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ESPN Top 10 Recruits

Discussion in 'Pushing for Paydirt' started by Philstyle3005, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. Philstyle3005

    Philstyle3005 Walk On

    Oct 19, 2011

    1. [​IMG]
    :5stars: HB Erik Stephens El Cajon, CA 5'11 192 SDU, UCLA, AZ, Cal, Stanford

    Stephens is the #1 rated recruit in the 2014 class. He is still undecided and really hasn't cut his list down too much with still 5 teams remaining. The biggest surprise is SDU leading the way for the #1 rated recruit in the nation, but all of that could quickly change with 3 visits to Arizona, Cal, and Stanford coming up over the next few weeks. One thing is for sure about this recruit, he wants to stay close to home on the West Coast because he showed zero interest in any school that was too far away. El Cajon is only 20 minutes from the SDU campus so that could be the big reason that they're #1 on his list. A get like this could be a program changer for SDU. Erik is a power back, with not a lot of breakaway speed, but he can run you over. Personally, I don't see him going to AZ and being part of the Rich Rodriguez spread. I think California will be the pick here and he'll visit in week 13. I don't expect a choice to be made until after the season however.

    2. [​IMG]
    :5stars: ATH Rich Clark Harligen, TX 6'1 225 Texas A&M and Texas.

    Rich is the highest ranked athlete on the list (and the 2014 class is filled with top athletes). Rich is also looking to stay close to home as he has cut his list between the two former Texas rivals in the Big XII, Texas and A&M. Normally, Texas would be a no brainer but with the up and coming Aggies and their move to the SEC, it looks like they have the edge over the Longhorns who have struggled over the last few years. Even though they've had on the field struggles, it somehow has not effected their off the field recruiting as they continue to pile up top classes. It looks like Rich will play HB at the next level but with both teams having pretty solid backfields, I'd be willing to bet Rich redshirts so playing time must not of been a big factor to him. Rich has a big visit in Week 11 to the Aggies and all signs are pointing towards him committing to them unless Texas can pull something crazy out.

    3. [​IMG]
    :5stars: ATH Tyler Matthews Birmingham, AL 6'0 217 COMMITTED: Alabama

    Tyler is the first player that has committed to a school on our list. He did so after only taking one visit, and it wasn't to Alabama, which tells me the kid made his decision before the season even began. He stayed close to home (which seems to be something all the recruits so far want to do). However, staying close to home isn't a bad thing when the team you're going to play for is the back to back National Champions and currently undefeated this season with as good of chance to win it again as any other team in the nation. Tyler has the catching abilities to be a WR, but not the speed. That being said, I'm 99% sure he will be playing QB at the next level. Tyler will have a hard time finding playing time as Blake Sims has all but locked up the starting spot next season and Alec Morris and Parker McLeod are both Freshman who have been pretty solid thus far. Tyler will definitely redshirt next season and either hope to overtake one of the current Freshman, or hope for a growth spurt to where he can play Tight End.

    4. [​IMG]
    :5stars: ATH Ken Wolf Chico, CA 6'0 218 Oregon St, Nevada, Arizona, Texas Tech

    Another ATH on the board, it looks like Ken could play WR,CB, or Safety. If he were to play CB, he'd have to get a lot better in man coverage. Safety, he'd have to learn to hit harder and tackle a lot better. If he goes the WR route, he'd have to learn to catch better, and possibly get a little faster. Looking at the teams on his list, most are relatively close to home except for Texas Tech. Being the number 4 team in the country, it's interesting to see no National Contenders on his list. It looks like all of the teams are playing catch up to Oregon St. but Ken does have two big visits to Arizona and Texas Tech coming up. Both teams could make up a lot of ground if Ken falls in love with either place. I think he ends at Oregon St. or Texas Tech. Just going to depend on how much he enjoys West Texas which is definitely an acquired taste.

    5. [​IMG]
    :5stars: ATH Evan Robinson Winter Haven, FL 6'3 205 Georgia and Clemson

    It's a 2 man race, even though Evan has 2 visits scheduled with Northeern Illinois and Alabama, the rumors around him are that both of those schools are out and it will come down to Georgia and Clemson. Evan is very fast (4.26 40) and looks like he can play a lot of different positions. He has pretty good route running so playing WR looks to be what he'll be doing in college but could play CB and safety as well. His coverage skills and tackling/pursuit skills are average, but as I said before, he has a lot of speed and you can't teach speed. I'm predicting he'll end up at Clemson after a visit in Week 13.

