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Dallas Cowboys- "It's Now Or Never"

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by cadepetty247, Feb 1, 2010.

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    Aug 7, 2009
    Dallas Cowboys- "It's Now Or Never"


    After making the NFC Championship game last season, the Cowboys are one of the favorites for the Super Bowl this season. With most of their premeire players in their prime, this could be their best chance at bringing in their six Super Bowl trophy. The 2011 Super Bowl will be help in Dallas, so the Boys would have their best shot with home field advantage. Last year, the NFC East was the toughest division sending 3 teams to the playoffs. Dallas going 12-4 season by claiming a wild card are looking to do better this year and clinch the division title. The Giants and Eagles have almost the same starters of last year the big suprise this year is the Redskins. Known for their offensive struggle the Skins brought in 2-time Super Bowl Champ Ben Rothlisberger in a trade with the Steelers and WR TJ Houshmanzadeh from Seattle. Adding these two pro bowl players the Skins will push the Giants, Cowboys, and Eagles for the division this year. With everything falling the way it is it could be "Now or Never" for our Cowboys.

    The Lineup

    The Boys bring in their same group since last year only adding a few role players.

    QB- Drafting Tim Tribow out of Florida brings Dallas an edge they never had. Everyone one knows by drafting Tribow the Cowboys will use him in the wildcat, but Dallas is thinking more than Wildcat with this guy.

    WR- With Crayton moving up in age, they released him and traded for a young slot receiver Devin Thomas. Coming from Michigan St. Thomas was a high draft pick and hasnt yet reach his peak. In the slot of a pass happy Cowboys team, Thomas will see alot of balls come his way.

    O-Line- The offensive line is getting older and the coaching staff loves veterans on the line. Starting left guard Kyle Kosier was released this season so the Boys brought in former #1 overall draft pick Robert Gallery. After coming into the league as a tackle, Gallery was converted to guard to become a bulldozer for the running game in Oakland. Sounds like another Leonard Davis for the Boys. Lining up right next to Flozell, both of them are 6-7 300+...WOW!!

    D-Line- The boys didnt do much here but draft a sleeper. Matt Washington DT is a Texas boy coming from UT-El Paso. He is a great pass rusher and fits right in with the Cowboys, since they are known for drafting small college players. Ratliff, Washington, plus the pass rushing linebackers we all know going after the QB.... Watch OUT BIG BEN...

    DB- This is the best upgrade i think. Last year the safety position was weak, so Jerry Jones spent big money to persuade long-time Eagle Brian Dawkins to come to Dallas. Converting Weapon-X to SS will soon to be decided if it was a good idea or bust.

    Next to Dawkins, Dallas drafted CB Adam Story a speed corner. Another small college guy coming from Central Florida, Story will be in the Dime and special teams duties.

    K- After Folk missed a few playoff field goals, Dallas terminated his contract and decided to hand over the kicking duties to 2nd year David Buehler. Strong footed Buehler isn't always accurate at times but I guarantee it wont be short!!

    The Schedule

    Breaking down this years schedule doesn't look good. Their own division is tough as it is the boys have to face the AFC South plus the Super Bowl Champs(VIKINGS).

    Schedule Difficutly- -A
    Prediction- 11-5


    Round 1(#29)- QB Tim Tribow - Florida- The Cowboys brought an edge here. They were looking at receiver, but with the top 4 gone. Dallas went with Best Play Availible. Tribows versatility brings a edge Dallas will have on alot of teams. His athletic ability is top 10 talent, but the position he chose in the draft dropped him. Some say he isn't a QB, but Dallas believes different.

    Round 2- CB Adam Story- UCF- In need of a good 4th corner, Dallas took a sleeper here. They were on the phone an OLB when he got a beep and the team ahead of them (JAGUARS) snuck in and drafted him. Time almost running out Dallas took a guy they had rated for the 4th round. Story is a speed guy, but lacks cover skills. Hopefully, DB coach Dave Campo can make him into a good Dime back.

    Round 4- DT Matt "MAC Truck" Washington- UTEP- In a 3-4 Dallas doesn't just use their DT's to stuff the run, but to rush the backfield. Jay Ratliff is a big part of this Dallas defense making the pro bowl. Putting another pass rusher who is around the same size beside Rat Daddy will be lethal. Nickname Mac Truck in college for his hit power, Washington will bring the pain to QB's this year in passing situations for Dallas.


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