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Dallas Survives West Coast Trip

Discussion in 'Game Summaries & Team News' started by CaptMoe, Dec 13, 2013.

  1. CaptMoe

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    Jul 27, 2012
    After a 2-0 start, the Cowboys had been in a miserable slump despite boasting a top 3 offense. But stats can be misleading. And when you're constantly behind, you tend to throw. A LOT. Your inexperienced QB will also throw a lot of INTs. Your RB will not have good numbers because, well, because you're behind. A LOT. The defense has been struggling, ranked in the bottom half in all categories. And now, at 3-6, you're expected to pack your bags, head out west and up north and take on the 7-2 Seattle Seahawks. Hello, 3-7. Better start scouting that top 10 draft pick.

    Well, not so fast. These Cowboys, as in real life, make surprise appearances when least expected. They have to provide a slight glimmer of hope to their fan base or else people would just give up on them and stop watching the games. And so it is that this team has left the home of the famed 12th Man with a 4-6 record, having survived a late comeback by the Seahawks to win, 31-28.

    The game started out like any other game in the past month, with Seattle jumping out to an early lead thanks to a 67yd run by V. Kerr on his 2nd carry. But this time, the Cowboys answered. J. Echevaria found L. Dunbar alone behind the defense for a 36yd TD to tie it. Seattle would score FGs on their next 2 possessions while Dallas would come back and score on Echevaria's 2nd TD pass of the game. This one was a thing of beauty, worthy of a replay to make sure. Rolling right, he would stop, set his feet and fire to the back of the endzone where D. Harris would make the acrobatic catch, surrounded by Seattle defenders. There was a bit of confusion but the replay confirmed the score. Dallas would get the ball back one more time in the first half but, P. Peterson would step in front of T. Williams to snag the INT, taking advantage of Echevaria's first mistake of the day.

    In the 3rd, it was all Dallas on the score board as Echevaria would fire 2 more TD passes, cruising along at a 70% completion rate. Seattle wouldn't score despite keeping drives alive by executing on 3rd down. Whether it was running or passing, QB R. Wilson kept the Dallas defense on it's heels all game. And in the 4th, things got interesting. Trailing 28-13, the Seahawk defense came up big. As Dallas was looking for the killshot, CB W. Thurmond would pick off Echevaria and turn things in Seattle's favor. Wilson would find a WIDE open Z. Miller down the seam for a 23yd TD to make it 28-20. Dallas would try to pound it out but, facing a 3rd and 2 they could only muster 1 yd and were forced to punt. Wilson would lead his team downfield again, this time handing off to Kerr for a 5yd TD and then converted the 2pt conversion to tie it up.

    But Echevaria wasn't finished and neither was Dallas. The offense was on the move with less than 2:00 but all 3 of their time outs. However, Seattle once again stiffened on defense, holding the Cowboys to 43yd FG with :21 ticks remaining. Wilson would attempt one last drive with both sides exhausted. On 3rd down, Dallas called a time out to allow the defense to catch their breath and it helped, as O. Scandrick intercepted Wilson for the 2nd time giving Dallas the ball and the win.

    Things don't get any easier for Dallas as they travel to face the 10-0 Cleveland Browns. Stay tuned…

    GG Jim
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