Defense, Defense, Defense in the Raiders 10 - 6 Victory over their Division Rival Chargers

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    With The Raiders sitting a top the AFC West at 3-1, Week 5 set their 1st Division Game against the 2-1 Chargers.

    Coming into Week 5 the Raiders have leaned on a stingy defense - giving up 12 points a game in their first four - and the Leagues Leading Rusher and 2 time POW Bryce Brown averaging 141 yards a game to credit their 3-1 start.

    S.D. entering week 5 was the leagues stingest defense in yards per game and # 2 in points per game giving up. Coach Thompson knew coming into to the game it would be a grind it out low scoring affair if the Raiders were to have a shot.

    Raiders elect to receive the opening K/O , they went on a 6 play 34 yard drive resulting in a punt for a touchback.

    Chargers come out with an impressive mix up of run and pass, Keyed by a K. Allen 36 yard post. The Raiders defense holds on a 3rd and 4 from the 12 to Only give up a FG.

    With its 2nd possesion the Raiders still can't get its runing game on track. With a forced 3-18 pass Mike Glennon threw it's 1st Int of the game.

    Knowing points would be hard to come by the Raiders defense holds the Chargers to a 3 and out.

    Big Play of the 2nd qtr was Devin Mcourty's 1st of 3 Int to give Oakland a short field to Kick a FG to end the half 3-3.

    Opening Drive of the 2nd half saw the S.D. lean on R. Mathews with short catches and 7 yard runs to sustain their drive. Raiders again hold fast and force a punt.

    By mid 3rd quarter Raiders run game began to pick up with timely 3rd down conversations. But no points.

    Turning point in the game was after a 8 play 55 yard drive by the Chargers Starting corner Dean Franks had a massive user hit stick on K. ALLEN to cause a fumble. Being at the right place at the right time, Tobi Asante scoops the fumble and returns for a 85 yard TD.

    With confidence and starting the 4th qtr. up 10-3 starting lolb J. Williams makes a big INT inside it's own 10 yard line.

    6 mins left in the game the Raiders decided to burn some clock with 6 straight runs. On 3rd and 4.. Raiders call a pitch to D. Carpenter the FB and he fumbles, giving SD life with 5 mins left on the Raiders 20. S.D. settles for a FG for a 10-6 score with 5 mins left.

    The Raiders knew this was the drive to ice the game. With Bryce Brown being held in check all day on their final Drive he picked up 2 first downs. Key play a 3rd and 16 Deep out to A. Brown to burn more clock.

    S.D. still relying on their defense forced another punt. Raiders Punter makes a wonderful Coffin Corner to the Chargers 6 with 52 seconds left. Being up 4 and the Chargers needing a TD the Raiders played tight 2 over the top man which resulted in a sack and a 3rd and final INT BY Mcourty to ice the Game.



    K. Mack 12 Tackles 2 for loses.

    FA Pick ups Impact

    FS. D. Mcourty 3 INT
    ROLB T. Asante FR, TD
    LOLB J. Williams INT, 2 TFL
    RE B. Orakpo Sack
    LE. B. Ryan Sack

    Defensive played well but Chargers moved the ball with Barkley having 202 yards passing and K. Allen having 5 catches for 110.

    This was a big win for Raider Nation heading into a Week 6 Bye with a 4-1 record to face dablakpope and the Jags.

    Great game coachmimz that's the football we like to be involved in and look forward to our last match up in SD.
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    Jan 26, 2015
    Week 5 "Q" vs. Chargers:

    Thanks Mugga

    Look @ the Raider Nation go crazy as off season trade Aquistion Tobi Asante scoops the fumble and scampers 85 yards for the teams only TD in a 10- 6 victory of Division Rival Chargers.
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