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DJ's 2011 User Predictions HQ

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Dj391, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. Dj391

    Dj391 Walk On

    Aug 13, 2009
    DJ's 2011 User Predictions HQ

    Ok so last year was a blur for me didnt really have the time to get into the in-depth predictions buttttttt THIS YEAR WILL BE DIFFERENT!!!! I will predict all user games unless they have been played before I have the chance. Soooo lets get it poppinnnnnnnnnnnn!!!

    #4 USC vs #11 FSU

    This matchup is surprisingly even after FSU raped the recruiting circuit it seemed (or atleast in auburns eyes)...
    Offensive keys

    On Sc's side of the ball they return starting QB Matt Barkley. The QB as we all know is the most important part of any offense and in this situation it is no different. I expect Barkley to have a good day through the air in this one as SC returns big play receiver Brice Butler and I dont see this man being slowed down or hampered out there.

    On FSU's part of the ball it is exactly the same but for the opposite reason. Manuel isnt exactly a proven passer but shows good accuracy, but not the arm for the deep throws. Hes especially dangerous in space showing good speed. If he goes down in this one though who will they turn to? I think though the Seminoles will rely on a heavy run game with Jermaine Thomas and Brendan Marks.

    Defensive Keys

    For SC it is TJ Bryant and his supporting cast of DB's. They all have the speed to keep up with any FSU receiver but do they have the knack to get to the ball??? TJ certainly does, he is the Senior leader in this bunch and for good reason.

    For FSU its the same but for again the opposite reasons. The DB's in this group arent exactly NFL ready or even Elite College coverage corners. The two starters are undersized but all of them show promise in the coverage area. While no one fears them now, and many are off the radar or the College Football World, I have a feeling that will change after this year. Not this game though, Not Happening.........

    Overall I have to go with the Trojans in this one. I just think they have the more complete team and the more Mature defense for this one...

    Seminoles get close BUT, no cigar!!!!

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