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Dirtycash' Golden Flashers

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by DirtycashDylan, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. DirtycashDylan

    DirtycashDylan I came here to scheme and chew bubblegum...

    Jul 10, 2009
    2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
    Prestige :1stars: :2stars: :3stars: :4stars: :5stars:
    Overall C- C C+ C+ B
    Offense C C C C+ B-
    Defense C- C C+ B- B

    2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
    Academics B C+ C C+ C+
    Lifestyle C C C C C
    Coach Loyalty C B+ A A+ A+
    Coach Prstg D+ D+ D+ D+ D+
    Conference C C C C C
    Contender C C+ B B B+
    Facilities C+ C+ C+ B B
    Fans D+ C C+ B B
    Pros [/COLOR]C C+ B B+ A[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR]
    Stability C+ B+ A+ A+ A+
    Tradition D+ D+ C C+ C+
    TV C C D+ C C

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  2. DirtycashDylan

    DirtycashDylan I came here to scheme and chew bubblegum...

    Jul 10, 2009
    2011 SEASON

    12-2 (9-1)
    Conference Champions

    Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4
    Week Opponent Result MVP-stats
    1 @Ball State W 68-24 S Keith 334 yds 4 TDs, National POTW
    2 @#13 Ohio State W 45-42 Spencer Keith 600 yds (chz!) 5 TDs to 5 WRs 4 INTs 5 Sks
    4 Bowling Green W45-12 J Terry 3 rushing TDs
    6 UNLV W 42-24 Spencer Keith 395 yds 4 TDs 2 INTs
    7 FAU W 28-27 Spencer Keith 408 YDs 3 TDs
    8 Mid Tenn State W 55-17 J Terry 14 Car 94 Yds 4 TDs
    9 @FIU W 30-16 J Terry 25 Car 134 Yds 3 TDs
    10 Memphis L 30-16 S Kirkland 5 Rec 104 Yds 1 TD
    11 CMU W 33-14 L Batton 2 SOLO 2 FF 2 FR 1 Block
    12 @Akron W 34-21 N Wolfe 3 Solo 2 INT 1 Pic6 4 KR 185 Yds 1 TD
    13 @EMU W49-21 J Terry 15 Car 111 Yds 1 Rec 79 Yds 2 KR 120 Yds 310 AP Yards 3 TDs
    14 @UNM W36-33 J Terry 16 Car 95 Yds 3 TDs
    CC UNLV W 27-24 The Defense. Held Coach Redd's FleXbox One to 1/9 (11%) on 3rd down conversions.
    Bwl UCF L 20-45 Unplayed

    New School Records:
    Jacquise Terry-18 rushing TDs in a season
    Spencer Keith-4289 passing yards in a season
    Spender Keith-36 passing TDs in a season

    Coach of the Year-DirtycashDylan
    Returner of the Year (CB Norman Wolfe)

    Significant individual stats:
    Spencer Keith-166.8 Rating, 4289 Yds, 36 TDs, 20 INTs, 306.3 AVG G, 54 Comp%, 99 Long, 36 Sacked
    Jacquise Terry-1192 on 232-5.1 avg, 19 TDs, 18 BTK, 3 Fumb
    Sam Kirkland-1009 Rec Yds on 40 catches, 99 Long, 9 TDs, 72 AVG G, 445 YAC, 4 Drops
    Danny Gress-89 TKLS 49 SOLO, 16 FL, 1 INT for 68 yards, 2 FF, 1 FR, 1 Block
    Lee Stalker-56 TKLS 36 SOLO 12.5 Sacks, 1 FF, 2 FR
  3. DirtycashDylan

    DirtycashDylan I came here to scheme and chew bubblegum...

    Jul 10, 2009
    2012 Incoming Recruiting Class
    :4stars:CB(16) Adrian Foster 6'4 188 Trinity, NC
    B+ speed, A- acc, B press/jump, B- agi/man/zone/recog, C+ purs, C- catching, D+ tackle, D power
    What can I say? This is the guy. I've been recruiting him all year and had a lead but tOSU creeped up on me and I landed him by the skin of my teeth (Nik should've been negging me more). I've got a hole at FS next year so I may temporary plug in the talented Mr. Foster while looking to bring in someone else. Love his size and can't say enough about him and how happy I am that he finally made it official. He should dominate the receivers in this league.
    Offers from tOSU, LSU, Aub, Texas, OU. All but tOSU were late.

