Dynasty (ps3) openings

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Sabo, May 23, 2010.

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    Feb 13, 2010
    Dynasty (ps3) openings

    Hey guys i dunno if this is the correct place for this post however i will correct it if needed. Neways I run 2 ps3 dynasties one under sabo911 and one under Blitz501 and i have openings in both dynasties. Rules are the same as most of the leagues here. Here are the differences

    This is the MAC Attack dynasty. We have all started with 1 or 2 * teams and we are all in the MAC together. Currently we have 8 users. Settings are AA-6 min qtrs. This is a custom conference dynasty in year 1 week 4. The current available teams are
    West Michigan, Eastern Michigan, Ohio, and Utah State
    This dynasty advances usually every 36 hours.

    This dynasty is a very active one. 6 min -AA level. We advance everyday at midnite cst. Everyone must start with a 3 * or below team. We are currently in week 11 of year 2018. Since alot of teams caliber has changed I would have to send the interested person a invite as a random team so that they could look around and choose their team. 2 openings in this dynasty.

    If anyone is interested in joining either please let me know either here or my main psn sabo911. I hope to gain some legit players from here, thanks for reading.

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