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Cool little Review

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Blaza, May 14, 2009.

  1. Blaza

    Blaza In Arsene Wenger I Trust

    Apr 17, 2009
    Cool little Review

    Someone at an MMA forum that I frequent got the game early. Thought it'd be a cool way to get the juices flowing.

    First of all, I have to say that I'm really proud to be doing this test, and giving you something made by a MMA fan for MMA fans! (and talking about what we really want to know)

    Ok, second point: If you're reading this test that means you're an Xbox360 or Playstation3 owner, which also means you very probably downloaded the free demo of the game available for some weeks.
    So I am not going to spend time annoying you with details you already know and will focus on the new stuff!

    *Create a Fighter
    *Live mode
    *Classic Fights
    *Missing styles (Judo and Boxing)

    *Create a Fighter

    First of all, you have to know that the fighter you create here will only be available in the Exhibition mode and Live mode,
    For the career mode you'll have to build another specific one.

    We start by choosing the height and weight; here we notice that heavier is a weaker fighter in cardio and speed... but his power increases!
    Yes cardio, speed and power are the 3 first stats and you'll have to spend your first point in one of these three.
    Now it's the time for the style selection: one striking style (Boxing/Kick boxing/Thai boxing) and one grappling style (Judo/Bjj/Wrestling).

    And here comes one of the hardest choices: the skills point attribution!
    You start with a 1500 points pool; you can put on any skills you want:
    Leg staking attack/defense, Clinch attack/defense, submission attack/defense... (This is the skill you can saw with the x button when you select your ufc fighter on the demo.)
    But this part isn't as easy as it seems to be!

    At the beginning you spend 1 point for each skill percent but this point system increases very quickly!!
    Your first point in a skill will cost you just one of your 1500pts, but it'll become 2, 5, 10... For the last skill points you'll have to spend 70 of your points for just 1%!!
    This exponential system is a bitch for people who plan to make an ultimate killer in just one part of the game!
    Forget about 100% in one skill! With this system a balanced fighter with just few strong parts seems to be the right choice.

    After this you have chose your look, and in this part the game is very thorough.
    All the usual stuff is here: different noses, jaws, eyes, hairstyles, skin colors, beards, moustaches, body shapes, etc...
    I noticed some particular stuff:
    -No Clay Guida hair
    -Whatever your moustache/beard/sideburns are, you can choose if it's a clean new shave or a 3 days one.
    -The body types are classic, not very fat or bodybuilding competition ripped.
    -We can even choose how hairy the fighter's chest is (and how thick the hair is)!
    -There's an "extra" menu with beauty marks, wrinkles, scares...
    -You can choose the cauliflower level of your ear on each side (you can do a wrestling left ear and a clean right one for example!)

    Of course tattoos are available. (But limited to ten)
    There’s pretty much everything: national flags, tribal, Japanese writing, characters... but not always a very big choice in each of these categories.
    I also have to say that there aren't any famous fighter's tattoos!
    ...yes, I secretly dreamed of having them as evidence to help us create fighters that the game makers were not able to sign...

    Don’t forget to choose your clothing:
    There are different types of shorts of course, but you can also wear knee and ankle patches,
    By the way, when you start the game there aren't any brands or Arlowsky vampire mouthpieces, your only choice is the color!

    Ok is your guy ready?
    The game takes a picture of your fighter's face for the "tale of the tape"
    You picked up a nickname from a choice of 10 (for the commentators and presenter to use)
    As well as the city you come from.
    There are a lot of countries (but it seems that all of the 60 million French people are living in one single city: Paris... -argh nooo, smugness/selfishness invading my body right now, arghhh)

    The classic "VS" mode, to fight a friend or CPU in a basic quick fight,
    This one is available in the demo, no need for more explanation, I think.