    :4stars: T(9) Brandon McDuffie 6'1 322 Coral Gables, FL
    A acc, B rnblkstr, B- str/rnblkftw, C+ run block/psblkftw/psblkstr, C pass block/Impact
    My lone newly-added offseason signee. He's not as sexy as the safety or QB or LB but he'll come in and hold down the RT spot for 4 years. His A acc with D+ speed should be nasty on stretches.
    Offered by UConn.

    :4stars: WR(48) Michael Fields 6' 164 North Madison, OH
    B speed, A- carry, B- acc, C+ agi, C route/jump, C- catch/spect
    Nothing outstanding but I can't turn down a 4*. He isn't great at anything but is good at everything so he'll see immediate playing time.
    No other offers.

    :3stars: FS(59) Dennis Lewis 5'10 187 Sharon, PA
    B speed, B+ acc, B- agi, C+ power/press, C tackle/purs, C- catch/jump/man, D zone
    Hate the D zone rating but it's at a position of need so we'll see what happens.
    No other offers.

    :3stars: HB(71) Reggie McKinney 5'11 196 Canton, OH
    B speed/juke, B- agi/spin, C+ acc/elu, C vision/str
    He's just as fast and more athletic than Akron's 'speed' back (the one I may or may not have offered and passed on) but he's listed as a 'power' back. They both run a 4.48 and McKinney has better Acc/Agi. But it'll be interesting to see if Fritz (Akron) ever gets payback for being looked over. Anyway, McKinney could easily be my #2 back for the next couple of years.
    Offered by Michigan.

    :3stars: #94 WR Jamar Kendrick 6'5 174 Wadsworth, OH
    B+ speed, B- acc, C+ route/jump, C catch
    6'5 deep threat who'll come in and start.

    :2stars: DT(131)(JC S0) Dennis Drew 6'4 296 Cedartown, GA
    B str, C acc/tkl/blkshd/power/stamina, C- pwmv/purs, D+ speed, D finmv
    Big get here. He'll stuff your feeble running games for the next 3 years.
    Offer from Iowa.

    :2stars: G(108) Jonathan Williams 6'4 288 Panama City, FL
    B- acc, C+ runblk/str/rnblkftw, C passblk/rnblkstr
    G was a need and this guy is a pretty decent 2*.
    Late offer from KState.

    :2stars: DE(173) Juco(SO) Montrell Moore 6'5 247 Hattiesburg, MS
    B- acc, C+ finesse/hitpower, C speed, C- powmv, blksh,purs
    Soph Juco d lineman. Will compete for a starting role.
    No other offers.

    :1stars: #259 WR Jake Joyce 6'7 219 Centerville, OH
    B speed, B- jump, B+ carry, C- agility, D catch
    Week 1 insta-commit. Way early to offer a :1stars: but the dude is huuuge. You would think TE could be a possibility but I'm sure he would suck. Look for him to also play Forward for the KSU basketball team.

    :1stars: OLB(214) Juco(JR) Greg Morris 6'1 215 The Woodlands, TX
    B speed, B+ acc, C tkl/man, C- recog/strng/jump, D+ agi/blksh/zone/power, D pursuit
    Diamond in all that roughage. I'm set at OLB for the next few years and doing pretty good at MLB but this guy was well worth a schollie. Who knows how he'll come in, but he atleast adds quality depth and ST play as well as moving me closer to a TX pipeline.
    No other offers.

    :1stars:T(160) Juco(SO) George Johnston 6'8 300 Marysville, OH
    B- acc, C rnblk/IMP/STR
    See above. Will be solid depth.
    No other offers.

