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***Divisional Round is Open! Deadline WEDNESDAY 10/29/13 @ Midnight EST***

Discussion in 'Quality Simulation Football' started by LtJustice, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. LtJustice

    LtJustice QSF Commissioner

    Jul 22, 2010
    Thank you everyone for your patience during the Wild Card round. The franchise has been advanced and the Divisional round is now open! The deadline for the Divisional round is Tuesday 10/29/13 @ Midnight! I would hope the 2 day deadline would be sufficient to get 4 games played, but if any of the involved participants has a conflict, please let me know ASAP. Good luck to everyone still alive in the post season!

    Here are the updated playoff brackets:


    Again, a word of warning to EVERYONE involved in the postseason. The importance of the games is no reason to forget the rules that we play by. I would hope that we don't have anyone that is going to "pull out all the stops" at all costs to get the win. Win or lose, I expect to see all owners abiding by the game play rules that we have followed all season.

    Please remember all playoff games require a recap from the winning team!

    Good luck everybody in the Divisional round!


    Aaron (Hulk_hagen_55 )
    Alex (Ninersfan80)
    Alonso (ferocious)
    Avery (AveryB)
    Carl T. (CTfromDC)
    Chris (CSteud)
    Curtis (thafuture3886)
    Danny (DJDunn6)
    Dave (saintsdave75)
    David R. (ncsu12ddr)
    Doug (CHUNKNESS)
    Eric (Easy Dez It)
    Grey (LLCoolGrey)
    Heath (heathh)
    James M. (cry_havoc)
    James Y. (Phenom)
    Jim (LtJustice)
    Jon (Warhawk AKA dreadman)
    Josh (Josh Barnes)
    Juan V. (Juan Valencia)
    Kris (coachmimz20)
    Lawon (MrWitness36)
    Loren (ThaBayouChef)
    Michael C. (KNICKSFAN_84)
    Michael O. (Michael Overman)
    Mike A. (Miki1369)
    Moe (CaptMoe)
    Pope (dablakpope)
    Rob (PepperNY)
    T.J. (klaximilian)
    Troy (redlishus)

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  2. LtJustice

    LtJustice QSF Commissioner

    Jul 22, 2010
    Game recaps still due from the Wild Card round:

    Josh Barnes

    Thanks in advance guys!
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