Defense Continues to Dominate for Dallas

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    Jul 27, 2012
    In week 1 the Dallas DEF held the visiting Colts to 134yds of offense and 10pts, 7 of those coming on a pick 6 by the Colts' DEF. The solid performance continued in week 2 vs their rivals, the NY Giants. Though NY was able to muster 208yds of offense, they were held to just 7pts while turning the ball over 4 times, all of them INTs. The Cowboy secondary, once again, put on a clinic in coverage as CBs Mullins and McCourty combined for 3 picks, 2 of them coming in the redzone, Mullins returning his 100yds for a pick 6 that tied the game early on. "That was a huge turning point. The Giants very easily could've gone up 14-0 and instead, it was a 7-7 ball game. Just a great job by our guys", said Coach Moe.
    On offense things weren't easy for Dallas. D. Harvin finished with 116yds passing and only 1 TD. But that score was timely, hitting D. Bryant with 1:55 left and putting the game out of reach with a final score of 24-7. HB D. Murray had 88yds rushing, most of them coming in the 2nd half as Dallas stuck to the ground game to eat away at the clock. There were a few runs where it appeared Murray had been stopped short only to find him powering thru tackles and picking up first downs when it mattered most.
    Dallas (2-0) heads to NO for their first road game of the season while the Giants head home nursing an 0-2 start to take on the Eagles.

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