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FFI Rebirth FA order

Discussion in 'Fight For It' started by Oezeo, Dec 16, 2013.

  1. Oezeo

    Oezeo Walk On

    Nov 11, 2013
    We've decided to give the worst overall teams first crack at FA. It will be like a draft. Worst team to best. You may not pick out of order. If you do, you will have to drop player and face a 2 game suspension. HAVE AUTO FILL ROSTER OFF. Order is by overall, in case of a tie, it'll go by alphabetical order. Once you sign a player, text or pm me the name of the player. If it's your turn to draft and happen to know which player you want but cant sign him at that moment; tell me and he'll be off limits just so we keep going. Once the last player is selected, we will send out mass text stating FA is now open. Wait for that text!

    1 jaguars:
    2 Texans:
    3 Bills:
    4 buccaneers:
    5 Falcons:
    6 Raiders:
    7 Redskins:
    8 Vikings:
    9 Browns:
    10 Titans:
    11 Giants:
    12 Jets:
    13 Rams:
    14 Steelers:
    15 Chargers:
    16 Phins:
    17 Cards:
    18 Eagles:
    19 Ravens:
    20 Cowboys:
    21 Lions:
    22 Bears:
    23 Packers:
    24 Bengals:
    25 Colts:
    26 49ners:
    27 Chiefs:
    28 Panthers:
    29 Pats:
    30 Saints:
    31 broncos:
    32 Seahawks:
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