    :1stars: OLB(214) Juco(JR) Greg Morris 6'1 215 The Woodlands, TX
    B speed, B+ acc, C tkl/man, C- recog/str
    Solid depth.
    No other offers.

    skillz. you can't fuck with my 4 Vert. Thanks for ruining my thread, ya jackass.
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    Bl0ndeRedHead Official TSO Pothead

    Jul 31, 2010
  5. DirtycashDylan

    DirtycashDylan I came here to scheme and chew bubblegum...

    Jul 10, 2009
    [​IMG] 'jackass'
  6. DirtycashDylan

    DirtycashDylan I came here to scheme and chew bubblegum...

    Jul 10, 2009
    2012 RESULTS


    Week Opponent Result MVP-Stats
    1 @Pitt W 52-38 Dri Archer 18 Car 211 Yds
    3 Bowling Green W 41-19 Kendrick 3 Rec 84 Yds 2 TD
    4 @New Mexico W 17-7 Tyshawne Goode 4 Rec 83 Yds 2 TD
    5 UNLV W 51-41 Spencer Keith 25-36 585 Yds 4 TD
    6 @San Jose St L 33-38 S Keith 19-42 358 3 TD 3 INT
    7 Western Michigan W 49-17 DE J Dooley 4 Solo, 2 TFL, 2.5 Sack, 1 FF
    8 @Florida Atlantic W 45-6 HB R McKinney 12 Car 116 Yds 2 TD
    9 Florida International W 45-27 S Keith 22-34 460 4 TD 1 INT
    10 @Temple W 30-29 7 Rec 205 Yds 2 TD
    12 Akron L 35-38 D Archer 17 Car 104 Yds 3 TD
    13 @Memphis L 10-28 CB Adrian Foster 2 Solo 1 INT 2 Defl
    14 @Mid Tenn St W 49-38 D Archer 17 Car 178 Yds 2 TD 2 Red 40 Yds 1 TD
    B Troy in New Orleans B W 55-35 R McKinney 25 Car 257 Yds
  7. DirtycashDylan

    DirtycashDylan I came here to scheme and chew bubblegum...

    Jul 10, 2009

    :4stars: FS(#9) Curt Russ 6'2 201 Morganton, NC
    B+ speed, A+ acc, B tackle, B- power, C+ agi/purs/str/jump/blkshd, C catch, C- man/zone
    CB Adrian Foster had a lot to do with getting his friend and high school rival Curt Russ to commit to us. He'd start as a freshman either way but it just so happens we're graduating a SR at the position. Like Foster, he's a big, do it all DB from North Carolina who will look to make an immediate impact on the conference.

    :4stars: OLB(#16) Justin Sherman 6'4 226 Spearfish, SD
    A acc, B speed/pursuit/jump, C+ agi/tackle/power/zone, C strength/man/recognition, C- blkshed/powmv/finmv
    He'll come in and possibly start out of position at Mike. If I can sign one more backer like Sherman next year, my D will be nasty.
    Offered by Iowa.

    :4stars: T(#16) Justin Winston 6'6 277 Lynchberg, VA
    B- strength/psblk ftw/rnblk ftw, C+ passblk/runblk/psblkstr/rnblkstr/impact block/acc
    I think I'll put him next to my 4* T I brought in last year. I'm not sure if Winston will move to G or the other way around but I'd like to be able to count on one side of my Oline.
    Offered by Oregon and Penn State.

    :3stars: TE(#81) Corey Phillips 6'6 254 Sharonville, OH
    C- speed/route/passblk, C catch/brktkl/passblk/rnblkstr
    Nice, balanced TE who'll come in and compete for the #2 TE spot with the other freshman TE.
    No other offers.

    :3stars: RB(#61) Dominic Davis 6'1 194 Greater Northdale, FL
    A speed, B- acc/agi, C elu/spin/stiff/juke
    I have a need... Now when Archer goes down, I'll have a speed back to come right in and not have to change my offense.
    No other offers.

    :3stars: QB(#15) Robbie Browning 6'4 218 Bailey's Crossroads, VA
    B/C+ arm, C+ speed, C break tackle, C- agi/carry
    He'll come in and compete for the starting spot. He only gives up one tick in throwing accuracy but is much more athletic.
    Offer from VT.