    No wait, a big missing detail: before choosing your fighter you have to select a weight class represented by the UFC champion in each division!
    But there you can also switch to another menu, where you can select the number of rounds, your referee and the area.
    A fight can be 5, 3 or 2 (??!) rounds
    The 3 referees are Mario Yamasaky, Steve Mazzagati and Herb Dean and there are 5 locations from the TUF facility to the Mandalay bay hotel and casino.
  2. Blaza

    Blaza In Arsene Wenger I Trust

    Apr 17, 2009
    *Live mode

    Just two options: “Matchmaking friends†and “parts with classificationsâ€ÂÂ
    Yes that's basic, but it's a fighting game, what were you hoping for?

    There’s just one specific thing: you can select "UFC fighters only", "created characters only", or play with both.

    For me what makes it a good live mode is how easy it is to find parts, the diversity of the styles of fighters (that everyone does not fight with only one guy, that everyone finds the limits of cheating), and percentage of bad players (cheaters/quitters in the middle of a combat).
    In short you'll discover the ease of the live mode while launching the game.


    Here you have to select one of these 3: -create a fighter -load a fighter -retired fighter.
    This last one means that you can continue with your character after completing the career mode.

    But before that the road is long!
    The story starts with the creation of a new guy (same as the "create fighter" mode).
    After that you have to select a coach: a grappling one or a striking one.
    Both give points on the skills they training you in.
    Edit: There aren't any famous real coaches (Greg Jackson, Pat Miletitch...) in this point of the game.

    Your career starts with a big motivational speech from Dana White, like in a TUF season debut "now you're in the ufc, there's no street fighters here, all of the fighters you see are high level athletes, the best in the business, blabla bla..." and other classic stuff.

    The in-game Dana White looks pretty much the same... except for the lack of the F-word,

    It’s time for your first fight! You fight a no-name, a fighter randomly created by the game.
    This fighter stands in the empty TUF octagon... and it's pretty weird!
    Weird because it’s very quiet: there's no crowd screaming, no Bruce Buffer introducing you, no Joe Roggan talking during the fight...

    Once in combat, one realizes that one does not have all his force: our fighter is not fully developed!
    It’s necessary to develop his skills during the course of his career so that he has a full arsenal of blows,
    and ...
    And here comes the drama…
    The box crashed, and crashed again at this point in the game, arghhh!!

    I don't think there's a bug in the final game; it probably comes from a file transfer failure from me.
    But it's so fucking frustrating!
    Especially 'cause it's the starting point of the career mode, and most of the questions stayed unanswered.

    It will thus not be known how training/preparation/combat works. Are there are mini-plays to improve these competences, can we use a well-known coach (Delagrotte, Eddie Bravo, Hackelman etc… they were digitized and we already see them in the corner during fights)? It’s a pain in the ass.
    But left as it was, we expect multiple appearances of Dana White and the content could be something very rich!

    *Classics fights

    There’s "select fight" and "unlockable" feature.
    Select fight contains 15 of the best fights in UFC history, a list you'll have to finish in the same way they really did. Karo Parysian/Diego Sanchez, Penn/Stevenson ...
    I start with the first one: Griffin/Bonnar 1 !
    And here come the good surprises: I was ready to be directly put into the fight, but instead began a little introduction video hosted by Rachel Leah, where she does a little history recap (TUF final...).
    And here I'm talking about real video, not with the game engine!
    A second part starts in "real video": the prefight interviews of Forrest and Stephan, exactly as it was aired before the fight!
    -Bonnar hits the heavy bag, speaks about Forest’s smile that he wants to make disapear...-
    I really enjoyed all of this, great job!
    Now the fight starts, I didn't touch the difficulty level, so it's probably the easiest one, and the only hard part is to keep Bonnar alive until the end (there's no imposed difficulty level, which means no real challenge, it's a little bit disappointing!)
    After winning by decision, we find in the "unlockable" menu a highlight of the real fight.

    I'm impressed by this mode; I really didn't expect that, especially this amount of bonuses and videos!
    This is definetly one of the best surprise of the game!

    The three parts of "achievement" are:
    -Success: Where you can see the successes you achieved.
    -Record: All of your stats! Number of kicks landed, victories percentage, and style of victory... ranked by fighting mode (Live/exhibition...) or by fighter or...
    There are stats everywhere, so many that you don't really know what to look for!
    -Unlock: all the sponsoring contracts you unlock (in the career mode) and there's a load of brands!

