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Draft recap

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Jmustang1968, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. Jmustang1968

    Jmustang1968 Walk On

    Jul 14, 2010
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  2. Roggie

    Roggie Back 2 Back

    Jun 14, 2011
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    Detroit Lions:

    Round 1 (27) - Shocking. Purely shocking. Was expecting to get an 80 overall player at max, hoping one of them would fit a need. But I get the top TE on the board, 83 overall, with 90 speed and A potential falls to me? Stephen Cole, welcome to the team. With me running a lot of two TE sets, this is a perfect fit.

    Round 2 (59) - Badly need offensive line depth and future starters. Grabbed a 70 overall A potential RT, who will be the backup this season and hopefully become the starter next year.

    Round 3 (91) - Grabbed a SS to fill in the biggest team need. Was either the top or 2nd best SS left on the board, and also has A potential. Hoping he can develop and replace Spievey in a couple of seasons.

    Round 4 (123) - RG, 66 overall. Filled another need (backup RG) and will probably never ascend past that role.

    Round 5 (155) - Another RT. So lacking on talent on the offensive line that grabbing another tackle (who's huge and could play guard) seemed like the best fit.

    Round 6 (187) - RE. Ton of untapped potential (89 potential), but not ready yet.

    Round 7 (219) - B potential kicker. I hate using Jeff Reed (I suck with him), so after this season he will replace Reed. (Thanks, Jmustang1968)
  3. gogiants98

    gogiants98 Walk On

    Nov 6, 2011

    Round 1 (4): This was a tough choice for me, as I had 5 positions I could have went with here: Tackle, Guard, Middle Linebacker, Outside Linebacker and Free Safety. I opted for offensive tackle, since the other positions have good starters. With 86 OVR at LT, Yvon Willis should do well at RT...I haven't checked the depth chart but I would bet he's 88 OVR at RT. With A potential, I may have the best combo at offensive tackle in a year or two.

    Round 2 (36): I still got a 78 OVR MLB with A potential here..not quite the monster as the top MLB is going to be in a year or two, but still solid and may be the reason I stick to the 3-4. Justin Young

    Round 3 (68): With a 75 HB with B potential, I did better than most in the 3rd round I would bet. Gives me better depth in case Hillis gets hurt.

    Round 4 (100): Grabbed a 70 OVR DT (C potential) to fill in on passing downs, and desperately needed a little depth as I only had 2 DTs on the roster. Isikeli Randall

    Round 4 (Pit, 112): Traded up to grab a receiver that can actually run routes and has B potential. All but one of my receivers has sub 80 route running, yikes.

    Round 7 (196): Some scrub CB, most likely won't go with him on the roster.
  4. Jmustang1968

    Jmustang1968 Walk On

    Jul 14, 2010
    Tennessee had the 20th pick of the draft.

    Rd 1 - DT Jameel Smith - 85 ovr -A pot - Great pickup for us with the 20th pick. We were very tempted with the TE that went to Detroit, but ultimately decided Jameel was a better upgrade to the team. He will be an instant starter and cornerstone of the defense. Has Suh like abilities with 94 str, 90 acceleration, and 89 block shed. Should be a force against the run or pass.

    Rd 2 - WR Bar-ee Brown - 75 ovr - B pot - With the emergence of Mariani, we released overpriced Nate Washington. Brown looks to fill that 4th WR spot and be an excellent kick returner now, and develop into a solid WR in the future. He is an amazing athlete with 97 spd, agi, and acc. His hands are terrible, but has 80 kick return, so should be a nice athlete and return man for us.

    Rd 3 - QB Davius Clayton - 73 ovr - B pot - With an ancient Hasslebeck as our only other QB on the roster after Locker, we thought it would be wise to draft and develop a backup. Clayton looked to hold good value at the end of the 3rd and is an excellent athlete with a big arm. His 87 spd, 93 acc and agi give him HB like ability, but he also has 92 thr pwr. His biggest knock will be for him to work on his accuracy. Hasslebeck will stay on the roster 1 more year as we hope Clayton wont have to see the field this season.

    Rd 4 - T Dea'jon Jefferson - 66 ovr - B pot - A big and tall pass blocking tackle with a lot of upside. Pure depth for now, but could possibly develop into a solid T down the line.

