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Divisional Playoff- Cowboys 40 Giants 31

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by cadepetty247, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. cadepetty247

    cadepetty247 Walk On

    Aug 7, 2009
    Divisional Playoff- Cowboys 40 Giants 31


    Miles All Smiles As Cowboys Edge By Giants

    The Wild Card Cowboys went into the Meadow Lands to take on the Division Champion Giants. The Cowboys had already beaten this Giants this year in Giant Staduim, but this would be a tough one. At half the score was tied at 17, even thought the Boys had a chance at a FG and Folk shanked it.

    The 2nd half was a shocker!!! After the Giants went up 24-17 from a FB dive from Hedgecock. The Cowboys answered back with 10 points, a fg from Folk and a 3yd run from Marion Barber. The run game of the both teams were weak this game. A break down in coverage allowed veteran WR Derrick Mason to score on a 63yd TD in the 4th quarter with just over a minute left to make the score 31-27 Giants. The Cowboys had to score a touchdown and fast, but they did have 3 timeouts left. With 38 seconds left in the game Tony Romo dropped back and found Miles "Smilin" Austin on a deep post. Miles then broke a tackle from Kenny Phillips and raced to the end zone smilin all the way. That put the game 34-31 and Giants slipping away. To end the game Eli tried to hit Jonathan Stewart on an out route but was picked off by Demarcus Ware who took it in for six to make it a two possesion game and end it!!!...

    The Cowboys defense played decent getting 2sacks and 3ints. The offense was the story, Romo played a great game only throwing one pick. The Cowboys finally head back to the NFC Championship game to face either the Vikings or Eagles. The Cowboys can celebrate today but better be ready for their next game!!

    Game Stat Leaders

    DAL-Tony Romo 18/28 347yds 2td 1int
    NYG-Eli Manning 16/25 289yds 1td 3ints

    DAL-Marion Barber 32yds 2td
    NYG-Jonathan Stewart 36yds 1td

    DAL-Miles Austin 124yds 1td
    NYG-Derrick Mason 146yds 1td


    DAL-Keith Brooking 5tkls
    NYG-Antonio Pierce 5tkls

    DAL-Brooking/Robertson 1sck

    DAL-Hamlin/Ware/Jenkins 1int
    NYG- Kenny Phillips 1int

    ----Great Game Dean it could of gone either way. I look forward to your revenge next year bro!!!-----

  2. Dean

    Dean Walk On

    Oct 8, 2009
    Great Game cade, looking forward to our battles next year. Good luck the rest of the way

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