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CSU Offensive Struggles Continue

Discussion in 'Legendary Veterans' started by IrishBearcat, Apr 23, 2011.

  1. IrishBearcat

    IrishBearcat tFC OD Commissioner

    Jan 29, 2011
    Frustrated with my offense beyond belief! I'm going to really need to sit down and get it figured out or things could go south quickly.

    The good news, there is a possibility to keep improving sitting at 5-2 with most of the the toughest hurdles out of the way.

    Aside from the opener where CSU blewout rival CU 48-0, the offense has only scored more than 20 points one time: In a 24-38 loss where Wyoming played really conservative once up 24-0 at halftime.

    When I began with my squad we started out as a smashmouth football team, then last year moved to an air raid attack with a qb that not only had a solid arm, but had some speed. With no qbs on the roster with at least an average throwing abilities we decided to move to pure spread and it has not been pretty.

    As I said above, 5-2 and this can go the way of a season where we struggle to make a bowl game or we can grab the bulls by the horn and find a way to win double digit games.

    Back to the drawing board.
  2. UofCWildcat

    UofCWildcat Bear Down!

    Mar 13, 2011
    Yeah, i watched the game and you looked just uncomfortable with the offense. But you got that beast RB coming in who looks like he will be a force next season. Good luck except against me.

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