    :3stars: QB(#19) Adam Anderson 6'1 190 Alliance, OH
    B THP, B- THA, D+ or below everything else
    Spencer Keith will graduate Kent with an 82/82 arm. Anderson should come in better than that and start.
    Offered by VT.

    :3stars: CB(#34) Tim Calhoun 6' 196 Cleveland Heights, OH
    B+ speed, B acc/agi, B- purs, C man/zone/press/jump, D+ power, D catch/recog
    He'll come in and redshirt and be really solid in the future.
    Week 1 instacommit.

    :4stars: QB(#4) Robert Peterson 6'5 193 Lake Magdalene, FL
    B- speed, B+/B- arm, C+ acc/agi/carry
    Well, I already signed 2 QBs, one who could throw and one who could run. Peterson is better than both at their own games. #80 overall recruit and #8 in Florida, he's the best recruit Kent has signed yet. The QB job is his for the next 3-4 years.
    No other offers.

    :3stars: TE(#63) Emmanuel Cain 6'5 262 Alliance, OH
    B- speed/acc, C+ run block/str, C agi/route/release/passblkstr, C- CIT/pass block/brktkl...D catch
    We've got a huge, athletic TE here with frying pan hands. He'll come in with the ability to help in the running game but hopefully spend some time with the tennis ball machine and work on his catching.
    Offers: Louisville.

    :3stars: DE(#105) Thomas Lindsey 6'1 223 Northview, OH
    D+ speed, B acc, C str/finesse/power, C- block shed
    Needed a DE but hopefully this guy never sees any serious PT.
    Offers: Toledo, Indiana

    :2stars: CB(#169) Juco(JR) Adam Gross 6' 180 Kaneohe, HI
    A speed, B+ acc/agi/jump, B- zone, C+ man, C purs, C- recog, D+ press, D catch/tackle/power
    #2015 player nationally, lol. Find a better 2* than Gross and I'll give you a cookie.
    Offered by USC and Texas late.

    :2stars: OLB(#160) Brian Grant 6'5 208 Independence, KY
    C+ speed/strength, B acc, C tackle, C- recog/block shed/finmov/jump
    Not a bad 2* at all, imo. He'll help with depth in the 3-4/Multiple look after getting an early redshirt.

    :4stars: FS(#5) Brennan Lester 6'1 168 Ajo, AZ
    B+ speed/acc/zone, B tackle/power/press, C+ agi/catch/stamina, C purs/block shed, C- recog/str, D man
    Nice offseason addition. He'll come in with Russ, the other 4* FS, and compete for the starting FS spot. Whoever loses may take returning senior SS Wollet's job but will for sure play there in the future. He'll need to be a deep zone safety wherever he lands. You'd think for sure SS but both incoming safeties are the hitting kind.
    No other offers?
  8. DirtycashDylan

    DirtycashDylan I came here to scheme and chew bubblegum...

    Jul 10, 2009
    2013 SEASON
    #3 final ranking

    Week Opponent Result MVP-Stats
    2 @#19 tOSU W 37-7 MLB Kent Walker 6 TKL 3 SOLO 1 INT 1 FR 1 TD
    3 Indiana W 31-24 DE Jake Dooley 7 TOTKL 5 SACK
    4 @Western Michigan W 45-10 RB Dri Archer 9 CAR 111 YDS 2 TD 4 BTK 5 REC 69 YDS 1 TD
    5 New Mexico W 34-20 WR Jamar Kendrick 6 REC 201 YDS 3 TD
    7 San Jose St W 57-6 WR Jamar Kendrick 3 REC 163 YDS 2 TD
    8 Florida Atlantic W 31-10 FS Brennan Lester 6 SOLO 2 INT 1 DEFL
    9 @Florida International W 30-0 The Defense/HB Archer 16 CAR 97 YDS 1 TD 1 REC 26 YDS 1 TD
    10 @New Mexico St W 27-14
    11 Notre Dame W 59-17
    12 @Akron W 50-7
    13 Memphis 10-33
    14 Mid Tenn St 47-26
    B #3West Virginia 45-26

    New School Records!
    DE Jake Dooley
    Most sacks in a season-19

    DE Russell Nix
    Most sacks in a career-28

    CB Darius Polk
    Most interceptions in a season-10

    DE Jake Dooley-Lombardi, Bronko Nagurski
  9. DirtycashDylan

    DirtycashDylan I came here to scheme and chew bubblegum...

