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FFI Rules and Regulations

Discussion in 'Fight For It' started by Oezeo, Nov 20, 2013.

  1. Oezeo

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    Nov 11, 2013
    • League MODS: PSN: PanthersNation7, Oezeo, Emman3000, and Freshko1

    ADVANCE TIMES Preseason - Every 24 hours
    Regular Season - Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday night at 8 PM EST.
    Playoffs - Every 24 hours

    • Play SIM!!!!!!!!!!
    • You're allowed one hurry up series each half outside 2 minutes. If down by 2 scores or more in the second half, you can hurry up.
    • Getting GroupMe on your phone and giving your number for the contact info is required. No exceptions.
    • Movement of a safety (not both) can be made presnap as long as its not excessive and unrealistic (i.e moving safety around like a chicken with its head cut off)
    • You are not allowed to trade a player during his first season on your team (newly signed, drafted, etc.)
    • User catching is ALLOWED. Just don't abuse the same routes with it.
    • "Fantasy" trades are frowned upon, i.e. trading franchise-type players like Aaron Rodgers for Player X, Y, Z right when starting out.
    • Glitch/money plays are of course not allowed. If reported, they will result in an instant ban of an owner in violation.
    • Quitting is NOT TOLERATED - First off, if you quit, you have no evidence of any wrong doing. Your word is NOT better than your opponents word. If you are losing big, ask your opponent if you can concede a game in the 4th quarter, it's fine as long as your opponent agrees. We expect to play a full game EVERYTIME.
    • 2 Point Conversions: You may only attempt a two point conversion in the 4th quarter if you need to tie the game or get up by 3 or 7 points. No exceptions!
    • Limit 7 Draws, 6 read options and 5 Screens per game. No repetitive play calling. Mix it up.
    • If 4 of your games are simmed or auto'd in a season without a legit excuse, you will be removed.

    The following plays are not allowed in the league:
    • Motioning a WR, RB or TE and hiking before the players sets for at least 1 second.
    • You must mix up your run plays. Do not keep running outside all game.
    • FB dive in 4th and short. FB dives can be used in other situations but should not be abused.
    • You may not milk the clock unless there is 2 minutes left in the half or the end of the game. EXAMPLE: Do not run play clock down under 10 secs every play.
    • Having a HB lined up at FB to run the ball in a FB dive/run.
    • No huddle can be called ONLY when there is 2 min left in either half. You must change the play every NO HUDDLE.
    • One dimensional playcalling. Mix up your pass/run ratio. We understand that ratio varies based on an owner's style on offense, but maintain a 70/30 or better ratio, vice versa. Unless of course, you are down by multiple scores early in the game and have to pass to catch up.
    • QB drop backs more than 10 yards and QB insta-sprints are not allowed.
    • Goal line formation outside of your opponent's 5-yard line or inside your 5-yard line.
    • Excessive repetition of the same routes or play. We understand that it is necessary to run the same play a few times over the course of a game, but do your best mix up your play-calling. Don't abuse the same route over and over again, and running plays should be a mix of inside and outside runs. Bouncing your RB straight to the outside on every play will not be tolerated.
    • Money play include but are not limited to: Excessive use of: curl routes, corner routes, wheel routes, QB wrap, Read Option, TE, HB, or inside WR streak/seams, (they should not be used on more than half of your plays)
    • Kicking a FG as time is expiring to just pad the score. If you're winning with time expiring and your opponent has zero timeouts left, do not pad the score.
    DEFENSE The following plays are not allowed:
    • Nano-blitzing.
    • No movement of individual defensive lineman pre-snap. The group shift feature is allowed. The rule is in place to help prevent nano-blitzing.
    • Any presnap movement of individual D-lineman. You can use the line shift feature to move the defensive line.
    • Mix up your play calling. (Man vs Zone) There should be nobody playing 85% of anything!
    • You must have a minimum of 3 rushers at all times. Contains and spies do not count.
    • You can move linebackers as a unit. Also to align the LBs with a receiver. You can move LB.
    • A safety (not both) can be manually re-positioned presnap as long as you are controlling him for the play. He is not to be moved to the line of scrimmage or to the other half of the field, however.
    • You may PRESS only once per set of downs and SHOW BLITZ once per set of downs.
    • Erratic movement of a user-controlled safety pre-and post-snap. Move your player in a fluid and sim fashion, not running around aimlessly.
    • Excessive shifting of the defensive line and linebackers. You should not be shifting your defensive line left and right constantly. Make an adjustment or two if necessary, then stop shifting. Same goes for the linebackers.
    • Blitzing on every play.
    • You can call Nickel vs. 2 WR sets, but not 1 WR sets.
    • You can NOT call Dime/Dollar/Quarters vs 2 WR sets. You can call Dime/Dollar/Quarters vs 3+ WR sets.
    • The commit run feature. We found this to be very unrealistic from multiple test.
    • On Defense, it is okay to have a base formation(4-3, 3-4, 46, even dime or nickel). However, if you do you must run different plays from it. You can play man all game or zone if you wish but you CANNOT run the same play majority of the game. 2 man under from the dime or the Nickel or quarter will be considered the same play. If you run man primarily there must be different coverages (blitz coverages, cover 1, 3 man deep)
    SPECIAL TEAMS The following plays are not allowed:
    • Presnap movement of any player in kick/punt situations.
    • On-side kick. Unless in the 4th quarter, with less than 6 minutes remaining and down 10 points or more. Or if you're down any score under 2 minutes.
    4th DOWNS
    • 4th and inches: In your opponent's territory (FB dive, QB sneak, not allowed in this situation)
    • If down two scores or more in the second half on your opponents side of the field, you may go for it on 4th down.
    • Fakes are allowed but should be limited to 1 a game.
    • If you are winning by 35 points or more after halftime. You must run the ball from here on out. You must let the play clock run below 5 seconds before hiking the ball, and run as much clock out as possible. You MAY NOT pass the football whatsoever. If you run the football and score a touchdown while staying in these guidelines, that is ok, we cannot force anyone to not score, because that's not football. Just don't rub it in. If you are in field goal range, you can kick a FG as well. If you are on defense, and cause a turnover, you can also score. If you are returning a kick or punt, you are also allowed to score. Again, as long as you are not "Rubbing it in" some games do get out of control and we can do our best to not embarrass our opponents. IF YOUR OPPONENT IS TRYING TO SCORE AND MAKE GAME LONGER INSTEAD OF RUNNING CLOCK AS WELL THESE RULES DON'T APPLY.

