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Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by Hordan54, Nov 4, 2014.

  1. Hordan54

    Hordan54 Walk On

    Aug 8, 2014
    Patriots at Bills

    Epic game.

    In Buffalo in a white out game because of snow, the Bills came out roaring. They forced a punt the first drive as the Pats received the ball, then they drove the field for a field goal.

    The next drive Bills force a 3 and out, get the ball and drive for another field goal.

    Another Patriots drive stalls. This time Bills drive for a TD. 13-0 Bills with 9 min in the 2nd quarter. Was not looking good for friends in Foxborough.

    Brady and the gang respond big driving the field ending the drive with a ~30 yard TD run from Shane (wool)Vereen. 13-7 Bills.

    The next drive the Bills stall and punt. The Patriots with 3-4 minutes left drive the field but stall in the red zone and kick a field goal. 13-10 at half.

    Third quarter was a defensive struggle. I believe each of us had interceptions but could not capitalize. The potent Bills ground game struggled all game finishing with only 73 yards and failing to convert many 3rd a short situations.

    About half way through the 4th quarter Gotskowski kicks a field goal to tie it up. 13-13. In a blizzard

    The Bills came so close to winning this game but the Pats D stood strong. Adrenaline rage boulder throwing strong.

    The first opportunity was 1st and 10 at the Pats 34 yard line with about a minute left. I believe they had one time out left. I am not sure how exactly but it ended up 4th and 12. Against the wind, a field goal was out of the equation.

    There was about 15 sec left and Bills still had the time out. Keller comes with a perfect call. A deep comeback route just past the sticks but EJ overthrows it. We are going to overtime!

    Pats get the ball but go 3 and out, just barely barely missing the first down. The Bills get the ball and drive to the Pats 38. The game feels all but over again as the Bills have the wind and only need a field goal to win it.

    A run gets stuffed on first. Then a screen loses a couple yards on second. On third a pass gets picked off by Dennard for the second time! He takes it into Bills territory. A couple of first downs put the Pats in field goal range.

    Ridley seals it with a ~24 yard run for TD on a 3rd and short. 13-19 GAME.

    Patriots dominated on the ground running for >200 yards.

    Game was a blast. There were 9 viewers on twitch. 3 of my friends were watching at my place too and I was in a party with a few others, atmosphere was huge and a lot of fun.

    Pats stars came up big. Revis, McCourty, Wilfork, Mayo, Gronk. Brady took care of the ball and avoided sacks at all costs against the spectacular Bills dline.

    I did this all from memory BTW, so sorry for any mistakes! Feel free to add or correct me.

    Coming for you Troy J.
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