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Cotton Bowl | #10 Tennessee vs #8 Texas

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by UMBlindside, Sep 10, 2009.

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    Cotton Bowl | #10 Tennessee vs #8 Texas

    After a blowout loss to the Nebraska in the Big 12 championship game to ruin their perfect season and National Championship hopes; The Longhorns dropped from #2 to #8 in the polls and had to settle for the Cotton Bowl. Colt McCoy and Jordan Shipley were also banged up and it showed, McCoy wasn't his usual accurate self and Shipley was visibly slower.

    The Longhorns almost faltered late as McCoy tried to force a throw in to his tight end B. Irby which was caught but after getting speared the ball popped out into the air was picked for six as McCoy's biggest mistake of the game which almost hurt them but he still put in a solid performance. Racking up a total of 408 yards(373 passing/35 rushing) and three touchdowns(2 Pass/1 Rush) but keep his usual high completion percentage by going 24 for 42. Fozzy Whittaker also showed his skills as he gashed the Volunteer Defense with 16 carries for 132 yards but no touchdowns.

    The Longhorns out gained the Vols by almost 200 yards having 550 yards compared to 360. In the end the Longhorns put down the Volunteers by a score of 38 - 31 which was helped by a long touchdown pass at the end to make the game seem closer than it was for Tennessee.

    (Edit: Should have played this game later, played like crap.)

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