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Falcons Game Summaries

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by davev3, May 9, 2016.

  1. davev3

    davev3 Walk On

    Mar 20, 2016
    2021 - Week 5. Falcons vs Jets
    In week 5, the Falcons were coming off a much needed bye week after their devastating loss to the Dolphins in Week 3. 28 year old Tevin Coleman, filling in for Aram Still who is on IR after breaking his ankle in Week 2 vs the Bills, figured to be a major part of the Falcons game plan going into this game. After giving up 35 points in Week 3, the Falcons defense were looking to come out strong. The Jets first drive was a long one, but stalled on the 31 yard line. Estes then missed a long FG into the wind. The Falcons ensuing run-heavy drive ended with a 51 yard FG. The Falcons D was able to hold strong on the Jets next possession and forced a punt.

    The Falcons second drive was given a big boost by a 25 yard reception by TE Maxx Williams on a PA drag route. After a long Coleman run, QB Jordan Vereen fired a bullet to backup TE Martellus Bennett on the 7 yard line. After a short run by Coleman up the middle, Vereen called his own number and bull-rushed FS Brion James to score a touchdown run from the 6 to make the score 10-0 with just over 9 minutes left in the 2nd quarter.

    After a long 3rd down conversion, the Jets found themselves back in Falcons territory. The Jets saw success on a couple of 3rd downs on this drive and took the ball down to the Falcons 2. Then, a touchdown run by FB Tommy Bohanon was called back on a holding penalty and the Jets had to settle for 3 points. On the Falcons next drive, Vereen threw an interception looking for Julio Jones on the crossing route inside the Jets 30, but the Jets were unable to capitalize before the period ended. The score at halftime was 10-3.

    The Falcons had the ball to start the 2nd half but stalled again. A beautiful punt pinned the Jets inside the 2 yard line, but the Jets offense came alive with back-to-back deep passes over the middle to get into Falcons territory. On 3rd and 11 on the Falcons 30, Jets quarterback Jonathon Griffin found his favorite receiver Denard Tracy all alone in the end zone for the score. The score was tied at 10 at the end of the 3rd quarter.

    The Jets had the ball in Falcons territory to start the 4th. Griffin found his TE Jace Amaro on a corner route for 20 yards. A 2nd and long run by RB Shamell Murray gave the Jets a 1st down on the Falcons 10 yard line. Griffin fed Murray the ball 2 more times to take the ball inside the 1. The ol' FB dive play gave the Jets a 17-10 lead with 8:24 to go in the game.

    The Falcons took a shot on 1st down with a 26 yard pass to WR Jermaine Kearse. Vereen then took another long shot to Julio Jones who came down with the ball inside the Jets 10. After an incomplete pass to Jones in the endzone, a Coleman run, and a completion by Jones that fell short of the goal line, the Falcons coach opted to go for it on 4th and goal from the 2. The 4th down pass to Jones was batted down by Jets cornerback Dee Milliner with 5:41 to go.

    The Jets offense came out with the ball on the 2 looking to chew up some clock. However, punter Ryan Quigley found himself punting from the back of his endzone after a 3 and out giving the Falcons the ball inside the Jets 40. Vereen's 1st pass of the drive was intercepted by Milliner with 4:08 to go. The Jets took to the ground, looking to run out the clock, and had the ball 1st and 10 on their 40 at the 2 minute warning. The Falcons defense, with all 3 of their timeouts, found new life and forced a punt with 1:48 to go in the game.

    Out of timeouts on their own 35 yard line, the Falcons looked to the deep ball to try for a tie. Vereen was very nearly sacked on 1st down but managed to throw it away. On 2nd down, Vereen looked for Williams over the middle but the pass was dropped. On 3rd and 10, Vereen found the speedy Tarquin Spencer in single coverage over the middle. Spencer made a spectacular one-handed grab on the Jets 9 yard line. Vereen then threw a bullet to Kearse who was all alone on a slant in the middle of the end zone to tie the game.

    The Jets weren't finished yet. They were looking for the win before the game ended. However, linebacker Paul Worrilow picked off Griffin in the middle of the field to give the Falcons the ball on the Jets 48 with 34 seconds remaining. Vereen found Kearse on the deep ball to get the Falcons into FG range. Vereen looked for Jones in the end zone but threw it away with 11 seconds to go. Kicker Ben Hoag lined up a 48 yard FG with the wind at his back for the wind, but shanked it. The game was going to overtime with the teams tied at 17.

    The Jets won the overtime coin toss and elected to receive. The Falcons defense stepped up again and held the Jets to less than 20 yards after a huge sack by DE Vic Beasley, forcing another punt. After the punt, the Falcons again were in Jets territory. Vereen and the Falcons offense went to work, but quickly found themselves in 3rd and long. Vereen, under enormous pressure, found Williams over the middle on a crossing route to get the 1st down on the 32. Vereen then found Williams again on a corner route to take it inside the 20. After that, it was all Coleman. Coleman had runs of 7 and 5 yards to make it 1st and goal on the 7 where he then ran it in for the game winning touchdown.

    Falcons QB Vereen finished the game with 303 yards, 2 TDs (one passing, one rushing) and 2 INTs.
    Jets QB Griffin had 283 yards, 1 TD and 1 INT.
    Falcons RB Coleman had 98 yards on 22 rushes and 1 TD.
    Jets RB Murray had 103 yards on 26 rushes.
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  2. Freakskull

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    Sep 10, 2014
    I watched this game and enjoyed it. Thanks for streaming -!
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  3. davev3

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    Mar 20, 2016
    2021 Week 7 vs Desperados

    The Falcons were looking to extend their 2 game winning streak after the bye as they met undefeated NFC South rival Austin Desperados on a rainy and windy Sunday afternoon in Atlanta. The Falcons won the toss and received the opening kickoff. The Falcons gave the Desperados a heavy dose of running back Tevin Coleman. On 2nd and 6 from the Desperados 39 yard line, Coleman broke free on a sweep for 28 yards to get into the red zone. 2 plays later the Falcons were unable to convert on 3rd and inches and had to settle for 3.

