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FDML Rules

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Jeremy, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. Jeremy

    Jeremy The ONLY 2 time OMFL CHampion!!!!

    Oct 8, 2009

    A. RESPECT- The FDML is a group of adults. We ask that owners treat each other like such. Public bashing of another owner about gameplay or anything else will simply NOT be tolerated. Things such as running up the score, pausing without good reason or notifying an opponent, and not mixing up play calling are all things that fall under disrespect to an opponent and the league. We have the right to remove anyone who is in violation of the respect rule.

    B. GAME SCHEDULING- Both owners must post in the FDML Game Scheduling subforum for OFFICIAL game scheduling. Each owner should state their availability for the game week and then decide on an agreed upon time to play. The only way for the board to determine if there is a scheduling violation is by checking for Game Time threads



    II. GAMEPLAY RULES-Whether calling plays on offense or defense, owners are expected to mix up play calling and use different formations, plays, and audibles/hot routes each snap.

    A. PLAY CALLING- OFFENSE- run/pass or pass/run ratio should be around 70%/30%. As a rule, certain play calling in excess is frowned upon.

    B. PLAY CALLING- DEFENSE- a base defense (4-3 or 3-4) must be used the majority of the time, although no defensive formations are off limits anymore. The use of Run Commit is strictly prohibited.


    -obvious stat-padding (especially in CPU games)
    -bumping a majority of inside rushing plays to the outside
    -running the ball parallel to the line of scrimmage to the outside (ARCADE CHEESE MOVE)
    -excessive passing to RBs
    -excessive use of the same play or formation
    -excessive hot routing and audibling (these are for adjustments, not to Sketch-up your own play)
    -excessive QB scrambling and drop backs beyond 10 yards
    -attempting a pass between the numbers and the sidelines
    -more than 6 QB rushes (includes scrambles and options) per game, excluding kneel downs
    -more than 4 wildcat/option plays per game
    -more than 4 screen plays of any kind per game
    -manually motioning a player and snapping the ball before they are set
    -jetpacking/rocket catching
    -rushing less than 3 defenders on any play (or dropping back more than 8 into coverage)
    -excessive shifting of DL, LB, or showing blitz
    -excessive blitzing, excessive use of sugar blitzes, and any use of known nano blitzes
    -excessive use of man coverage or excessive use of zone coverage
    -misuse of DB guidelines (having 1 more DB on the field than receivers)
    -use of the same type of play every 3rd down (mix up calling man or zone on 3rd downs)

    D. PLAY CLOCK- since we do not use 15 minute quarters, the play clock is never allowed to be run all the way down, except within 3 minutes of either half. A general guideline is to have the ball snapped around the 20 second mark.

    The defense must be given a reasonable amount of time (the league suggests 3-5 seconds) to adjust their play and players accordingly. If a player is en route to cover a defender, the offense should allow the defender to set before snapping the ball, UNLESS the play clock is nearing expiration.

    E. 4TH DOWN- You can go for it on 4th down in the following situations:

    -anytime when trailing in the 4th quarter or anytime in Overtime
    -anytime when losing by 21 or more points
    -anytime inside your opponent's 10 yd line
    -4th and 1 or inches in your opponent's territory

    In all other 4th down situations, you must either punt or kick a field goal.

    Any fake punt or field goal must fall within acceptable “go for it” 4th down rules as stated above. If the yardage allows it under 4th down rules, a fake may be attempted. The FDML asks that owners be realistic when calling fake punts and field goals.

    F. ONSIDE KICKS- Onside kicks of any type (surprise or otherwise) are permitted by the losing team in the 4th quarter only.

    G. NO HUDDLE- only allowed in the last two minutes of either half, or if you are losing by more than 14 points in the second half. A team losing in the 4th quarter (no matter the amount) can run no huddle. HOWEVER, you must let the defense get set before snapping the ball.

    H. PRE-SNAP MOVEMENTS- The FDML has rules to allow some manual movement of certain players into certain areas. The allowed moves, as well as restrictions, are listed below by area:

    -Defensive linemen: No manual movement allowed. Line shifts and adjustments are allowed via line audibles.
    -Linebackers: Manual movement allowed within the linebacker “box” (between the hashmarks) and up to, but not on, the line of scrimmage.
    -Safeties/Cornerbacks: Manual movement allowed up to the linebacker “box” (must not be on the same line as the linebacker line). If outside the hashes, can move up to line of scrimmage.
    -Two players are allowed to be manually moved pre-snap on defense. The player MUST control one of the two moved players.
    -Special teams: No movement of any player pre-snap.

    I. DISCONNECTS-Rules are in place to give a FAIR and RIGHTFUL result for the equivalent of a fully played game. If a disconnect happens, it is generally acceptable to try and resume the game from as close as possible to the same time the DC occurred (continuing with same score also)

    1st half: Game is always replayed

    3rd quarter: If one team is up by more than 28 points, that team shall receive the win

    4th quarter: If one team is up by more than 21 points, that team shall receive the win

    If any game is closer than the point difference outlined above, then then the game is replayed, carrying over the score from the previous disconnected game.

