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Eastern Conference Playoffs Preview Round 2: #1 Brooklyn Nets vs #5 Cleveland Cavaliers

Discussion in 'The Baseline : NBA 2K14 Online Association' started by JFace907, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. JFace907

    JFace907 Ron F'n Swanson

    Jul 1, 2010
    Road Traveled
    Nets: Swept #8 Miami 4-0
    Cavs: Eliminated #4 Haws 4-2

    Season Series
    Tied 1-1
    BKN 81 @ CLE 78
    CLE 105 @ BKN 86

    In the first matchup between these two sides, the Nets were well on their way to letting it be known that these weren’t those NEW JERSEY Nets you were used to seeing. They are the BROOKLYN Nets in new jerseys (who doesn’t love wordplay) and this team is GOOD. The Cavs were still a little wet behind the ears still trying to figure out how to blend all of their young pieces together. Veterans Deron Williams and Joe Johnson almost appeared to be intimidating the young Cavs backcourt with their size, skill, and wily veteran tactics. The Nets would lead for most of the game getting their lead over 20 at one point. However, in the 4th quarter the Cavaliers seemed to settle in finally and started getting open looks chipping away at the lead. The Cavs would get within striking distance late in the fourth, but ultimately fell short.

    In game 2 the Cavs came out looking to settle the score. They jumped on the Nets early and kept their foot on the throats of the men from Brooklyn leading by double digits most of the game. It was a great learning experience for the Cavaliers as it validated their beliefs that they could contend with anyone in this league. 7 game series are a different monster, however and we’ll see just how resilient these young Cavs are.

    Matchup to Watch
    Dion Waiters vs Joe Johnson
    This matchup will determine the series for the Cavaliers. Joe Johnson is a monster compared to the undersized Waiters. Johnson possess a great back to the basket game that will give Waiters fits. If Waiters can keep Johnson in the face-up game, he should have an advantage with his foot speed and great lateral movement. Look for a lot of two man play between Deron Williams and Joe Johnson making Kyrie Irving and Waiters expend as much energy on defense as possible. How can Waiters take advantage of this matchup? Pray that something good happens. In reality, head coach Byron Scott is going to have to do some heavy scheming and draw up some plays that have Joe Johnson working through screens. They may just have to beat the hell out of Johnson by the time this series is over. Johnson is a great on ball defender so getting him out in transition where Waiters can use his speed would also give Dion an edge.

    Keys to Victory
    Gerald Wallace
    It was quite obvious that once Wallace was traded to the Nets at the deadline last year that his days of leading a team in scoring were over. Crash would now be more of a roleplayer that would get his by hustling for loose balls, playing great D, and getting out in transition. The Nets NEED Wallace to do all of those things, especially whenever Michael Redd checks into the game. Redd is a guy that can catch fire quickly and if his first couple shots go in, he might as well be throwing it into the pacific ocean, sitting in a boat. The basket gets that big for him. If Wallace can shut down his opponent and somewhere between 12-15 points per game, the Nets will be in GREAT position to win each game.

    Cavalier Bench
    Like Redd, the rest of the Cleveland bench is very hot and cold. Nate Robinson, Michael Redd, Troy Murphy, and whoever makes Scott’s rotation between Vlad Rad, Jon Leuer, and Samardo Samuels must find a way to get consistent production going once the starters leave the floor. Scott uses his second unit to where Kyrie stays on the floor with them to increase Kyrie’s chances of getting close to the rim. When Kyrie is off the floor these guys will really have to play at a high level. Scott seemed to be satisfied last series with a 9 man rotation, we’ll see if he sticks with it if anyone of his bench guys fail to produce.

    Prediction and Pick
    More likely than not Joe Johnson will get the better of Dion Waiters as he did during the regular season (20+ in the first game and 30+ in the second) and if Joe combines that with a little bit of facilitating, then the Nets will be extremely tough to beat. This series will test Bryon Scott’s ability to make adjustments on the fly because he is going to have to outcoach Avery Johnson if the Cavs are to win this series. The talent difference heavily favors the Nets and that will ultimately doom the young Cavaliers. Cavs may get one at home, but that will be it.
    Nets over Cavs in 5

    dj illmatic 23
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  2. Dru50

    Dru50 Still Chicago's #1 son

    Sep 13, 2009
    And you guys think I'm a sandbagger....
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  3. dj illmatic 23

    dj illmatic 23 Walk On

    Jun 5, 2012
    Great write-up, although you're sandbagging your ass off.
  4. KnightNoles

    KnightNoles Learn to Compete

    Jul 6, 2009

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