    6. [​IMG]
    :5stars: ATH Shaun McLaurin Kenmore, WA 6'2 221 LSU and OU

    Another 2 man race, and neither school is close to his hometown. OU looked to lead the entire way until this past week when LSU took the lead. LSU also has a visit in week 14 so this recruit looks to be theirs to lose. McLaurin may be listed as an athlete but the only position he looks to be able to play is running back. Shaun is taller than your normal running back, think TJ Yeldon, but not as good, and definitely not as fast. It looks as if OU has backed off of this recruit so I think he will sign with LSU after his visit.

    7. [​IMG]
    :5stars: QB Mike McConnell Gallatin, TN 6'3 203 COMMITTED: Oklahoma St.

    Oklahoma St. pulls off the #1 rated QB in the class and that's not a big surprise with the offensive success QB's have seen in this offense. From Zach Robinson to Brandon Weeden, there has been a lot of QB success. With Clint Chief graduating, McConnell could have a chance to start right away. McConnell is a pocket passer, with no speed. He should be pretty solid at the next level and I would expect big things from this guy.

    8. [​IMG]
    :5stars: ATH Jason Spencer Santa Maria, CA 5'11 181 UCLA, Arizona, USC, Baylor

    Spencer is either going to be a WR or QB at the next level. He's small for a QB, and slow for a WR so whichever team "wins" this recruit is going to have a decision to make. Regardless of who wins this recruiting battle, I don't think Jason will ever live up to his 5 star recruit status or his top ten. Spencer has three big visits coming up to Baylor, USC, and Arizona. If Jason is going to be a factor at the collegiate level, it will be a few years, but whichever school he ends up at, I believe he'll transfer before it's all said and done to a smaller Division 1 school, or out of division 1 all together.

    9. [​IMG]
    :5stars: WR Vincent Grant Darby, PA 6'1 196 Navy, Rutgers, and Clemson

    Vincent is the #1 WR in the class and Navy is leading the way so far, but both Rutgers and Clemson are coming up quick and both have visits in Week 12 and 13 respectively. My opinion is Navy has lost this recruit. Vincent has good release and route running, and surprisingly, great carry for a WR. Well, great carry for any position. At 6'1, he has pretty good size and even though he doesn't have the best speed, he's very very quick. In the end, I think this one ends up at Clemson if he doesn't commit before the visit.

    10. [​IMG]
    :5stars: ATH Shannon Berry Waycross, GA 6'3 224 COMMITTED: Georgia

    The Georgia commit is the 7th Athlete in the top ten. It looks like he'll be a WR at the next level and honestly, it doesn't look like he'll be a contributor right away. He has great size, but that's the only thing that seems great about him. He is decent/average at every other aspect. They've had him playing Strong Safety in high school, but he'd have to improve an awful lot in order to be able to play that position in college. I look for Shannon to reshirt this upcoming season at Georgia and possibly be able to contribute his Sophomore or Junior year for the Bulldogs.
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  2. Mike E

    Mike E Earth Rocker

    Dec 30, 2009
    Wolfe would definitely be the key to this class for m as we definitely need help in the defensive backfield.

    Hopefully he enjoyed the beat down we put in BYU...
  3. hornfaninbama

    hornfaninbama GT: BulgyTexas

    Oct 21, 2009
    Great job Phil! Looks great!

    I'm dying to get Robinson, he'd be an excellent replacement for Watkins and, maybe, harder to cover because of his height. I've toyed with the idea of him at RB, but 6'3" with 98 speed and later 99 speed on the outside, is tough to pass up. Georgia hopped me after he visited in week 10, but if he doesn't commit before he comes to Death Valley week after next I feel pretty good about my chances.

    I'd be happy to have Gant, but I'm not holding my breath. I'm over 1000 points back and Rutgers has their visit before I do.

    I had a shot at Barry too, I love monster WR. Especially with the way trucking works this year. In my other OD I took a 6'5" 235 pound guy with 96 speed even though he's only a 65. I figure with a redshirt year and another on the bench he'll be unstoppable from the slot as a RS SO.
  4. DirtycashDylan

    DirtycashDylan I came here to scheme and chew bubblegum...

    Jul 10, 2009
    I'll take my :5stars: 6'7 WR over any of them.

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