    The Desperados drove just past midfield on the ensuing drive, but were forced to punt. Jacob Shum punted a perfect, high kick that landed on the 8 and stopped dead at the 2 yard line. Backed up inside their own 10 yard line on 3rd and 4, QB Jordan Vereen found TE Maxx Williams on a crossing route over the middle. Williams broke 3 tackles to take the ball 40 yards to end the 1st quarter.

    At the start of the 2nd, Vereen found TE Martellus Bennett for 12 yards. Then Vereen ran the ball out of the shotgun on a Quarterback Keeper for 20 yards. Yet again, the Falcons drive stalled in the red zone and they had to kick another field goal to make the score 6-0 with 9:20 remaining in the half.

    The Desperados 2nd drive started on the 24. A holding penalty on 1st down backed them up to the 14. They were unable to convert on 3rd and 8 and were forced to punt again. The Falcons got the ball back on their 33 with 7:38 remaining in the half, but had to punt after going 3 and out. Ronnie Evans muffed the punt but linebacker Tajh Gordon was there to pounce on it on the 16.

    On 1st down, RB Quadir Parks broke an 18 yard run up the right side. 2 plays later, Falcons DE Vic Beasley broke through the Falcons O-line for a huge (user) sack making it 3rd and 20. On the next play, Winston found his big WR Bolajii Ajala for 26 yards for the conversion. A couple of good runs by Parks put the Desperados in Falcons territory at the 2 minute warning, but they had to settle for a field goal.

    The score was 6-3 with 1:46 left in the half. Vereen found Julio Jones on a streak route to take the ball into Desperados territory with under a minute and a half to go. Coleman had a big 16 yard run up the middle to take it to the 26. On 2nd and 10, Vereen made a very poor decision to try to force the throw to WR Tarquin Spencer that was picked off by MLB Lavonte David who took it to the house for the pick six. The Desperados were up 10-6 with 35 seconds remaining.

    Spencer took a knee in the end zone on the kickoff to give the Falcons the ball on the 20. With all 3 timeouts, Vereen went to work and found his favorite target, TE Williams on 2 big pass plays to take the ball into Desperados territory. With 19 seconds remaining on the Desperados 48 yard line, Vereen, with all kinds of time, found Julio Jones in single coverage in the end zone for the touchdown. The 1st half came to an end with the Falcons up 13-10.

    The Desperados had the ball to begin the 2nd half. Winston hit Ajala on a big 38 yard pass play to take it inside the red zone. On 3rd and short from the 11, Winston found WR Kevin White all alone on the sideline for a 1st and goal inside the 5. Parks found the endzone with the goal line toss play to the right to give the Desperados a 4 point lead.

    The Falcons were able to get into Desperados territory on their next drive. On 2nd down, DT Darren Bars sacked Vereen to drive the Falcons back onto their own side of the field to make it 3rd and long. Vereen was forced to throw the ball away due to excellent coverage by the Desperados secondary and the Falcons had to punt.

    The Desperados started the drive on the 15 with 5 minutes left in the 3rd. On 2nd down from the 17, safety Kam Chancellor intercepted Winston to give the Falcons the ball inside the red zone. On 1st down, DT Gerald McCoy broke through the Falcons line for a sack on Vereen 9 yards behind the line of scrimmage. On the next play, Coleman took it up the middle, a bone jarring hit from safety George Iloka knocked the ball loose and it was recovered by RT Tre Barnett.

    Parks went to work running the ball and the Falcons defense was starting to look tired. On 2nd and 10 from the 34, Winston hit TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins over the middle for a big 20 yard play, then found Seferian-Jenkins again for 17 yards. The 3rd quarter came to and end with the Desperados facing 3 and short on the 21. Parks took the 3rd down run up the middle and was met at the line of scrimmage by linebackers Patrick Worrilow and Sam Lawson. But Parks kept his legs moving and was able to push forward for the 1st down inside the 20. Four plays later on 3rd and goal, Winston took off up the middle and slipped in for the touchdown. It was 24-13 with 9:37 remaining.

    With the rain coming down heavier than it had all game, the Falcons desperately tried to get a drive going. On 3rd and 8 from his 24, Vereen’s pass to Williams on a streak up the middle was snatched away by cornerback Dontae Johnson with 8:13 left. The Desperados’ next drive went 3 and out. The Falcons next drive started on the 7 with 6 minutes left. A couple of plays later, Vereen hit Williams in the flat for a 21 yard pass to take it to the 41. 3 plays later, the Falcons were facing 4th and long with under 4 minutes left. Vereen was able to get the pass to WR Reggie Stover for the 1st down. On the next play, Vereen’s pass for Williams was (user) picked by Gordon, effectively ending the game. The final score was 24-13.

    Desperados stat leaders
    Jameis Winston: 15/23 192 yds, 1 Int and 1 rushing TD
    Quadir Parks: 18 carries for 73 yards and 2 TD
    Bolajii Ajala: 72 yds on 3 catches

    Falcons stat leaders
    Jordan Vereen: 17/33 285 yds, 1 TD and 3 Ints
    Tevin Coleman: 22 carries for 109 yds and 1 fumble
    Maxx Williams: 134 yds on 8 catches
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