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East Coast Brawl Rules/Description

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Bl0ndeRedHead, Jun 18, 2011.

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  1. Bl0ndeRedHead

    Bl0ndeRedHead Official TSO Pothead

    Jul 31, 2010

    Dynasty Description
    ECB is a 3 conference league with 4 user teams per conference, and 2 per division. The conferences are the Pac 12, Big 10, and SEC. Bl0ndeRedhead is the commissioner.

    This league thrives on the activity of its users. We understand that there are those of you out there that only have the time to post a few sentences for recaps and can't be on the boards daily, and we don't discourage you from joining. But keep in mind our league is generally content heavy and very talkative, with lots of features and write-ups outside of the simple recaps that occasionally require participation from all members. We run a tight ship around here, with recruiting/player departure restrictions and sliders that keep the CPU somewhat competitive if they are talented enough.​


    TSO Username XBL Gamertag Team
    mboda mboda [​IMG]
    bsbgw1 bsbgw1 [​IMG]
    Coach_III [​IMG]
    NateDawg MIZ Nighthawk [​IMG]
    Roogy RoogyRoogs [​IMG]
    Kasper TKasper [​IMG]
    UniQue2Three UniQue2Three [​IMG]
    baWVU97 pecster [​IMG]
    Bl0ndeRedhead Bl0ndeRedhead [​IMG]
    sreese SReese [​IMG]
    TreTrain26 Tretrain26 [​IMG]


    Game Difficulty: All American w/ modified sliders (see below)
    Recruiting Difficulty: All American with restrictions (see below)
    Quarter Length: 8 min.


    Speed Threshold at 30

    Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4
    Slider Human Computer
    QB Accuracy 40 55
    Pass Blocking 45 50
    RB Ability 50 60
    Run Blocking 45 60
    Pass Coverage 45 45
    Interceptions 40 60
    Rush Defense 50 65

    Position Change Restricitons
    (You are required to post all position changes in the appropriate thread when we get to that week)

    QB: THP > 70

    RB: No Restrictions

    FB: Restricted
    • Weight restriction > 230 lbs
    • Speed restriction < 86
    WR: No restrictions

    TE: Restricted
    • Weight restriction > 230 lbs
    • Speed restriction < 84
    OL: No restrictions

    DT: Restricted
    • Weight restriction > 265 lbs
    • Speed Restriction < 75
    DE: Restricted
    • Weight restriction > 240 lbs
    • Speed Restriction < 82
    OLB: Restricted
    • Weight restriction > 220 lbs
    • Speed Restriction < 86
    MLB: Restricted
    • Weight restriction > 225 lbs
    • Speed restriction < 84
    DB: No restrictions

    Advance Schedule

    We work on a semi firm 72 hour hard advance schedule. We will not wait for someone that just has recruiting to do, so getting that done first is recommended. This can also now be done online through the dynasty wire. If more time is needed for you to play your CPU game please contact a commish and we will do what we can to accommodate your schedule.

    There will be a scheduling thread for user games. Please work to communicate with your opponent in that thread. Communication outside of that thread to schedule games is ok, but always post in that scheduling thread so the commissioners know if the game is being played or not. It is your responsibility to check the forum regularly to schedule games, to post results, etc. Should a game not be able to be scheduled in a timely manner the commissioner will decide the appropriate course of action.

    Recruiting Restrictions

    You cannot have more than 71 players on your roster after post season recruiting. The first offense will result in the loss of 2 scholarships for every player over 71 you have on your roster. Any further offenses will result in stiffer penalties and/or removal from the league at the commissioners discretion. We will talk about this as a group so that everyone is on the same page as far as what is expected here. I realize that this is probably something new for most of you and we will make sure you understand the rule.

    Promises will be allowed.

    Depth Chart & Redshirting

    Keep your depth chart realistic. Don't start a 70 overall RB because he has 98 speed if you have an 80 overall Power Back. Use your best players on your first team. Don't put your best receiver as #3 on the depth chart. Keep it sim! I'll be looking at this and will have very little tolerance for it. If you have a question about a depth chart move please ask me.


    I know many people dislike being on the headset during a game, but I highly recommend having one available to discuss issues with your opponent in a quick manner. I cannot stress enough how much more effective this is than trying to resolve matters via typing messages. I personally am on the mic quite a bit talking to other members of the site. Feel free to jump in and say if you see me online in a party chat. It really helps to understand your league mates and quite frankly some of us are funny! (y)

    There are no restrictions on run/pass commit, but the only gameplanning feature allowed is turning chew clock on if need be.


