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Day 1 FA Results

Discussion in 'TMFL' started by Keller, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. Keller

    Keller The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    Apr 14, 2010
    LT T. Ugoh 75ovr - 3yrs – 3$ + 2$sb - Buffalo
    OLB M. Murrell 75ovr - 3yrs – 4$ + 2$sb - Buffalo
    DE K. Vanden Bosch 79ovr - 2yrs - 6$ + 1$sb - Cleveland
    SS L. Asante 72ovr - 3yrs - 3$ + 0$sb - Cleveland
    HB J. Davis 74ovr - 3yrs - 3$ + 1$sb - Miami
    C A. Alleman 75ovr - 3yrs - 4$ + 1$sb - Miami
    TE D. Fine 72ovr - 3yrs - 2$ + 3$sb - Dallas
    QB R. You 76ovr - 4yrs - 4$ + 3$sb - Dallas
    CB N. Vasher 70ovr - 3yrs - 2$ + 2$sb - Seattle
    QB N. Davis 70ovr - 3yrs - 4$ + 1$sb - Seattle
    FB W. Ta'ufo'ou 74ovr - 3yrs - 3$ + 1$sb - Seattle
    WR B. Jones 69ovr - 3yrs - 3$ + 0$sb - Seattle (incorrect bid of 2$, switched it to 3$ otherwise your bid is invalid by not meeting salary minimums)
    DT C. Williams 83ovr - 9$ + 4$sb - Dallas (interested Parties - Cleveland)

    Thats it for day 1 fellas. As you can see not that many teams are partaking in FA but I expect that number to go up now that people see how it works. Remember to submit your bids to me via private conversation and to format and label it properly, ie. "Dallas Day 2 FA Bids," so I know not to open it up before the deadline. The formatting details & rules are in the roster management/salary cap stickied thread.

    Also, remember you can only submit bids on up to 4 players for your opening salvo and only 2 NEW bids on NEW players each subsequent bid. You may counter offer or increase your bids on as many players as you would like.

    Also remember that if you are the leading bidder for a player you may now submit ebay bids to me (simply designate which are ebay bids when you submit your day 2 bids.) An ebay bid works just like you would imagine. You say how high you'll go and your bid will only be raised if someone counters and it will only be raised as much as it needs to be in order to outweigh the counter bid, unless the counter bid is higher of course. In short, its to your advantage to submit ebay bids.

    If no one else bids on your players for 24 hours, you will be awarded that player and I will bold them to designate such. If at the end of free agency we still have players who are being bidded on we will award them to the highest bidder at the end of the bid periods. If there is a tie, I will award players at my discretion based on need.

    For those of you not partaking in FA, update your roster management threads (just checkout my Bills thread or other peoples updated threads to get an idea of what you need to do,) so you can see your final post-draft salary cap number and start bidding on free agents. Get bidding, theres a lot of talent out there.

    Expect the season to open up later this week once free agency slows down.

    That is all ladies, happy hunting.

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