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Experiment Complete

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by rdtii, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. rdtii

    rdtii Walk On

    Jul 15, 2010
    Hey guys,

    When I joined Tradition Football it was in the hopes that it would supplement my playing with more guys that want to play realistic football and love the game. After a couple of months now I have come to the conclusion that most people on here (not all, kudos to you guys) know very little about football (never coached, played or studied) and are not interested in having any depth of realism in the way that they play.

    I don't really care about wins or losses but I DO care about finding people to play that simulate a real football experience (or as close as possible). Unfortunately, I don't think I've found that here at TF. I think there are a lot of high character guys on here, but not the in depth football minds I was hoping for.

    I will be withdrawing from the dynasty but I will leave you with these points of things that I've noticed:

    Live interaction - I feel like I'm playing games against screen name instead of real people. In all the games I've played I've only talked to one or two guys on XBOX Live.

    Repetitive user games - I have yet to play anyone that runs a realistic scheme. This sums up just about every user game: 90%+ of time run either cover 0 bitzes, cover 2 man, or cover 1 man on defense with a lot of delayed bump and run.

    On offense most try to run the ball 4-5 times against a 6 or 7 man front and then abandon it because they can't get 10 yards every time, then they proceed to go 3 or 4 wide and run middle posts, crossing routes and corner routes for the rest of the game.

    When they still can't score a touchdown every drive you'll get a healthy dose of 5 wide over and over. Not to mention that the drives they do score on will come when you are trying to make realistic adjustments and they quick snap the ball.

    The bottom line is I just don't want to play the same scripted games over and over without any variety or football knowledge to go up against.

    Good luck in the future and thanks for letting me try it out, you guys have a good thing going on here.


  2. Jayrah

    Jayrah AllCougdUp.com Editor - A.M. avatar Guru

    May 31, 2010
    So obviously you didn't play me. I have taken a solid running approach this year, regardless of my success, until I get down by 3-4 tds. Mexi ran the ball and passed the ball against me. Recchem also ran the ball, as did WGW when he was throttling me.

    I'm just not getting the same experience as you. But I don't blame you if you don't feel the same way. Who am I to judge your experience? However I can blame you for ruining my board again!!!! I have to swap a team out now. :)

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