    Jul 10, 2009
    :4stars: OLB(#13) Eric Siegel 6'2 220 Lincolnton, NC
    B- speed, B acc/tackle, B- recog, C+ power/str, C blkshed/pursuit, D- agility
    My NC pipeline produces once again. Out of all my LBs recruited over the last few years, Eric is the most fitting for a move inside, and that's where he'll go. He'll be my MLB1 from day one.
    Offered by Iowa.

    :4stars: OLB(#14) Kyle Morton 6'0 220 Colorado Springs, CO
    B speed/pursuit, A+ acc, C+ agi/tkl/zone, C recog/man/str/finmv
    Saw Mr. Morton without an offer around week 3 and talked to him and rapidly climbed til an insta-commit in week 6. I wanted two things out of this class and a LB to compliment Sherman was one of them, and now that's handled. I'm in on some other 4* LBs who are built for the interiour but if I miss out on them, Morton can slide inside as a freshman.
    No other offers.

    :3stars: G(#41) Matt Burnett 6'5 294 Swissvale, PA
    D+ speed, B acc, C+ rnblkstr, C rnblk/rnblkftw/psblkftw, C- psblk/IMP/str/psblkstr
    Much needed interior lineman who has a chance to start. Nice athleticism and technique.
    No other offers.

    :2stars: T(#143) Juco(SO) Tom Scales 6'4 261 East Cleveland, OH
    C- speed, A acc, C+ psblk/IMP/psblkftw, C rnblk/str/psblkstr, C- rnblkstr, D+ rnblkftw/awr
    My first commit. I was looking to move Scales inside and use his C- speed and A acceleration to pull, but he may get recruited over in his very own class. Either way, quality depth.
    No other offers.

    :3stars: DT(#19) Juco(So) Ryan Jones 6'1 283 Darby, PA
    B+ tackle, B strength/acc, B- purs, C+ powmv/blksh/power, C finmv
    He's a strong NT that will compete for the gig his first year. I don't see it being too easy to run on him with his combination of strength and technique. I'll have two legit DTs now so I shouldn't lose anything when going 4 linemen.
    Offered by Penn State.

    :3stars: WR(#88) George Ferguson 6'3 191 Medina, OH
    A speed, C+ acc/agi/route/jump, B+ carry, C- CIT/spect/juke, D+ release, D catch
    A year later, but I finally get my true deep threat to spread defenses with. I'd say he'd start immediately but he's gonna have to compete with a couple of jucos with similar skill sets.
    Offered by Miami(OH).

    :3stars: P(#2) Nick Ford 5'11 211 Ashtabula, OH
    B+ power, B- accuracy, D athleticism
    Huge need filled. He'll handle all kicking and punting duties for the next 4 years.

    :3stars: ATH(#38) Shawn Jackson 6'1 276 Mount Vernon, OH
    C+ speed/str/power, B acceleration, C pursuit, C- block shed, D+ tackle
    Last second steal from Akron! He's obviously a DE but I don't think he'll be all that good. I only took him because Nik was recruiting him.
    Offered by Akron.

    :3stars: MLB(#14) Matt McCutcheon 6' 236 Olney, MD
    B speed, A- acc, C+ tackle, C- blkshed/power/strength
    Solid, athletic mike with room to grow. Has an outside shot at MLB2 his first year but will atleast play special teams.
    Offers from Bama and Hawaii.

    :3stars: HB(#52) Dominic Dotson 5'11 205 Sandusky, OH
    A speed, B acc, B- agi, C+ elu/stiff/spin/juke
    He's another speedy back who'll most likely catch a RS. Who knows if he'll ever get serious playing time as I'm leaning more towards balanced backs to run between the tackles.