    Rd 5 - FS Jerel Riddick - 62 ovr - C pot - Jerel has some decent athleticism. Nothing remarkable here, will be depth only and may struggle in the years to come to hold a roster spot

    Rd 6 - CB Justice Berry - 62 ovr - C pot - A 6' CB with 92 spd and 98 agi and 98 jumping is nice. However, his cover skills are a bit sub par and his awareness is awful. If he can survive on the roster and work on his awareness, he could see himself getting some dime work in the years to come.
  5. RyanC

    RyanC Walk On

    Feb 21, 2011

    Round 1(26) - DT Chris Heim, Michigan, A POT: Was the player at the top of our players left board, and was a prospect we were looking at with high interest. Heim is a power rushing DT who will help the transition back into a 3-4 defense. at 335 and 98 strength he should sure up the middle of the defense

    Round 2(62) - HB Reshard Cobbs, Jacksonville State, A POT: With this pick we added some Thunder to Noel Devine's Lightning. At 6' 225 Cobbs is a monster back and will allow Devine to see the ball less and utilize his talents more.

    Round 3(94) - WR AJ Charles, Stephen F. Austin, B POT: A depth pickup in round 3, Charles has blazing speed and will look to fight with second year player Dextrell Wallace for the 4th WR spot.

    Round 4(126) - QB Dalen Morgan, Northwestern State, C POT: Morgan will likely be the back-up QB for the Broncos after they cut Tyler Thigpen

    Round 5(158) - WR Terik Etuk, New Mexico, D POT: A speedy WR who will likely be a return man or practice squad player

    Round 6(190) - LB Henry Rucker, SMU B POT: A decent pass rushing LB prospect, will likely not see much time on the field, but has the potential to be a solid roleplayer in a year or two
  6. I Peench

    I Peench Caught in the hustle

    Jul 1, 2010

    Round 1 (14): C Jackson Gordon-82-A potential: After trying to move out of this pick, the Niners ended up getting a good combination of value and need. With C Tod McClure pushing 37, Gordon should be ready to step in after this season.

    Round 2 (46): QB Evan Smith-75-A potential: This was simply a pick of value here. After drafting stud QB Peter Newcomer last year, there was absolutely no need for a QB here, but Smith projects very well with 96 potential. Look for the Niners to move Smith at some point.

    Round 3 (78): DE Cameron Gibson-72-A potential: Gibson is another need pick for the Niners. With A potential and an aging Justin Smith at RE, Gibson looks to step in in a few years. Gibson is huge, but really needs to hit the weight room before he's ready for big playing time, as he only possesses 72 strength.

    Round 3 (85) From Seahawks: DT Isikeli Wallace-71-B potential: Wallace looks to step in right away for a declining Isaac Sopoaga. With 99 strength and 91 power moves, Wallace might get some serious playing time from the very beginning.

    Round 6 (174): K Eric O'Neil-62-B potential: O'Neil will have some time to develop as David Akers gets older and looks to retire.

    Round 7 (206): SS Darian Hardaway-60-D potential: Hardaway will be a special teamer for most of his career. He provides depth at safety.

    Overall draft grade: B+. Niners got a good combination of value and need in this draft. The one exception was Evan Smith. Smith, an A potential QB, could really turn out to be phenomenal trade bait for the Niners however. Their draft grade really depends on his ability to progress.
  7. mboda

    mboda Walk On

    Jul 26, 2010
    Chicago Bears

    Round 1 - Pick 32 - HB Antavio Bolton - USC - Last year the Bears relied on Matt Forte alot, with this pick the Bears got another talented HB to take some of the load off Forte. Bolton is a complete back with good speed, great hands and good power. Should be a force in a couple years.

    Round 2 - Pick 64 - RT Tyerll Booker - Boston College - Booker adds depth to the O-line, which is getting better. Might get his chance to start in a couple years.

    Round 3 - Pick 87 - TE Cameron Patterson - Mid Tenn St. - The Bears jumped up in the draft here to take Patterson, who they think will be a playmaker in a couple years as Patterson has great potential. With last years first round pick, TE Jamie Brooks, and Patterson, The Bears should run alot of 2 Tight End sets this year. The Bears traded their 4th and 5th round picks for this pick.

    Round 3 - Pick 96 - LE Jazz Parks - Michigan State - Parks has great size (6'5" 265 lbs) and he pairs that with good speed and acceleration. While DE was not a need for the Bears, Parks should play quite a bit this year.

    Round 6 - Pick 192 - C Trey Young - Vanderbilt - Bears didn't know much about this guy. He will struggle to make the team this year.

    Round 7 - Pick 224 - WR Tremayne Glover - Portland State - Below average WR. His good speed could get him a roster spot, but i doubt it.

    Draft Grade - B. The Bears got some good depth on the Offense in the early, but there were some holes on defense that did not been filled. Bolton and Patterson both look like future stars.

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