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Current Sliders

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Texboogie, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. Texboogie

    Texboogie Guest

    Current Sliders

    Hey Fellas after doing a crap load of research. I Updated the sliders to make the games really good, this will make the League alot more interesting and competitive. Even in games where one team is over matched, the sliders will sway the game toward stratagy. After reading alot of different idea's on "Fair" and "Bullshit" sliders, these are def fair and compensate for things that I read about like things excessive running games or the CPU Pass rush.

    Let me know as we go, and I will change them a little. Their shouldnt be SOO many blow outs. A couple here and their but when they happen they will catch your eye rather than say, Ehh the other team just sucks.

    AND just so were ALL on the same page. THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS!!
    Be patient!!

    Sliders & Settings
    Difficulty:All-AmericanQuarters:7 Minutes

    Offense (USER/CPU)
    QB Accuracy - 45/30
    Pass Block - 65/15
    WR Catching - 45/35
    RB Ability - 45/55
    Run Blocking - 45/45
    Defense (USER/CPU)
    Pass Coverage - 65/65
    Pass Rush - 65/40
    Interceptions - 30/30
    Rush Defense - 45/45?
    Tackling - 50/50
    Special Teams (USER/CPU)
    FG Power - 55/35
    FG Accuracy - 30/40
    Punt Power - 55/55
    Punt Accuracy - 45/45
    Kickoff Power - 50/50

    Offsides - 85
    False Start - 70
    Holding - 45
    Offensive Pass interference 90
    Defensive Pass Interence - 95
    KR/PR Interference - 100
    Clipping - 50
    Grounding - 75
    Roughing the Passer - 80
    Roughing the Kicker - 80
  2. Sweetness

    Sweetness Banned

    May 3, 2009
    They look good Tex.
  3. Texboogie

    Texboogie Guest

    Im thinking about bumping up the CPU Run Defense. What do you think? Weight in.

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