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Draft Results for the first 3 Rounds

Discussion in 'Rookie Symposium' started by oneshot24, Mar 3, 2013.

  1. oneshot24

    oneshot24 Walk On

    Aug 20, 2012
    ROUND 1
    1. Cardinals -QB Ron Dunson
    2. Vikings -WR Okoye Jones
    3. Bills -TE Blake Geiger
    4. Saints -MLB Antwon Russell
    5. Pats -MLB Nickell Hudson
    6. Lions -Karl Kruger
    7. 49ers -WR Lekembrick Lipsey
    8. Chargers -CB Andrew Taumoepeau
    9. Bengals -LT Riley Jones
    10. Packers -DT Immanuel Dawn
    11. Colts -HB Gary Pruitt
    12. Raiders -RE Jon Williams
    13. Browns -LOLB Davarius Bulock
    14. Seahawks -SS Ryan Shannon
    15. Ravens -WR Reggie Geathers
    16. Jets -CB Armani Smith
    17. Bucs -RT Mark Rock
    18. Steelers -HB Mark Wood
    19. Panthers -SS Kimani Walker
    20. Chiefs -ROLB Trevor Thomas
    21. Cowboys -DT Dominique Franklin
    22. Falcons -MLB Deterius Oliver
    23. Rams -WR Kalen Motes
    24. Pats -LE Cole Bible
    25. Bears -DT Connor Murphy
    26. Colts -MLB Dan Dugen
    27. Browns -CB Tomaz Dobbs
    28. Texans -LG Derrick Walters
    29. 49ers -TE Jordan Cates
    30. Broncos -QB Jack Kane
    31. Titans - RG Tanner Mobley
    32. Rams -C Aaron Smith
    ROUND 2
    1. Vikings-SS Houston Moudy
    2. Bill -DT Monte Parker
    3. Chiefs -LW Nathan Lee
    4. Rams -WR Dominique Owens
    5. Eagles -ROLB Wayne Thomas
    6. Jets -ROLB Camdren Pierce
    7. Pats -CB Shawn Campbell
    8. Chargers -TE Ashton Irie
    9. Bengals -C Kain Efrid
    10. Packers -CB Joseph Knight
    11. Giants -LE Richard Wayne
    12. Raiders -QB Cooper Ballard
    13. Cowboys -LT Aaron Crumley
    14. Cardinals -CB CJ Kendrick
    15. Ravens -ROLB Franklin Baldwin
    16. Lions -CB Tai-ler Finley
    17. Bucs -CB Tre'Vante Kilgore
    18. Steelers -CB Danniel Middlebrook
    19. Panthers -RT Willis Benson
    20. Vikings -HB Dominic King
    21. 49ers -LG Stephen Johnson
    22. Falcons -DT Ronald Robinson
    23. Saints -WR CJ Glass
    24. Pats -WR Morris Sanders
    25. Bears - CB Tory Wilson
    26. Giants -LE Cornelius Morgan
    27. Dolphins -FS Tavaras Christian
    28. Texans -LOLB Brennan Palmer
    29. 49ers -WR Reade Williams
    30. Broncos -RT Brandon Stewart
    31. Titans -RG Jamaan Watts
    32. Redskins -LOLB Brent Jones
    ROUND 3
    1. Vikings -MLB Thomas Barnard
    2. Bills -HB Shawn Drovin
    3. Bills -DT Cobie Cooper
    4. Saints -WR Aaron Jones
    5. Eagles -TE Andrew Aiken
    6. Jets -WR Wayne Bissett
    7. Jags - WR Gerald Pierre
    8. Chargers -HB Taukei Griggs
    9. Bengals -LG Shawn Seacrest
    10. Packers -HB Jermaine Butler
    11. Cowboys -WR Russell Cabunoc
    12. Raiders -TW Wesley Goodwin
    13. Cowboys -LOLB Marquis Noel
    14. Seahawks -CB Jaylun Jefferson
    15. Ravens -QB Lejon Jackson
    16. Jets -TE Alex Carter
    17. Bucs -RE Darick White
    18. Steelers -RE Desmond Hawkins
    19. Panthers -WR Andrew Charles
    20. Chiefs -ROLB Brandon Randall
    21. 49ers -CB Keyshawn Mattinson
    22. Falcons -CB Francis Tanigawa
    23. Saints -QB Lonnie Scott
    24. Pats -WR Orleans Douglas
    25. Bears -TE Chris Brooks
    26. Giants -DT Davon Green
    27. Dolphins -RT Earnest Ray
    28. Texans -DT Tahj Coleman
    29. 49ers -SS Lyndell Robinson
    30. Ravens -TW Brad Fancher
    31. Texans -QB Trett Matam
    32. Skins -CB Jay Hudson

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  2. RRAHx2

    RRAHx2 Cleared for Takeoff

    Aug 22, 2012
  3. Aspect1

    Aspect1 Walk On

    Aug 21, 2012
    In no particular order here is my top 5 draft classes, based on OVR and SPEED.
    Saints, Chargers, Cowboys, Jets and the Patriots. Take a look at these rosters good job drafting fellas.
  4. ConiglioSG

    ConiglioSG Walk On

    Jan 13, 2013
    Nice info mate! Gonna post my picks review after the off season
  5. CalebMackie

    CalebMackie Easy like Sunday morning

    Apr 28, 2012
    Jermaine Butler at round 3 will go as the biggest blunder of my entire career -_________-
  6. RRAHx2

    RRAHx2 Cleared for Takeoff

    Aug 22, 2012
    a bust huh? how are his numbers?

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