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Dallas Cowboys Draft Report

Discussion in 'TMFL' started by charter04, Apr 10, 2015.

  1. charter04

    charter04 Walk On

    Jul 30, 2010
    I just wanted to highlight a few players that we have drafted in our time owning the Cowboys.

    Brett has had big shoes to fill as all QB's that wear the Star on their helmet do. Although he wasn't a top 5 pick he has the talent of one. He didn't start as a rookie and we have been able to bring him along slower than a top 5 pick QB. He hasn't produced as good has he could but, at 25 he still has a year or two to have the year that the Cowboys expect of him. He helped lead the Cowboys to a 11-5 record and a playoff birth this year. He is hurt and won't be able to enjoy the fruits of his labor though.

    Career Stats
    Comp Att Yards PCT AVG TD INT Rating
    802 1210 10,570 66% 8.7 67 53 93.9

    More players coming soon
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  2. charter04

    charter04 Walk On

    Jul 30, 2010
    Dallas Cowboys TMFL Draft Picks

    1st, 26th-QB Brett Hudson 94 overall, Starter
    2nd, 58th-G Asaad Barksdale 66 overall, back up LG
    3rd, 90th-RE Tavaras Carlson 73 overall, back up LOLB
    4th, 122nd-WR Pappas France Cut and no longer in the NFL
    5th, 154th-MLB Lejon Smith 84 overall, Starter at MLB
    6th, 186th-OLB Nathan Stark cut and no longer in the NFL
    7th, 213th-RB Delonte Ellis cut and no longer in the NFL

    1st, 27th-CB Cory Anthony 96 overall, Starter at CB
    2nd, 49th-G Simuel Poole 88 overall, Starter at LG
    3rd, 81st-OLB James Bray 75 overall, Back up MLB
    3rd, 91st-RB Latteral Gooden 73 overall, Back up RB
    4th, 113th-OT Eddie Myers 63 overall, Back up C
    5th, 145th-FS Chytee Linder Cut and no longer in the NFL
    6th, 177th-TE Ellis Henry Cut and no longer in the NFL
    7th, 209th- RB John Bailey Cut and no longer in the NFL

    1st, 29th-CB Alvaro Okuyemi 80 overall, Starter at CB
    2nd, 49th-G Al Grant 92 overall, Stater at RG
    2nd, 61st-WR Lefi Greco 69 overall, Back up WR
    3rd, 81st-CB Bruce Joe 66 overall, Back up CB
    3rd, 88th-DT Chris Simmons 71 overall, Back up DE
    4th, 113th-WR Ben Jose Cut and no longer in the NFL
    5th, 145th-SS Anthony Stover 79 overall, Back up/Starter at SS
    7th, 209th-CB Timmy Poole 71 overall, Nickel CB

    3rd, 73rd, DT Taven Walden 67 overall, Back up DT
    3rd, 84th, FB AJ Arnold 85 overall, Starter at FB
    4th, 101st, WR Tajvio McFadden, 71 overall, Starter at Slot WR
    4th, 118th, TE Stuart Narcisse Cut, On Pittsburgh as a back up TE
    5th, 148th, WR Bryson Donnelly 68 overall, back up WR
    6th, 180th, DE Nikolas Flowers 68 overall, back up DE
    7th, 212nd, OLB Collin Wallace cut, currently a FA

    1st, 26th OLB Heston Neal 81 overall, Starter at LOLB
    2nd, 22nd, SS Antione McElroy 80 overall, Starter at SS
    2nd, 26th, WR Allan Florance 63 overall, back up battling for the slot WR spot
    3rd, 22nd, DT Elisha McClendon 73 overall, back up DT, plays some on passing downs
    4th, 22nd, RB Kasheem Sharp 68 overall, Cut
    5th, 22nd, DE Stacey Preston 72 overall, back up OLB
    6th, 22nd, RB Jaron Brooks 67 overall, cut
    7th, 22nd, RG Jarius Poole 58 overall, back up RG
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  3. QuietStorm

    QuietStorm TMFL Commish -- **ISYMFS** --

    Sep 3, 2012
    Bunch of scrubs...
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