    -less than 3 minutes in third quarter, play 1 quarter with carryover; if more than 3 minutes in third quarter, play 2 quarters with carryover.
    -outside of 2 minutes in the game, play 1 quarter with carryover; if inside of 2 minutes, only carry over score if less than 17 point difference.
    -if this is the third time or more the disconnect happened with the same team ahead, that team can choose to play the CPU or get the supersim win.

    J. RULES VIOLATIONS- It is an owner's responsibility to report a rules violation when it happens. Reporting a violation after the game will be ignored by league leadership unless proper channels during the game were taken. Games will not be replayed because of unreported violations. When a rules violation occurs (or if an owner thinks it has occurred), the game should be immediately paused and the matter should be confronted to by the violated party to the violating party. Both owners should consult the rulebook and correct the infraction in a sportsmanlike manner. If a board member is available on AIM, please consult them as well for rules clarification. Please notify the league ombudsman and president of your conference of any rule violations, even if it seems minor in nature.

    K. QUITTING GAMES- The golden rule of the FDML revolves around quitting games. A game that is quit is viewed as the gravest of rules violations, and is grounds for immediate expulsion from the league. Nothing except the most extreme of emergencies will excuse quitting a game. No matter the circumstances in game, quitting is never allowed. This is the biggest way to disrespect a fellow owner, and as such, it holds the stiffest of penalties.

    L. SUBSTITUTIONS- Subs will no longer be allowed for an owner who is unavailable to play his game for that week. The opponent can either choose to let the game be a straight sim or choose to play the CPU. You are only allowed to play the CPU 1 time as restarting will not be allowed and will considering Quitting the game.


    A. OPEN TEAMS- every opening is given a 24 hour waiting period for current FDML owners. If no owner wishes to change teams, then the open team is awarded to a player on the FDML's ownership waiting list. Owners are allowed ONLY 1 team swap per Madden title, with each new Madden title resetting these swaps.

    B. CAP SYSTEM- we will be using the NFL-style salary cap that is controlled in the game.

    C. TRADES- Each team is allowed to make 4 total trades per season (start of offseason until trade deadline- week 8), with up to 4 pieces from each team in a trade. If a team uses more than 4 pieces in a single trade, then it is counted as 2 trades for that team. Each draft pick counts as 1 piece.

    Future draft picks may be trade, but only for the very next offseason, max 2 picks can be dealt away for the next season, NO 1st round picks can be dealt for the next season.

    D. IN-SEASON FREE AGENCY- We will implement a system of waivers in order for free agent claims to be processed on a weekly basis. The preseason order will be based on the draft order of the previous Draft order. During the regular season, starting with week 2, it will be based on records (basically what the draft order would be at that point in time in the season).

    Each round will run in a set of intervals, just 1 round per game week. Pick times will be listed for each team in intervals of 15 minutes (for a total of 7 1/2 hours for each round). Each team can make their selection only as early as the time listed (eastern time, forum timestamp). Anyone who misses their selection is still free to make their selection up until an hour after the last time listed (8 1/2 hours after the round starts).

    E. ROSTER MIN/MAX- 49/53

    F. INJURED RESERVE- You will be allowed to place a player on IR if they are injured for 6 weeks or more, but then they will not be allowed to play for the rest of that season including post-season. Players listed as Injured for the Season may not be cut from their team.

    G. OFFSEASON FREE AGENCY & DRAFT- these will be completely controlled in the game.

    H. POSITION CHANGES- A player whose primary position is listed below can be placed on the depth chart for ONLY the other positions listed. If an owner is found using players not authorized to play at positions without having a legitimate excuse (injury), they are subject to punishment up to, and including, termination of ownership in the FDML.

    Position Change Chart:

    QB can play QB only.
    HB can play HB only.
    FB can play FB/TE.
    TE can play TE/FB.
    WR can play WR only.
    T can play T/G/C.
    G can play T/G/C.
    C can play T/G/C.
    DE can play DE/DT and OLB (85 speed or lower).
    DT can play DT/DE.
    OLB can play OLB/MLB and DE (85 speed or lower).
    MLB can play OLB/MLB.
    CB can play CB and FS (85 speed or lower).
    FS can play FS/SS.
    SS can play FS/SS.
    K can play K/P.
    P can play K/P.

    **Formation subs are allowed on a play-by-play basis as long as it fits within play calling guidelines above. The only formation NOT allowed in the FDML is the Dual HB set, which puts a HB in the FB position. A HB in the FB position is NOT allowed.**

    **HBs can ONLY be used as WR in formation subs in certain situations & on a LIMITED basis.**
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  2. Leo161978

    Leo161978 Walk On

    Oct 29, 2012
    I would suggest making the play clock 20 seconds instead of 40 seconds. If the quarters are half as long as normal, than the play clock should be half as long as well. This way neither team can run out the game clock excessively and the game will have the same number of plays as a real game.

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