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ECU press confrence

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by rflagg905, Aug 16, 2010.

  1. rflagg905

    rflagg905 Guest

    ECU press confrence

    Are you happy about being ranked in the top 25 ?
    R Flagg905:Well it is nice that the media thinks so but I've always thought that our team just wants to win.

    Do you think that after so many close games that your team still has gas in the tank?
    R Flagg905:I sure do! It shows just how deep they dig and nothing is better to keep you going like winning!

    How will you use this by week to keep up the winning ways?
    R Flagg905:Lot's of going over film and giving some of our guys some rest.

    How about your starting RB being out for 3 weeks?
    R Flagg905:It will give the other RB's a chance to show what they have inside.

    At this point in the season how do you like your chances?
    R Flagg905:This is my first season here at ECU and I would not want to count the chickens yet but I think my guys are pumped and ready for anything.

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