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Face2Face: S3W4

Discussion in 'Hard Knocks' started by Zikry, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Zikry

    Zikry Walk On

    Sep 22, 2010
    This week we would like to introduce an owner that is usually never short of words and rarely sugar-coats anything! Welcome _MG_

    1. Welcome MG, nice to have you here with us. Let's start with your offseason since it was a wild one. You trade away Julius Peppers, who was an absolute monster in Chicago but were able to get a great deal for him. You then make some moves and get a 2nd 1st round pick in the top 10 and pick up two monsters on defense. All of this and we haven't even talked about Urlacher leaving for Tampa!! Tell us how you navigated such a hectic offseason.​
    2. The team was humbled this week at home against the Titans in which the defense allowed the Titans to rush for over 300 yards. What happened?​
    3. The NFC North is the only division in the NFC that has seen two different division champions in the first 2 seasons. What do you rate your chances are of winning the division this year?​
    4. You guys recently decided to put Knox on IR, even though he would be back by week 11. Why did you decide to make that move?​
    5. How much did it hurt to see Chris Conte intercept Jay Cutler last week? From what I saw Conte really enjoyed it.​
    6. And ofcourse the last question, what do you think is something that HK can improve on?​
  2. MG

    MG Watching Folks Swim

    Jul 21, 2010
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