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Crop season preview 2027

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by BRUCE80, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. BRUCE80

    BRUCE80 Let the dirt just shower over you..

    Feb 11, 2009
    #1 Oklahoma Sooners

    OU has to replace 15 starters overall, 7 on O and 8 on D. Will that be to much to overcome?

    The Sooners are coming off their fifth BCS championship with a 23-10 win over OSU.

    The Sooners lost 15 starters from last years title team. However training in the offseason paid off as some of the upperclassmen left improved enough to not make the losses to glaring.

    On Offense OU will start RS Senior Mike McDowell. Mike has never started a game. He has received sparce playing time during his run at Norman. He has been a good teammate and worked hard.

    He brings a 95 / 96 arm to the table along with nice mobility for the QB position with 85 speed.

    Bennett will replace Sooner legend Freddie Royal in the Sooners backfield.

    The D is very young this season. We will start a Freshman and Sophmore at DE. The LB core will need to lead this team as the D also lost the top 3 CBs from last years team. The Safties are very big and Ath.

    Outlook for the Sooners:

    12-2 Second place in the Pac 12 and a BCS Bowl.

    #2 Stanford Cardinal

    "Sweet" Vernon Carter leads the way for the "Trees". This kid is the ultimate duel threat QB. He schredded UF early this season with well over 100 yards on the ground. Vernon still has a way to go to be considered a passer at QB. It wont matter if you dont stop Stanford's punishing ground game.

    Brandon Boyd is the leader in the backfield for the Cards, he hasnt seen that many touches yet this season with Carter ruling the ground attack. See "Cheese" in the Crop Dictionary.

    David Harris is the top returning WR for Stanford. He has very good speed and is a well rounded WR.

    The Trees also have a dominant run blocking Oline. The coach has built a fantastic team and their is a great mix of young and old players on the Stanford Oline.

    The Stanford D is a group that brings new meaning to the word Menacing. The unquestioned leader of this group is David Mcintosh a pass rushing run stopping machine. This kid has it all 86 speed and 97 acc. He also has a motor that doesnt stop with 97 pursuit.

    The LB group is a decent but very athletic.

    Dont test this secondary, they are fast agile and experienced. If you throw one you shouldnt chances are its going the other direction. Just ask Bits and his Gators.

    Outlook for Stanford:

    14-0 Pac 12 and National Champions

    #3 Ohio State Buckeyes

    Andre Battle leads the Bucks attack. Another duel threat QB. He is a fantastic ability to run or pass. He is a RS Senior and is a smart field general. Coach Ash puts a ton of trust into this guy to keep this team on track and scoring points in bunches.

    Jr Steve Carter leads the ground attack for the Bucs, this is a soft spot for OSU as they lack an explosive player at RB. This could be the downfall for this team if they cant find a way to grind it out and are forced to be one dimensional.

    Bryan Murphy leads an explosive group of WRs. This is a huge team strength for OSU, speed speed and more speed at WR. You better not screw up and bring the house on a bump and blitz against this team...all you will see is the ball flying over your head for six.

    A solid Dline will protect this team against the ground and pound, but we dont see too much of a pass rushing threat. This team will have to create rush with scheme.

    The LB core is the Defensive strength of this team. Coach Ash has piled up athletes. Speed and good size abound. The most impressive player is Matt Campbell a Sophomore MLB, at 6'3 228 this stud flys to the football with 95 block shedding and 87 speed. Get a hat on him or kiss running the ball goodbye.

    The Buckeyes secondary is led by a stellar group of speedy CBs. The FS position may be troublesome for the team. A solid SS with some speed should be a force against the run and pass.

    Outlook for the Bucks:

    13-1 Big Ten Champs and losers to Stanford in the BCS title game.

    #4 Cincinnati Bearcats

    What the fuck is a "Bearcat"???

    Coach Tuco has done a great job in building this program and they have been on the edge of great things lately.

    On Offense Duel Threat Cris Gilmore (notice a theme here) can run the coaches spread O like nobody else in the league. 88 speed and an 88 / 87 arm make teams take notice of this special player.

    Alonzo Harrison is a beast of a RB and should carry the ball a bunch for this team. 91 speed and 96 break tackle are imposing numbers when put together.

    There isnt much explosion at RB for Cincy so dont expect a bunch of big plays from this group but they are very solid.

    At the top of the WR depth chart its not very impressive with some solid but not game breaking players. But a closer look reveals that Coach Tuco has done a nice job lately of recruiting explosive players...I expect some young Bearcat WRs to play and make big plays for the team this season.

