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Expectations, Rules and Standards

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Keller, Aug 8, 2014.

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  1. Keller

    Keller The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    Apr 14, 2010
    Nearly every person that has signed up for this league is new to this community. First of all let me thank you for taking the time to join and putting your trust in me to run a great, long running league. Make no mistake, our plan is to run from August to August - the entire cycle. Second, let me also say that we're all putting our trust in you too. Each and every member is entrusting the other owners of this league to be great, contributing members. It falls on every one of us to treat each other with respect in all our interactions with one another - whether that be on the virtual gridiron, on the forum, or otherwise.

    This endeavor takes time out of our lives - time from every other owner in the league that they could be spending furthering their careers, time they could be spending with their families, time they could be spending on other pursuits. Our time is valuable to us so respect that time when it comes to scheduling games etc. Competition naturally brings out other emotions but if you remember that everyone here voluntarily chose to spend that time with us instead of other pursuits - with you - we'll all be better for it. We're all here to have fun, so lets do our best to do just that - because it won't be flowers and hugs all the time.

    Respect the community. Respect the league. Respect each other. Respect the game.​

    League Info

    • Advance Pace: Every 72hrs.
    • You will be expected to play the majority of your games (read: Kickoff) between 5pm EST and 10pm EST.
    • Quarter length and run off TBA
    • Owners only (for now at least)
    • Sliders: Commish Discretion - SIM Based
    • We will sim every other season. So....
      • Play S1, S3 etc
      • Sim to playoffs in S2, S4 etc.
    Gameplay Rules
    • Play with respect. DONT BE A DOUCHE.
    • Play Madden like the football you see in the NFL.
    • Glitchy gameplay. No gameplay that targets the shortcomings of the Artificial Intelligence or programming in Madden. (Diving with DL at line of scrimmage, rocket catching, taking a dive/iso handoff straight to sideline, running money plays over and over, snapping the ball while a player is still in motion, calling a passing play and immediately sprinting with your QB, etc..)
    • Playcalling. No one size fits all rule. Mix up your formations, run angles, pass concepts and pass routes. Target different receivers a realistic amount. Vary your defense as well.
    • "Money Plays" There will always be plays that provide an unfair advantage. These plays should be used sparingly. There is a difference between "throwing the same pass concept a lot of times because the defense shows a lot of Cover 3" and "running 0/1 a lot of times because the defense does not line up in 4-6. pinch the defense, crash the line, user the MLB into the gap and blitz the saftey." This applies to defense as well. If you are varying your playcalling correctly, you don't even need to know what money plays are to adhere to this rule.
    • Substitutions. No HBs at FB. No WRs at TE. Other odd substitutions may be prohibited.
    • Quicksnap. Out of respect, please give your opponent the defense a reasonable amount of time to adjust if you are making changes or flipping the play etc.
    • 4th Downs. Please keep it realistic. If you feel you have strong justification, you do not need to pause the game and ask permission. Play like a NFL coach. Keep it respectable.
    • Running it up. Play with respect. If you have your opponent put away, take your victory and do not stat pad. This rule is abstract, no one wants to allow a comeback. Use your best judgement. Examples: if your opponent is down a considerable amount and running the clock out, or if they have time outs but are not using them. You may consider chewing the clock, or benching players.
    • Record Breakers. The NFL has had roughly 95 years to set those anomalies, and they are the exceptions - not the rule. In the course of some games/seasons, records may be challenged/broken, but this should be in good faith and secondary to respectful gameplay.
    • Autopilot - It is YOUR responsibility to put yourself on autopilot when you are going on vacation etc. The leadership team can assist in a pinch but we have to be in front of our consoles to make the change. Just because you're not at your console doesn't mean we should be required to be at ours 24/7 to cater to 32 owners. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE try not to rely on the commissioners.
    Owner Requirements
    • Create your own Owner. (Use a REAL name. "Chuck E. Cheese" doesn't count.) No it doesn't have to be your own name it just cannot be Joe Montana or Secret Squirrel and so forth. We want realism here and news stories about Peter Cottontail break the immersion.
    League Communication
    • TSO Forums for scheduling, game summaries, content. Forum participation is required. This is our Main Forum area - get comfortable with it. Use chatbox!
    • Here's the Mumble tutorial which we use for the Draft
    • Scheduling effort each game week. Every week during the season will have scheduling threads. Use them to schedule your games with your opponent and most importantly SHOW UP for your games (y)
    • How to Submit a Trade to the Trade Committee
    • Trades may be HUM to HUM only
    • Draft day pick for pick are open/free for all and not subject to committee approval. However this means player trades must not be included on draft day.
    • All Player trades are subject to trade committee approval
    • Age, Salary (w/ years remaining), and overall must be included with each player.
    • We will use a tiered trade limit system to prevent multiple blockbuster trades year after year. These tiers are up to the interpretation of the trade committee.
      • Tier 1 - Franchise talent type player. JJ Watt, Andrew Luck, Joe Haden, Russell Wilson. These types of players. Mega talent/Face of the Franchice. Also if multiple 1st's or 2nd round picks are involved. One trade every other season.
        • Must have 2 seasons tenure in order to execute a Tier 1 trade.
      • Tier 2 - 1st or 2nd round pick involved. Again at discretion of TC. Quality or perhaps even older Pro Bowl type players. Young players with upside but need development. 3 per season
      • Tier 3 - Middle of the road players but still starter quality or good depth. 3 per season
      • Tier 4 - Depth players or situational. Unlimited.
      • Eli Manning Clause - Once per CYCLE you may trade a ROOKIE as long as it is prior to the season. No in-season trades of rookies. This is on a per owner basis and may only be executed by owners with 2 seasons tenure.
    All trades will be sent via PM to the trade committee. There is to be no arguing with these guys, it takes time out of their day to judge trades. Treat them with respect. If a trade is approved, post in in the thread for that season in the Team Management Forum.
    Post Draft/Preseason Free Agent Waiver Process (Restricted Free Agency/Waivers)
    Regular Season Free Agency
    • Free for all... once we advance to Week 1 of regular season, go crazy.
    • 99-85ovr are the only players that may sign contracts 5 years or greater.
    • 99-86ovr = 30% of total contract is guaranteed (signing bonus)
    • 85-80ovr = 25% of total contract is guaranteed
    • 79-75ovr = 20% of total contract is guaranteed
    • 74-70ovr = 15% of total contract is guaranteed
    Roster Requirements
    • You must have 53 players
    • QB = 2
    • RB = 2
    • FB = 1
    • TE = 2
    • WR = 4
    • LT = 1
    • LG = 1
    • C = 1
    • RG = 1
    • RT = 1
    • LE = 1
    • RE = 1
    • DT = 2
    • LOLB = 1
    • MLB = 2
    • ROLB = 1
    • CB = 4
    • FS = 1
    • SS = 1
    • K = 1
    • P = 1
    Relocation of NFL Franchise
    • Create a thread with your teams desire to move to a new city
    • List all stadium categories
    • Open a poll within the thread, you must receive 24 YES votes
    Changing Player Positions
    • We want position changes to be realistic so here are some guidelines.
    • LT to RT or LE to RE ect will ALWAYS be allowed and mostly ungoverned. Buffalo
    • Some common moves that won't be scrutinized but are worth at least noting here
      • OLB to DE and vice versa
      • OT to OG and vice versa
      • OG to C and vice versa
      • DE to DT and vice versa
      • K to P and vice versa
    • Moves that require approval and their general guidelines. If you're going to make a move of this nature please contact the Commissioner Team for approval. If I catch one of these moves made without approval, it will be dealt with harshly.
      • WR to HB
        • Player must be RB sized, not a tall slender body type
      • HB to FB
        • >235lbs & < 85spd
      • TE to FB
        • >235lbs & < 85spd & < 6'4
      • WR to TE
        • > 6'2'' & > 230lbs & < 85spd
      • CB to S
        • < 92 speed that means BELOW 92 speed
      • S to LB
        • < 88 speed & > 225lbs
    • Your initial playbook will be dependent on team choice. In order to change playbooks, you must wait until the end of a season/the offseason in order to do so.
    • Official Playbook Declarations and Tracking thread
    Gameplay Complaints
    • Gameplay complaints require Twitch archive - Someone passing exclusively to TEs? Running 75% RO/Pistol? If you didn't stream it/archive the stream, it didn't happen and complaints will not be addressed.
    • PM the commissioner the link to the archived stream for review.
    Our Championship Hall of Fame Area
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  2. Keller

