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Dynasty Descritpion

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by onaradio34, Jul 26, 2012.

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  1. onaradio34

    onaradio34 Tryin not to show how little I know bout anything

    Sep 24, 2009
    The format is ever changing as we continue to be fluid with our members. For now, we are a Pac 12 and Big East dynasty.

    Roster & Team (TBD)
    1) onaradio34 - Temple
    2) cmassey13 - ASU
    3) Donkalion - Oregon
    4) H22APWRD94 - Baylor
    5) ISUCubswin - Iowa St
    6) Juicemann03 - USC
    7) cyhiphopp - Louisville
    9) LongGone - Washington
    10) Crumbler81 - Syracuse

    Content & Posting Expectation
    Each user is required to post game summaries and recruiting commitments. If you have something else you want to do, you are free to do so but you must still do the two above. They are required of everyone.

    For me, posting and actively talking about the dynasty is the best recipe for success. If someone posts a great game summary, comment on it or throw it a "like". You shoud make at least one post per day regardless of whether you played or not. The more engaged each member is, the better the experience for all. If someone, takes the time to create their own content (other than game summaries and recruiting), I expect everyone to comment on it. That can be anything from a "Nice work", to sharing your opinion on the subject. It is simply an acknowledgment of someone taking time out for betterment of the dynasty.

    Gameplay Expectation
    You are required to follow the rules laid out in the TSO: General Rules and Expectations thread. Any purposely violated rules will not be tolerated and could result in your exit from the league. If your opponent is blatently disregarding these rules, you are to finish out the game in a civil manner and capture highlights of the infractions. You wil contact either myslef, Neurotic or bigtubb_ by private message and we will make a final verdict. Do not make a post about it where everyone can see.

    It is extremely important that you follow these guidelines. You WILL have gameplay come into question sooner or later. I doubt there is any member at TSO that has not had either their gameplay or their opponents questioned at some point. When you strive to be the best SIM community out there, you have to continually question. Do not take it personal whichever side of the incident you are on. State your case, respect our decision, move on.

    We will advance roughly every 48 hrs. Some extensions will be granted. I am not a stickler on this as long as you post ahead of time that you need an extension. However, 4 days is not an option. For the sake of the league, we cannot let advances drag out. You will have a game simmed. It's very hard to make every game for an entire release.

    Category Human CPU[/COLOR][/SIZE]
    QB Accuracy 10 10[/COLOR][/SIZE]
    Pass Block 50 50[/COLOR][/SIZE]
    WR Catching 40 40[/COLOR][/SIZE]
    RB Ability 50 70[/COLOR][/SIZE]
    Run Blocking 50 50[/COLOR][/SIZE]
    Pass Coverage 10 100[/COLOR][/SIZE]
    Pass Rush 75 65[/COLOR][/SIZE]
    Interceptions 30 30[/COLOR][/SIZE]
    Run Defense 60 75[/COLOR][/SIZE]
    Tackling 50 50[/COLOR][/SIZE]
    FG Power 50 50[/COLOR][/SIZE]
    FG Accuracy 45 40[/COLOR][/SIZE]
    Punt Power 20 20[/COLOR][/SIZE]
    Punt Accuracy 40 75[/COLOR][/SIZE]
    Kickoff Power 45 45 [/COLOR][/SIZE]
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