    The weakness I see for this team team is on the oline, not that they are terrible but they are average with no standout stud who they can count on running behind when they need that yard to seal a game. I could be wrong but I dont see this oline holding up against the Elite Dlines they will see in the bigger games this year.

    The Defensive line however is a different story, several studs like 97 overall senior DE Preston Huff can get after an offense. Travis Samual is a stout run defender at DT.

    A young OLB core is on the uptick here, but they arent really elite athletes that you see all over the Crop. Give them a couple years and this will be a fantastic unit....The youth here may hurt the Cats..there is talent however and that will shine through...Coach Tuco can scheme with the best of them.

    Senior MLB Brad Lowe is the leader and Captain of the D. 95 overall with Elite numbers in Block shedding, hit power and play rec..make this a tough MLB to account for.

    11 cbs make me think the coach should be able to find a couple who can play...there is elite level talent all over this secondary.

    Cincy outlook:

    12-2 Big 12 champs...BCS bowl game. Tuco and Wyoming will battle for this title.

    #7 Virginia Cavilers

    The Cavs are a team on the way up.. some tough years and good recruiting have led to a seasoned and ready for big games roster.

    Senior Joe Lloyd Jr...leads this attack. He has a fantastic arm 94/99 solid awr of 74. He is a leader and Coach "FAP" will lean heavily on this AA QB.

    Junior Corey Henderson leads this running game. He has elite speed 95 and his running back abilities are the best overall top to bottom I have seen. Every stat is in the 90's except carrying and trucking. Look for him to have a huge season.

    10 Wrs are on this roster but in looking over them there isnt one that will scare the DB talent we have in this league. Gerald Dixon is a very good WR 92/99 speed #s and he can run routes and catch the ball. He is the best the Cavs have in the air. Look for them to get him the ball in a variety of ways...mostly flat routes and flat routes.

    Anthony Williams is a very good rec TE...look for him to take some of the load on O.

    The Cavs have a very young Oline, but with youth this time there is talent in spades...A little soft outside at T 87/86 is backed up by a very solid interior with three G's in the 90s and a soph C at 88. This is a team on the rise...

    The Dline is solid but not a scary pass rushing team. They should be very solid against the run however. I think this is another team that will need to find ways to create pass rush at times.

    DT Steve Carter is a fantastic player and he will be a monster to control...he has it all talent wise.

    OLB's is a very athletic group and young. They have speed and ability to run to the ball.

    Two MLBs deserve to be on the field...Curious if the Cavs will run a 3-4? Looking at the roster my bet is they do.

    The secondary is very young, but has game experience at CB. This is a team strength...Lots of speed and talent...They will have to hold up long enough for the pass rush to put heat on the other teams QB.

    UVA outlook:

    11-3 ACC Champs BCS bowl berth. This is a team that will be elite soon.

    #8 Alabama Crimson Tide

    This team is solid top to bottom..not very many holes. This is an elite level SEC team.

    QB Vincent Burch holds this teams hopes in his hands...I am not sure he can be the QB they need to compete for a national title. Average speed 73 and an average arm 86/88.. He is smart for his age with mid 70s awr.

    RB Zach Jefferson is a nice power back, PJ White is an explosive back as a freshman and i expect he will get a bunch of touches this year in various ways.

    There arent many WRs in the Country that can match up to Donald Fox. He has explosive plays written all over him. 99/99 speed numbers and 99 route running. Teams will need to bracket this kid...the real line here is the QB again...I dont think he will have the ability to use this threat the way he can be...

    Matt James is another stud 99/99 speed #s again, Coach J will need to be creative and find ways to get these kids the ball.

    Stan Jackson is a 95 overall TE...another really solid passing threat.

    The Dline is solid and they dont have holes...maybe a year away from being an Elite unit.

    The LBing core is solid, I dont see anyone that is scary good...but as a unit they are solid top to bottom.

    The Seconday has several NFL players in it. Its led by Senior FS and Freak Chad Ross..best FS I have seen hands down. 99/99 speed 99 pursuit, Elite coverage #s all high 90's. Stay away from this top ten pick...He will make you pay.

    CB Justin Anthony is 99/99 coverage to go with 95 speed. A shut down CB.

    Tide Outlook:

    11-3 second place in the SEC. An early loss to OU will be followed by a loss to Florida maybe twice if they play during the season. This team will make the SEC title game...the QB will cost them.

    #9 Auburn Tigers

    Auburn always has a let down and they already did this season losing to Ohio..and it wasnt close.

    Senior QB Kyle Stewart is a fantastic talent 90/91 speed 87/99 arm...he is really accurate and a threat on the ground and in the air. He should be a Heisman candidate...will coach Steve be able to keep him there?