    :3stars: DE(#49) Shawn Pittman 6'3 236 Canton, OH
    C speed, B+ acc, B- power, C blockshed/powmv/pursuit, C- str/tackle
    We're bringing Shawn in immediately and getting him on a nutrition plan. One DE spot is wide open going into spring.
    Offers from Iowa and UCF.

    :4stars: ATH(#4) #29 overall Freddy Butler 6'2 182 Adamsville, AL
    A- speed, B+ acc, B- route, C+ agi, C catch/CIT
    He's a late entry who I beat Fever for, but I'm not all that impressed. He could very well end up being the 5th best WR out of the 5 I took in this class. Time will tell.
    Offer from Memphis.

    :4stars: WR(#35) Landon James 6'1 200 Oregon, OH
    B+ speed/acc, B- agi/jump/carry, C route, C- catch
    Late entry. I'd like a few more inches on him (count it) but I'll take it. He'll play some early and start down the road.

    :3stars: OLB(#80) Reggie Denman 6'5 217 Pembroke Pines, FL
    C+ speed, A- acc, C agi/tackle/recog/zone/power/strength/finmv
    Just an all-around type of guy who can come in, move to Mike, RS and hopefully gain some speed to be a factor down the line. Great, great size and solid skills.

    :2stars: WR(#231) Juco(JR) Noah Simpson 6'4 180 Struthers, OH
    A speed, B acc/jump, B- route/carry, C+ release/CIT, C agility
    I barely got this idiot's transcript past our Admissions, but it's gonna be worth it.

    :1stars: FB(#16) Roshaun Mitchell 6'1 206 Bellair, FL
    C+ speed, B+ acc, C carry/str/passblk/brktkl/rnblkstr, C- to D everything else
    Roshaaauun. This hood fucker here is already talking about taking a starting job, but I plan on redshirting him and starting him his RS FR year.
    Offer from NC.

    :1stars: SS(#106) Juco(JR) Kevin Jones 6' 185 Maple Heights, OH
    C+ speed, B acc, B- agi/jump, C+ tackle, C zone, C- man/power/catch
    He'll back up my safeties for the next two years and be on his way.
  10. DirtycashDylan

    DirtycashDylan I came here to scheme and chew bubblegum...

    Jul 10, 2009
    2014 Season

    3|@UVA|W 42-14|
    4|@#8 tOSU|W 34-7|
    5|@FIU|W 33-7|
    6|@FAU|W 38-7|
    8|ARMY|W 49-10|
    9|#4 AKRON|L 21-23|
    10|NMSU|W 19-7|
    11|SAN JOSE|W 70-14|
    12|#21 MEMPHIS|W 41-0|
    13|@#18 MID TENN|L 23-27
    14|@ NEW MEXICO|W 35-17|
    15|@ UNLV|W 52-10|
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  11. DirtycashDylan

    DirtycashDylan I came here to scheme and chew bubblegum...

    Jul 10, 2009
    :4stars: DE(#21) Derek Hunt 6'6 250 Danville, VA
    B acc/pursuit, B- block shed/fin move, C+ tackle/pow move, C strength/power, D speed
    Offered by MSU and Miss St.
    Hunt is the prototype 3-4 DE and will start day 1. Hopefully, his lack of speed won't hinder his NCAA '12 success.

    :4stars: SS(#6) George Jones 6'4 215 LaPlace, LA
    B+ speed/acc/agility, B jump, B- zone, C+ man/press, C- tackle/recog/power/catch/strength
    A big dude that can cover and hit, Jones will fit right in on my D. Curt Russ has the SS spot locked up for the next year or two so hopefully Jones sticks around.

    :4stars: WR(#27) Shannon Robison 6'3 187 Hagerstown, MD
    A speed, B acc, B- jump, C+ agi/carry, C route/spin, C- awr/spect, D+ release, D catch
    Offered by NC.
    It'll be hard for Robison to find PT right away but he should be a factor eventually. Boise led for him all year but never offered and I was able to jump them at the last minute to get a commit.

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