU might not have got the love they were looking for from the pollsters to get into the title game, but they more than made up for that with a HUGE surprise in the final polls. MSU drops just two spots to #5 and earns (or was gifted - is more like it) their 6th star.

    BDub - After getting robbed in year one, you capped off a great year with a bowl win over a great team.

    John Crow - a loss in your bowl game proved to be costly. We saw you battling all season long with close victories and close defeats. We know you'll be battling again next season with that stock-pile of talent you have.
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  2. egofailure

    egofailure Sim habits die hard!

    Aug 19, 2010
    Great summary! I know we dealt with some early season arguments and late-season defections, but this year was a lot of fun and successful for all of the league's coaches. The battle for the BCS NC was close til' the end, and watching Smooth nearly run the table with his explosive Wolverine team was enjoyable for me. It isn't easy to repeat (pun intended), but carolina pulled it off riding, perhaps, the most talented horse in the game. What's life going to be for the Gamecocks after Lattimore? It'll make for an interesting storyline next season.
  3. carolinaeasy

    carolinaeasy Walk On

    Jul 19, 2010
    6-6! Lol, I don't know I have played my off-line dynasty out about 4 years ahead of ours, and I can tell you it created a different feel for my offense. But the SEC is loaded as it always is, and the CPU can beat you at anytime when you play rivals like Georgia, and Florida so I could see my team with a seat on the struggle bus.

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