Cowboys@Buccs Week 1

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    Cowboys@Buccs Week 1

    This game started off horribly for me end of First Quarter was 7-0 then getting into the second quarter i was down 21-0 I basically just never took into consideration the McNabb can run. Not run like Vick run but just getting out of the pocket i started understanding what he was trying to do to me but not soon enough he went up 28-7 at the half.When he would roll out with Mcnabb i would try to do some cover and he would make a perfect play call with running Addai just like Collins says on the game Addai does best when he is facing a nickle or dime coverage gives him great lanes. Eventually i started finding spots to blitz and get McNabb throwing on the run I had a few picks off him. Then got my passing game going 31-14 at the end of the 3rd Quarter. I started getting turnovers and making him punt in the second half he only scored 3 points. Being down 3 possesions i knew what he was going to do on Defense, i figured he would know im passing the ball so he did some coverage D and i screened and it worked out perfectly. About halfway through the 4th Quarter i was able to hit a 100 yard pass on a screen to T.Holt narrowed the defect to 31-28 with a little over 3 mins to go i had all my TimeOuts and i decided to kick the ball off regularly which didnt pay off he ran the ball and passed killing a comeback. 31-28 FINAL

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