    **Missing Styles

    -No more high kicks
    -No more Superman punch as special, but a "Tyson move": fighter ducks under one shot and comes back with a heavy hook!
    -You can't land big knees from the side control anymore (with LB), just little ones.
    -But you can GNP from the guard with big nasty large hooks.

    My opinion: no long range strikes! That’s a problem, especially when you want to punish someone who failed at a big kick for example, here you don't have HK or Superman punches to strike back!
    I'm not really fond of this style (but this is just my first impression and I maybe just need time to adapt)

    -Like wrestling you have throws from the clinch (only Bjj is totally weak here).
    -->Judo guys have strong sweeps:
    -on your back, close guard, you can butterfly sweep your opponent directly to side control.
    -on your knees the guy is controlling you sideways (like after the Bjj omoplata sweep), you can trap an arm and roll to go side control.

    My opinion: It's seems great, not weak in takedowns and good on the ground. I like that.

    (For these two styles I'm talking about what I discovered while playing with a friend, there's probably some other moves I don't even know about.)

    Report card:
    For a first game it's not just "a trial game" it's already a true blockbuster!
    They gave us a real finished job, with real content.

    I was expecting a game full of little problems that I would have liked anyway as it is UFC! But there's no need to wait for a quality game, UFC undisputed rocks!!!
    The combat systems are rich and complex, the game modes are full of variety, and the game is really complete and full small details that make it appealing to fans.

    In my opinion there aren't really any faults, maybe just a few details to develop if we want to be fastidious and look for the smallest thing to improve for an eventual second release!

    We were disappointed by the lack of certain historical fighters (I'm not just talking about Royce, Tank and the legends, but also certain ex-champions: Bustamente, Pulver, Rodriguez...).
    I would be nice to have a few more techniques during the fights like use of the cage, or the possibility to take the back standing up for example (then jump on the opponent's back and put the hooks in JJB-style or hold a slam in wrestling style).
    We regret also the mediocre actualization of certain fighters (I wonder if Arlovsky was really scanned, Herb Dean has the eyes of a zombie; the posture of certain fighters doesn't fit/correspond, it makes them strange...).

    The other problem we saw was the difficulty in getting used to the game: we can't pass the joystick to a friend and say "let's play". In a 2-D fighting game everybody knows how to play; we jump, we do quarter turns, but here there are so many buttons. and possibilities for specific actions on the ground/in clinch etc.
    Without the tutorial, the average guy would be frustrated by not finding his usual gaming routines.
    At the same time, it’s the price we pay for having a more elaborate game play than your basic combat game.

    -For MMA fans: 18.5
    Option: absolutely must-have.
    - For virgin player not used to sport-related violence 16.5
    Only the immediate lack of fun may disappoint the casual player a little, which makes me maintain a reasonable grade for the player which is not fan of the sport and who would not have the patience to go through the learning process.

    PS : A friend of mine did this review. It's translated from french. So I hope you can understand all the sentences
  3. Blaza

    Blaza In Arsene Wenger I Trust

    Apr 17, 2009
    The classic fights are :
    Stephan Bonnar vs Forrest Griffin
    Karo Parysian vs Diego Sanchez
    Chuck Liddell vs Tito Ortiz 2
    Chuck Liddell vs Quinton "Rampage" Jackson
    Forrest Griffin vs Mauricio "Shogun" Rua
    Anderson Silva vs Rich Franklin
    Chuck Liddell vs Wanderlei Silva
    George StPierre vs Matt Hughes 3
    BJ Penn vs Joe Stevenson
    Anderson silva vs Dan Henderson
    Matt Serra vs George StPierre 2
    BJ Penn vs Sean Sherk
  4. VaSteelah

    VaSteelah Swollen Member

    Feb 10, 2009
    Thanks for making the wait even worse BLAZA!!! lol
  5. Blaza

    Blaza In Arsene Wenger I Trust

    Apr 17, 2009
    Yeah man, I am pumped for this game. Should be great.

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