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Contact Information....

Discussion in 'The Trifecta' started by JrRawlins, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. JrRawlins

    JrRawlins People hate me cause they aint me...

    Feb 10, 2009
    Contact Information....

    Please post your contact info.

    Tradition III members, if you would simply cut and paste any info posted on Tradition III, it would be appreciated.

    Team: Ole Miss Rebels
    GT - OMlawdog
    Email Address - OMlawdog@hotmail.com
    AIM - OMlawdog76
    Time Zone - Central

    Team: Maryland Terppains
    GT - JrRawlins
    Email Address - jrrawlins@hotmail.com
    AIM - jrrawlins30
    Time Zone - Eastern

    Team: Arkansas Razorbacks
    GT: Bondzai007
    AIM: JohnB77
    email: jhb007@yahoo.com
    Time Zone - Eastern

    Team: Syracuse Orangemen
    Email: mpringle@ptd.net
    AIM: jabbar0
    Time Zone: Eastern

    Team: Boston College Eagles
    Name: Flo
    Gamertag: Cowboy Flo
    Email: aflores2727@yahoo.com
    Time Zone: Mountain time (Arizona)

    Team: Connecticut Huskies
    GT: HotRod9228
    AIM: HotRo9228
    Email: rodney.theodore@gmail.com
    Timezone: Eastern

    Team: Rutgers Scarlet Knights
    GT: MMJuggs45
    Email - michaelgsalvia@aol.com
    AIM - michaelgsalvia (not really on much)

    Team: Cincinnati Bearcats
    GT - CribbsStyle
    Email Address - cribbsstyle@gmail.com
    AIM - CribbsStyle
    Time Zone - Eastern

    Team: Wake Forest Demon Deacons
    GT - muttcope
    Email Address - muttcope@yahoo.com
    AIM - muttcope
    Time Zone - Central

    Team: Auburn Tigers
    GT - DigginGraves
    Email Address - mhargraves@hotmail.com
    AIM - GMHargraves
    Time Zone - Eastern
  2. ogode

    ogode Guest

    Team: Mississippi State
    GT - ogode
    Email Address - ogode26@yahoo.com
    AIM - ogode26
    Time Zone - mountain
  3. Mogriffjr

    Mogriffjr Walk On

    Feb 10, 2009
    Featured Threads:
    Team: North Carolina State Wolfpack
    GT - Moreecemos
    Email Address - Mogriffjr@yahoo.com
    AIM - SAssasinMSM86
    Time Zone - Eastern

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