    Keller The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    Apr 14, 2010
    Madden 15 CFM Settings
    • League Settings
      • Instant Starter: Off
      • Salary Cap: On
      • Skill: All Pro
      • Quarter Length: 12 Minutes (9 for now)
      • Accelerated Clock: On (off for now until bug is fixed)
      • Minimum Play Clock: 17
      • Game Speed: Normal
      • Player Progression Frequency: Weekly
      • Coach Firing: Off
      • Game Play Tuning: Yes
      • Injury: On
      • Pre - Existing Injury: Off
      • Trade Deadline: On
      • Trade Type: Enable Human
      • Relocation Settings: Users Only
      • League Type: Coaches only
    • Team/Individual Settings
      • Play Call Style: Enhanced
      • Strafe Assist: Off
      • Pre snap menu: On
      • Coaching Tips: Off
      • Player Names: PreSnap
      • Heat Seeker: On
      • Ball Hawk: On
      • Switch Assist: Off
      • Camera Settings: Standard
      • Defensive Graphics: Full
      • Kick Aiming Arc: On
      • Previous Play Information: On
      • Play Call Button Layout: Y, X, A
      • Camera Toggle: On
      • Tutorial Pop Ups: Off
    • CPU Settings
      • Fill Roster: Off
      • Re-Sign Players: Off
      • Progress Players: Off
      • Sign Offseason Free Agents: Off
      • Simulate Game Prep Activities: On
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  3. Keller

    Keller The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    Apr 14, 2010
    Legacy Player Rules
    This is a concept we are taking from HardKnocks and aims to reward owners that have been in HaW for multiple seasons assuming they will still be with the league heading into Madden 16. Essentially, we will take fictional players that were drafted and, assuming they stay on their original teams, will be reincarnated as we enter new games so that owners not only get a reward for sticking with the league and their team but also to sort of give that extra level of attachment and nostalgia from your old teams. Here's kinda my general outline for how it will work.
    • Must be a fictional player.
    • Must be a player on his originally drafted team.
    • The owner must have at least 1 full season's tenure and be in good standing with the league when Madden 15 concludes.
    • The player's original attributes must be tracked in the Legacy Player tracking thread
    • Once we move to a new Madden game, that player will be created from scratch and imported into the new game for use by the same owner.
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  4. Keller

    Keller The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    Apr 14, 2010
    Small Gameplay rules update
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