    Lee Lynch is a very solid balanced RB...he is out 8 weeks...but there are no worries here. The Tigers have depth to spare and that depth is talented.

    Freshman Tony Clark should see the field either way...and he is explosive 94 speed.

    11 WRs? Yes 11 and I cant find one that is a threat to tear the top off a D. However that doesnt mean there arent decent players here..

    Jason Berg is a nice possession guy with 88 speed. Kyle Schroeder has some decent speed 93/95 and decent hands 85.

    The T's are not special talents but the interior of this Oline is dominant. 92 over RG Kevin Barnes is a classic Mauler and will open holes this season for the Tigers.

    The Dline is talented LE 90 over Thomas Jenkins can do it all, he will not be blocked as his block shed and 97 Finesse moves indicate.

    DT 89 overall Senior Josh Downing is a nice pass rusher on the interior. He has mid 70's wheels and 92 power moves and 95 block shed.

    OLB is the most impressive group I have seen in this preview...there is speed and size to burn here. This is a great unit overall...Marque Macklin has 90+ sp and acc...a fantastic cover LB.

    MLB Cory Myrick is a team leader in tackles over his career. Solid all around and he never comes off the field.

    A very solid group of CBs and a dominant FS lead this seconday. SS is an area of concern as neither of the kids there can run, against SEC speed you better be able to run.

    Auburn Outlook:

    10-3 third place in the SEC. A bowl game is on the horizon. This team can be very good but they have to avoid losing to the Ohio's of the world.

    #11 Wyoming Cowboys

    Coach G has done a nice job of building his air raid attack. This is another team with talent that may be a year away still.

    Derrick Johnson led the NCAA in passing last season. He has elite running skills and a decent arm 88/89. I am surprised that he can throw it deep however. He plays above his overall says he should and thats what you want in your team leader. This team will live and die with this kid. If he was to get hurt there is nothing behind him with his level of talent.

    Freshman Jason Outlaw is talented and has the ability to be a game breaker. Will he get enough touches in the air raid?

    This teams WRs are a whos who of the top WR of the last four classes. Fine and Woods are my two favorites...Speed to burn and route running ability with great hands...but it doesnt end there...this team is six to seven deep at WR...they will come at you in waves...good luck Cincy..its a good thing you have 23 CBs you will need them.

    This Oline is average and its going to graduate at G. They should be good enough to hold up for this season...but Coach Unit better be on the recruiting trail for the oline or they are dead next year.

    A solid Dline should provide enough push in the ground game and enough rush against the pass to be a very solid D. They are young too and will stay good for awhile.

    Sophomore DT Travis Gaston is the best pash rush DT I have seen so far, 83/93 speed wtih decent pass rush ratings in the 80 and 90+ finesse moves. His shortcoming may be his strength at 78 can he hold up inside?

    A very fast athletic group of Olbs lead the way for this D, this is a unit that can pursue the ball and make you pay when they get there. 86 overall Soph Joe Carter is my favorite of the group. 87/99 speed and 97 hit power...

    The top four CBs are seniors and are all good solid cover guys with good speed. Both safety spots are in good hands with solid speed and ability at both. FS is a Freshman and the SS is a senior.

    Wyoming outlook:

    12-2 second place big 12, This could go either way..Wyoming and Cincy is a very interesting title game.

    #12 Michigan State Spartans

    This is the most talented team in the crop this side of Florida. Not sure what happened against UA but this league is full of teams and coaches that can beat anyone anytime.

    QB Ben "The Stilt" Fine is an imposing QB at 6'7 252 pounds with with 93 speed and a 90/91 arm. This is another kid that should be in the race for the Heisman. If you ask Coach Brog he has struggled on and off in his career and has been in the dog house a few times. Is this the year that Fine shows all his talents?

    Kirby Barber seems like he has been on campus for 10 years but is only a Junior this season. One of the most explosive RBs the Crop has to offer 98/98 speed at 223 pounds. There is talent behind Kirby but its a pretty large drop off from him to the next in line.

    Junior Aaron Harvey is a play maker. He has nice size 6'2 and very good speed 97/99 route running of 99 and 91 catch wrap up this impressive package. The WR group is deep and solid but Harvey is the best of the bunch.

    95,93,93 at T is a wow factor! Inside there are two freshman G's however. My guess is one of the tackles slides inside this season to provide some extra power for the oline. Jason Callahan is the leader of the oline at 96 overall, he doesnt have any holes and will return for another season.

    97,93,92 at DE, DE, DT this is a talented Dline that can rush the passer and stop the run.

    97 overall Senior Kevin Booth is the defensive and team Capt. 91 str 98 block shed are impressive #s.