    4th Down:
    * If you are behind by more than two touchdowns in the second half, you can go on 4th down anywhere outside your own 30 yard line.
    * If you are the losing team in the 4th quarter, you can go on 4th down whenever you like.
    * 4th and less than 1 inside the 50 yard line can be attempted at any point in the game, regardless of score.
    * Use your best judgement on what is 'sim' in this regard. If there is any question, pause the game and discuss the situation with your opponent BEFORE going on 4th. If your opponent asks you for your opinion on going for it against you be cool about it. If you would do it don't give your opponent the business for it. Try to see it from your opponents point of view. If you really feel it's unreasonable check with me if I'm online.

    Motioning: Motioning by backs and receivers is allowed. If the defense audibles before your motion is complete you must wait for the defense to get reset before snapping the ball, when possible. Otherwise, you are free to snap the ball when the Motion man reaches their spot on the field and the motion is complete. Auto-motion plays are allowed and are exempt from this rule.

    Hurry Up Offense: This is allowed, however you must allow your opponent a reasonable amount of time to call a play on defense.

    Playclock Rule: We're all here to play football. Keep in mind we play 7 or 8 minute quarters in TF leagues; not 15 like the NCAA. So please choose your plays as quickly as possible on offense and make every effort to do so before the play clock gets close to running out. We do realize, however, that certain situations in the game may require some extra time when choosing a play. You may run the game clock with under 3 minutes remaining in the 4th quarter. Or if your trying to prevent another possession before the end of the half. Chew Clock can be used with 2 min remaining in each half or if you are in a blowout game and both users agree to the use of the feature.

    Playcalling, Mixing It Up: Owners are expected to mix up plays on both offense AND defense. If your team falls behind early in the game, it's understandable if you become a one-dimensional offense with your passing game. As long as the game is close, we expect all box scores to reflect a concerted effort at reasonable play calling.

    Play Action: Keep in mind it is unrealistic to call a PA Pass when it is 3rd down and more than 5-6 yards. You may call a designed PA play and audible your RB to block or go into a pattern to stop the Playaction. Overuse of this or any other plays/patterns is not allowed.

    QB Scrambling: Unrealistic QB scrambling/sprinting is frowned upon on pass plays, including screens. Constantly dancing from sideline to sideline, running straight backwards or well behind the line of scrimmage without being under pressure is not realistic. This does not include option plays, designed QB runs or broken/pressured play situations.

    Examples of unrealistic QB scrambling include:

    1. Sprinting backwards and/or to the sidelines off the play action fake. Rolling out with the QB is allowed, however this should be done without sprinting. Faulty AI on the defense causes defenders to break coverage nearly as soon as a QB leaves the pocket while sprinting and as we all know, QB’s throw on the run far more effectively in this game then they should.
    2. Sprinting backwards during a normal dropback is prohibited.
    3. Sprinting to the sidelines on a normal pass play that is not designed to be a rollout pass should only occur if there is pressure from the defense or you have waited 2-3 seconds in the pocket and no receivers are open. On a designed rollout pass , a normal rollout should be performed using the non-sprint QB running. If a QB sprints from the pocket, you should run the ball, not sprint out to throw the ball.
    4. Calling a normal pass play and then immediately running with the QB should be very rare. Using a 1-2 read system with an athletic quarterback and then running is considered sim as long as it is done within reason (i.e., not every single play). Quarterbacks that consistently average over 15 carries per game should be getting at least half of those carries via the option.

    QB Dropbacks: Purposefully dropping too far back in the pocket during regular passing plays is not allowed. Defensive AI doesn't take into account how far back in the pocket the QB is, allowing for wide open out routes and passes into the flats. This includes hitting a WR on said routes on screen plays.

    A normal QB dropback would be considered to be no more than 7-10 yards at most from the initial line of scrimmage, in the case of an under center passing play. From the shotgun, dropbacks should be limited to 3-5 additional yards from the line of scrimmage, since the concept of the shotgun is that it is intended to prevent the QB from doing any dropback on shorter routes and at most would only require 1-2 steps back for deeper routes to develop.

    Two QB Offenses: If you have one passing QB and one running QB, you should limit the rotation of them. Yes, it has happened "some" in real life, but it doesn't translate well to the game. Mainly due to the fact that the defense can't see who is jogging in and out of the huddle. For this reason, QB rotation should only be used on a possession by possession basis. A Two QB System will only be allowed when a program is moving from one type of offense to another (meaning that the current starter is incapable of running certain portions of the playbook). This transition period can only exist for a maximum of one year.

    Wildcat Personnel Groupings: This should operate similar to the QB rotation. For playbooks that are designed to use a wildcat personnel grouping, offensive playcalling should realistically reflect this change. If the wildcat package does not include a QB, the wildcat personnel should stay on the field for a grouping of at least 3 plays and not switched in and out for individual plays here and there. If the QB remains on the field for the wildcat package this rule does not apply.

