Cowboys Beat Indians

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    Jul 27, 2012
    Once again, the Cowboys were aided by a quick strike TD to open the game on offense. After holding the Redskins to 3pts on their opening drive, Romo fired a pass to A. Staley downfield despite blanket coverage by the defense. Staley made a play on the ball and 85yds later, it was 7-3 Dallas. The Cowboys would never relinquish that lead. With their running game going no where, Washington relied on RGIII's arm in this game, the 4yr player throwing for 444yds and 3 TDs. However, he threw 5 INTs and had another 4 dropped by the Dallas defenders.

    For the Cowboys it was the opposite. With J. Washington running for almost 150yds and 3 TDs, Romo didn't need to throw much. Dallas now improves to 5-7 and will continue on the road in week 14 as they face the Giants, who at 8-4, are tied for the division lead with the Eagles...
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