    A decent OLB core with some nice speed and youth..this is a group that is young now but has the ability to play and play well.

    AA 96 overall MLB Jimmy Smith is an impressive football player. Fast 90/92 strong 81 97 tackle and no other LB attributes under 83 round out this fantastic player.

    This is the best secondary we have looked at to date. Speed and coverage ability is all over this team.

    Pat Mccarthy has 99/94 speed and 99/99 coverage...

    I see four CBs with 98 speed or better AA FS Pressly has 97 speed as well and is 94 overall.

    Sparty Outlook:

    12-2 second place Big 10. This will come down to MSU vs OSU and I think the Buckeyes might be a hair better..but this is up for grabs.

    #13 Florida Gators

    Shocked they are this far along in the preview...me too. This is a team that should never be out of the top ten. Coach Bits will have this team ready to play...I doubt they lose again this year, but will that be enough to get them back to the title game?

    Miller or Wood? Wood or Miller? Who will play? Will Bits pick one and stay the course? Miller is more of a pure passer with a 97/99 arm where Wood is more of a dual threat with 71 speed and a 90/96 arm and seems to be the better fit for the O Florida is known for. 96 overall or 94? Must be tough..

    99 overall RB Bruce "Sweet Honey" Harris leads the rb crew. There is a mix of talent here...speed, power and balanced...Bits is loaded at RB and Harris is a crushing rb 99 brk tackle and 98 carry..

    WR Rodney Cantrell leads the WR group 99/99 speed and 99 route and 88 catch...he is very good. This crew has it all again...speed, possession and ability to separate...deep group of WRs.

    TE Stephen Holmes is 97 overall and a threat in the Bits attack.

    98,94,91 at T 99,93,89 at G 99,89 at C...no excuses this oline should dominate everyone they face. This is as good as it gets in the crop.

    The most talented Dline of any team in the crop as well.. DE 93,89,88 young too, DT 94,94,91 no seniors at DT...Again this group can rush the passer and stop the run...good luck SEC Offenses your in for a fight against this elite unit.

    This team is very solid at LB as well. They have a great mix of youth and upper class man and they are talented as well. Good size speed and strength.

    Justin Shavez leads the Cbs this talented senior has 98/93 speed and 99/99 coverage.

    He isnt alone SS Joe Williams will blow your azz up if you catch a ball in his area or run into him.

    Gators outlook:

    13-1 SEC Champs BCS bowl bound. Can the Gators climb the ladder back to the title game?

    #15 Michigan Wolverines

    Coach Sean and his Wolves...This is about as an up and down team and you will see. As of late they have owned the Spartans and gave OSU trouble until crumbling late. Can the coach keep this talented team together when the chips or down or will they drop the rock again?

    Junior QB Kenny Hubbard started the year off with a struggle 1 td and 2 picks. Has a nice arm 93/92 and some ability to move. This kid will need to be coached up.

    Freshman Quincy Bishop looks like he may be the best shot at big plays this team has. This is not an impressive group of Rbs...Solid but not spectacular.

    Senior WR Brad Blanco 97/98 speed numbers and 98 route running leads a very talented group of WRs. The Wolverines have it all in this area. Speed, size and talent. No holes here.

    The Oline is going to kill this team when they run into a top Dline. Too much youth and not enough talent. 82,65 at T 94/75 at G and 72,46 at C...ouch. The 82 T is a senior as well. Coach Sean better have a group of Olineman in his top ten.

    The Dline is solid from top to bottom. Jr Maurice Green looks like a nice presence on the interior of this line. He should be able to get push against the pass and hold his own in the ground game.

    This team is loaded at OLB, Marcus Scott 91/93 speed at 6 feet 230 pounds with 96 hit power and 92 pursuit. Darius Richardson is a force at MLB with very good speed.

    CB Dustin Cox is the top player in the secondary. He has 99/94 speed and 99,99,99 man zone and press #s. Safety could be an issue here...but if nothing else they have speed to chase people down.

    Michigan outlook:

    10-3 third place in the Big 10. They will get to a bowl game. I just have a hard time thinking they can compete with Sparty and the Bucks with the oline they have..

    Unranked Florida State Seminoles

    Coach Mike quit on his team last season going Auto on them and letting them flail around like #angrymike does in the chat.

    Sophomore QB Jamar Walker was thrown to the wolves last year and played well in spurts. Or was that Alan Harris? Walker has a good arm 91/90 and Harris has some speed and a good arm 85/85 and can be more of a dual threat qb. Who will play for coach Mike?

    Steve Jefferson is a nice balanced RB but he lacks that second gear need to get the explosive scoring plays you need from this position. The rest of the RBs look very similar. There is no back on the team with 90 speed or better. How does that happen in Florida?