    Options: Late pitches are not acceptable, if you succeed in a late pitch (even on accident) you should immediately run out of bounds for a loss or no gain. To clarify, a late pitch is one where your QB pitches the ball AFTER he has been hit by an opposing defender. A good pitch is where the pitch is made prior to contact with the QB. Violation of this rule will not be permitted, however any issues must include a video highlight for review by the commissioners.

    Running Up the Score: Good sportsmanship is a major part of TF, so running up the score on user opponents will not be tolerated. Please use good judgment when leading by a large margin, even when playing the CPU. There will be a hard 70 point cap on CPU games, you will have one warning should this be violated and then your game will be simmed with a loss for multiple offenses. If you are killing the CPU, put in your scrubs and run the clock.

    Stat mongering: Part of mixing things up is spreading the ball around in a realistic fashion. This doesn't mean you can't favor your playmakers, but there should be no instances of one receiver catching 95% of a teams passes, or QB's carrying the ball twice as often as the teams HB's, or padding stats intentionally in the 4th quarter of blowouts, there will be a discussion with the commissioners.


    Moving Players before snap: On defense, shifting linebackers and the defensive line is permitted. However, if you move a individual defensive player before the snap you must control that player at the snap of the ball. This includes moving a player to cover an assignment. Constantly spreading or pinching your DL or LBs falls under the rules for mixing up your playcalling. Moving a defensive lineman off the line of scrimmage or more than one 'step' outside the OT is prohibited.

    Blitzing: While blitzing is certainly a part of the game, please be realistic when calling blitzes. Any attempt to confuse the AI when blitzing is prohibited (ie. spreading your defensive line then shifting your LB's to create AI holes). This also falls under the rules for mixing up playcalling. Blitzing 75% of the time is unsim.

    4-2-5/3-3-5 defenses: These defenses are allowed for use as a base defensive set.

    1-5-5 defense: This personnel grouping may be used as a nickel/dime set in the appropriate circumstances.

    Defensive Line Play: Coaches controllling defensive lineman must first engage an offensive lineman on any pass rush or running play. Use of the 'Loop' is not permitted in any TF leagues (for those who are unaware, the 'Loop' refers to user controlling the DL and attempting to run yards around the OL, possibly with turbo involved). In general, when controlling a defensive lineman, you should always engage an opposing lineman and use rush moves to get clear. Additionally, use of the DE contain feature in the formation audibles should be done in realistic fashion - in long yardage, vs a QB that is a definite running threat. Using the DE contain feature vs a team that never runs their QB or using it in first and 10 situations or in conjunction with pinching the DL is not permitted and will get you booted.

    Mixing up Playcalls: Coaches should not use 2-3 plays all game and should attempt in most instances to match up their defensive packages with the offensive packages on the field. In other words, you should not run a 4-3 vs 4 and 5 wide sets all game and you should not run a 3-2-6 on first down vs a 2 TE set. History has shown that the NCAA games do not function realistically in these situations.


    Fake Punts and FGs: Any fake punt or field goal must follow the same rule used when going for it on fourth down. If you are allowed to go for it on 4th down in that situation, you can also fake the punt or field goal. Faking a FG or punt is part of the game and provides "the element of surprise," but please be realistic. These are utilized in NCAA but on a limited basis, so please keep that in mind.

    Onside Kicks: Onside kicks are permitted at any time by the losing team in the 4th quarter only.

    Squib Kicks: Squibs can only be used at the end of a half or game when your team is ahead. No exceptions.

    Players Leaving
    Players will be allowed to sway early entrants to the NFL. Exact rules will be determined prior to the first offseason.

    Participation/Board Activity
    All members to be active participants on the boards and the dynasty wire. You will be required to post game summaries as well as scouting reports of your user opponents.

    Members will also be expected to engage in discussions about recruiting, awards, conference/BCS races and other dynasty events.

    In the event of a disputed game, finish the game, and submit your issues to the commish via pm, with highlights or pictures to illustrate your issue. Hopefully issues can be resolved via discussion with your opponent. If not, the commissioners will determine any penalties or need to throw out results of a game. Do not air dirty laundry in the public forum.

    Disconnected Games
    In the event of a disconnect, the following rules will apply:

    * If one team is ahead by at least a TD and at least one quarter has been played, the game shall be restarted assuming that the score and time remaining is the same as if the disconnect had not happened. For example, Team A is ahead 7-0 at the end of Q1 when the disconnect occurs. The game should be restarted, and Team B is assumed to be behind by 7 points with 3 quarters to play. The winning team will finish the game vs the CPU by chewing clock as much as possible.
    * If the teams are within 3 points or fewer with less than 2 quarters played, the game will be restarted from the beginning.
    * If the teams are within 3 points or fewer with at least a half played, the game will be restarted in accordance with the first example.
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