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Dynasty Commisioner Question

Discussion in 'NCAA Football' started by ECFIVESTER, Sep 14, 2012.



    Apr 24, 2012
    Online Dynasty
    3 players including myself
    Started as 1 Star coordinators - Heisman Game Play - All-American Recruiting - 7 minute quarters
    Conferences aligned to real-life as close as possible

    Dynasty started with me and my brother-in-law. We made it a rule to not restart any games regardless of how much cheese the CPU gives you including injuries. I picked FIU, finished 11-2, B-i-L picked La Tech, finished 10-3. After the first season the HC at FIU goes to BC and I get offered the HC job and take it (finish 13-1, no bcs bowl though). B-iL goes to be oc at Mich St (12-2). Next season I win the NC (14-0) (some how Ark St goes undefeated as well and everyone else has two losses or more) B-i-L has become the HC at Troy and finishes 10-3.

    Up to this point our recruiting classes have gone (mine) 28, 12, and 7 (B-i-L) 40, 13, and 30. (this was before the program Tradition glitch was fixed so FIU stayed at a D- the whole time)

    A good friend (we'll call him GF) of ours gets the game and joins as Vanderbilts OC.

    I finish the next season at FIU 12-2 (Rose Bowl loss to USC), B-i-L finishes 10-3, and GF finishes 6-6, but misses a bowl game, mostly due to not playing a lot of the games (he is having health problems at the time).

    I go to Florida in the off-season, everyone else stays. During the next season GF plays a few games but he is throwing picks like crazy and B-i-L keeps pointing out to me that he keeps restarting games all the time. I try to let it slide since he has having health issues. He ends simming most of his games again including the user v user game with me (so I never played him) and finishes 5-7. In games he played he lost to Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia but beat Arkansas and a FCS team, albeit not by much.
    I finish 13-1 (lost to LSU) and B-i-L loses to Notre Dame in the BCS NC game to finish 12-1.

    I pull in the #1 class at UF, meanwhile B-i-L has gone to Michigan brings the #4 class, and Gf goes to UCLA as OC. This next season is where B-i-L is constantly in my ear about all the restarts. Mostly because he loses to ND and loses his starting Heisman contending QB from wk 3 till the bowl game and then loses to Iowa when his 2nd string QB is injured for the year the game before. He still wins the Big Ten but he is honest in not restarting and taking his lumps. I falter to Alabama in the season but get revenge in the SEC champ and then go on to beat Mich St (who somehow is in the game despite not making their Conference Championship)in the BCS NC. I win convincingly and my RB wins the Heisman. However because of how awful UCLA is and the awful amount of ints GF is throwing, he has restarted multiple games blaming it on the servers, but still only amounts a 9-4 record, no conference champ game.

    GF has a better internet connection than both B-i-L and I do, but he "experiences" problems that we never do. Such as the server timing out in a game ... which sounds weird to me because he is playing the CPU so it is not on the server, it gets uploaded to the server after you play. I have the same internet provider as GF, just not the speed he does.

    now in our 7th season he has become HC at Ole Miss ( a 1 star ranked #121 overall). his health issues have worked themselves out now. What should I do to clarify that I won't be accepting restart games?
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  2. Drifterbub

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    Feb 10, 2009
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    Hard to say. Tell him to take pictures or screen captures of the errors he is experiencing. If he is telling the truth, I would be interested in forwarding his experiences onto the dev team.

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