    WR Jeremy Ford is a stud, 95/95 speed with elite ability to seperate and get open...his hands have let him down in the past 78 catch...can he make the clutch catch when needed? The number say yes 98 catch in traffic.

    Florida State will be able to lean on the oline a bit this season. While the Tackles are young 84/82 the Guards are decent 86 and 81 and the C position is a team strength at 94, 92 I am sure one of them has moved to G or T to help out.

    The DLine is solid at DE but lacks an interior threat right now. They will have to be creative with scheme to generate pressure and get stops in the ground game. Senior DE Travis Robertson is a stud and can play the run or pass and has a non stop motor 91 pursuit.

    A solid young group of LBs have the ability to play but will need time to develop. Playing now will help.

    Coach Mike has done a nice job recruiting DB talent. They have several players who can play at CB, SS and FS. They are built for the future as well.

    Soph SS Mike Miles is a leader and a hitter.

    Florida State Outlook:

    7-5 middle of the pack in the ACC and a bowl game winner.
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  2. Brogowicz

    Brogowicz Walk On

    Apr 20, 2011
    Nice work Rusty. Who said the Crop moves too fast for good content?

    Best part of the write-up? Acknowledging the parity in the league. Anyone could win any game and that's what makes it great. Yeah - the CPU teams are slipping, but we still see a handful of CPU losses each year. If anyone else decides to leave their powerhouse behind, we could see the CPU inherit some great teams. I'm not sure, however, that anyone is going to choose to finish the home stretch with a rebuilding effort. Aside from the CPU, we all have great teams. There are some teams (Florida and a few others) that tip the scale and probably look more like 104's than 99's, but any 99 is still a great team - right?
  3. jca312

    jca312 Walk On

    Jul 23, 2009
    Stanford is looking forward to their Week 3 match up in Norman. It looks like it could be an early season preview of the Pac 12 Championship Game. I expect Stanford and OU to be squaring off in early December either on The Farm or back in Norman with a spot in the BCS Championship Game on the line. The Hippies are coming determined to prove you right next week old man. You better keep JJR on the sideline with you to protect you, cuz we're coming after that trick hip of your's! (y)
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  4. jca312

    jca312 Walk On

    Jul 23, 2009
    Great work by the way
  5. runthepound

    runthepound Get on the Bus!

    Feb 18, 2010
    Great work Rusty! Nice breakdown on my team man. I enjoyed the read.
  6. Iron Mickey

    Iron Mickey I'd take her out for some casadias

    Jul 14, 2009
    Very impressed. This looks great on your Y17 Award Resume
  7. GSUtiger


    Apr 13, 2010
    I never F'n quit you asswipe!!! Walker has won the Starting QB spot but more my team will come when i add my "Key Players" to this thread before the Wyoming game tonight
  8. Iron Mickey

    Iron Mickey I'd take her out for some casadias

    Jul 14, 2009
    You quit bitch

    And you def gonna quit tonight when I kick your mother fucking ass all over the field. It will be so bad some might call it a hate crime!

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  9. GSUtiger


    Apr 13, 2010
    Florida State has been hard at work preparing for the start of their season in Week 2 against a loaded Wyoming team. BRUCE80 did a great write up on our team but now Coach GSU will give you inside look.
    The QB position was battle after a season of poor QB play last season. RS Soph Jamar Walker won the starting spot beating out last year starter Soph Alan Harris. Walker showed how hard work during the offseason pays off. He has been having a stand out camp. Here is a look at his skill set
    RS JR Steve Jefferson will lead our running game and he is also one of our Impact Players. He rushed for over 700yds last season but only had 5TDs on the ground. He is looking to improve on both numbers this season. He will be pushed by True Freshman Jermaine High. Jermaine will see playing time in certain packages when Jefferson needs a break. Jermaine has no problem with that as he knows he day his # could be called to be the go to guy.
    Our WRs are lead by RS SR Jeremy Ford. He will be the go to guy for Walker and has already to Walker dont be scared to throw it and make him get it. RS JR Chase Harris is our Burner with 99 SPD. Look for all 5 WRs to make plays with the lowest SPD of the group being RS JR Alan Robinson 91
    Our Secondary is full of speed CBs Courtney Chambers and Fred Johnson look to lock down WRs with both having over 90 Man and Zone Coverage. Safety play has also improved. There has been a lot of work put in before and after practice by our DBs working.
    Tune in later for a Mid Season Report.
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  10. egofailure

    egofailure Sim habits die hard!

    Aug 19, 2010
    Mike, I found your new avatar! ;-)

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