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Face to Face with Sabo911

Discussion in 'Zeros to Heroes' started by dubb40, Aug 20, 2010.

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  1. dubb40

    dubb40 Sideline Football, We Rock!

    Jul 26, 2010
    Face to Face with Sabo911

    How has the season been for you so far? We have had a great season so far, im very pleased with our performance.

    What has been your greatest moment of the season and what has been your greatest disappointment if you had one?

    Ill start with our greatest disappointment, I would have to say our two losses. 1 at Auburn and 1 at Indiana. I still believe deep down we should have won both of those games however we didn’t accomplish our game time goals. And for the greatest moment of the season that has yet to happen. There is still one game left of the regular season and if we can get a victory at FIU then I would have to say that would be the regular season greatest moment . Our end goal as always is to win the Sun Belt title and play in a bowl game.

    Who are your players to be spotlighted on Offense and Defense? How do they affect your Offense and Defense?

    **Frankie Jackson [​IMG]
    –(HB) (FR) This is our work horse. He is the heart and soul of our offense this season. Since stepping into the starting position early in the season this young kid has shown that he belongs at this level.
    **Ryan Aplin –[​IMG]
    (QB) (SO) Aplin is our star qb and our team leader. He can read defenses and really does everything in his ability to put the ball into his playmakers hands.
    **Allen Muse—[​IMG]
    (WR) (SO) This is our lead receiver and with good reason. His ability to make the tough catches and get the extra yards is what leads the rest of our receiving team.

    As far as our defense goes I wouldn’t want to single out 1-3 guys because that wouldn’t do justice to what our defense is made of. The defensive unit here at ASU is a family like no other. They spend time together on and off the field and it shows on the field. This has been the saving grace and the spark to our offensive unit. When the cards are stacked against us I know that our defense will step up and go above and beyond to get us the win.

    Do you envision your quarterback starting for you next season?
    Yes most definitely. Ryan Aplin is our starting quarterback. He is a sophomore and will continue to lead this team until the day he graduates Arkansas State.

    Do you plan on being at this school for the long haul? Yes I do. I really feel like Arkansas is home for me and the people and team has accepted me as part of their family.

    What would be your dream job?
    My dream job, well my dream job has always been a coaching position at a great school with a great team and a place that treats me as family through the good or bad. To bring a team to their dream season. I don’t need a big conference all I need is a group of guys that love football as much as I do and that have faith in me to lead them in the right direction.

    How long do you plan on it taking to get there? With the amount of returning talent we have returning next year the sky is the limit. I want to bring the pride and prestige to the football fans here and pay them back for their faith in me as a coach by giving them the best possible team with the best possible results year in and year out. This is only the beginning in what I hope to be a long and storied career.
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