    • Just like the game play, we want rosters to the managed as sim as possible. We encourage owners to build a team primarily through good drafting, FA signing, and perhaps an occasional trade or two. But just like the NFL, there shouldn't be big names being traded, or a flurry of trades period.
    • Your 3rd down back on the depth chart MUST be a RB.
    • A new season officially starts when the offseason begins.
    • You must have 3 TEs on your roster or 2 FB and 2 TE to avoid a WR from lining up as a TE in heavy or goaline sets.
    • A newly signed free agent cannot be traded in the same year.

    • Only two trades allowed during the season per team. You are allotted two extra trades in the offseason.
    • All trades have be posted in the TSO League Forum and approved by the committee. Do NOT send each other trade requests on the console without an approval.
    • No player can be traded twice in the same season.
    • Trades should not result in a team having more than 10 draft picks a season
    • Fantasy trades are frowned upon and will likely be denied. Trades should be realistic for the most part. Do not expect to come in and give away your franchise/building block players right away.
    • Trades must make sense and be posted with reasons as to why each team is making this trade.
    • Each trade will be voted on by our trade committee. It consists of 5 MODS who will give an up or down vote, majority wins.

    • We are using NCAA Draft Classes for the first three seasons.
    • Draft day trades must be posted on GroupMe and require approval. Draft will be paused during this time.
    • In offseason, the periods will advance once every 24 hours.
    • Preseason free agency after the first season will be a first come, first serve immediately following the draft.
    • You are not allowed to trade a player during his first season on your team (newly signed, drafted, etc.)
    AMENDMENTS: (Added Above)
    • I: Getting GroupMe on your phone and giving your number for the contact info is required. No exceptions.
    • II: User catching is ALLOWED. Just don't abuse the the same routes with it.
    • III: You are not allowed to trade a player during his first season on your team (newly signed, drafted, etc.)
    • IV: Advance during regular season will be every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday night at 8 PM EST.
    • V: You are allowed two trades during the season, and two trades during the offseason.
    • VI: You're allowed one hurry up series each half outside 2 minutes. If down by 2 scores or more in the second half, you can hurry up.
    • VII: If down two scores or more in the second half on your opponents side of the field, you may go for it on 4th down.
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