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Florida Gators - 2013 BCS* Champions!

Discussion in 'The Experience' started by Basis4aDay56, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. Basis4aDay56

    Basis4aDay56 Walk On

    Feb 22, 2009
    Florida Gators - 2013 BCS* Champions!

    #1 Florida - 49
    #2 USC - 26

    This game was the tale of two halves, as tonight the Gators won their second National Championship* in three trips to the game. In the first half, it seemed as this one would go to the last team to have the ball in a shootout. On the opening drive, Florida methodically went down the field and scored on a Mike Gillislee touchdown run. When USC and Heisman Memorial Trophy winner Aaron Corp (QB) got the ball, they went down the field to tie it up, largely in part to the great running by Marc Tyler. On the ensuing kickoff, Senior safety and Returner of the Year Will Hill returned it 85 yards for the touchdown to give Florida a 14-7 lead. In the second quarter, USC scored a touchdown to knot it up at 14 all. Then, after an interception thrown by FR(RS) QB Donta Reid deep in USC territory, USC would score again but missed the extra point, making it 20-14 USC with about a minute to go in the half. Then, the Freshman All-American Reid led a touchdown drive to close the half that had Gators fans remembering their game winning drive to win the SEC Championship. At halftime, it was 21-20 Florida, with USC set to get the ball back to begin the second half.

    One must wonder what Coach Basil Faraday had to say to his defense at halftime. The unit, which had been so amazing most of the season but porous in the SEC Championship, was clearly fired up as they forced USC to punt on their first 5 possessions of the second half, which lasted into the fourth quarter. On offense, the Gators lost Gillislee on the first play that they had the ball of the half, with 6 minutes to go in the third quarter. Enter true freshman Andrew Bell. After a slow start, Bell was able to pick up where the injured Gillislee left off, allowing the Gators to remain balanced and lethal. Florida scored twice in the third quarter, once on a long touchdown pass to TE Desmond Parks and once on a short touchdown run by Bell. After three quarters, and with the defense playing so well, the 35-20 lead that the Gators had seemed like it would stand. USC would finally get on the board in the second half on a great touchdown run by their backup running back after Tyler was injured. This gave USC hope, as they now trailed by nine, 35-26, after a failed two-point conversion. However, on the very next play, Bell would leave his mark on the game with a great 65-yard touchdown run right up the middle with a couple of nice moves as he put the game out of reach, 42-26. The Gators scored again to really cement the victory, and ended the game with a kneel by Reid.

    After a Gatorade bath of Coach Faraday, the Gators received their crystal football trophy. Florida is your 2013 BCS* National Champions!

    In the game, the Gators showed off some of what is to come from their offense. They were led by two freshmen -- Reid and Bell -- at arguably the two most important skill positions on offense. Here are some key stats from the game:

    FR(RS) QB Donta Reid: 12-27, 244 yds, 3 TD, 1 INT (7 official dropped passes)
    FR HB Andrew Bell: 18 carries, 130 yds, 2 TD (65-yd long)
    JR HB Mike Gillislee: 16 carries, 114 yds, 1 TD
    JR TE Desmond Parks: 4 receptions, 133 yds, 2 TD (75 & 31 yds)
    SR KR/Safety Will Hill: 1 KR-TD, 1 INT

    SR(RS) QB & Heisman Winner Aaron Corp: 16-28, 158 yds, 0 TD, 1 INT
    SR(RS) HB Marc Tyler: 27 carries, 220 yds, 3 TD (72, 53, & 1 yd)

    I had videos, but they didn't upload to YouTube. I'll try again tomorrow!

    *The BCS is bullshit, both in the game and in real life.
  2. JHeb

    JHeb Sooner Magic

    Jul 7, 2009
    Congrats! Somebody needs to take his bastard down!! Wildcatter did it this season but it was too early...
  3. Basis4aDay56

    Basis4aDay56 Walk On

    Feb 22, 2009
    Ha -- thanks JHeb (and Suge in the other thread). All of my user games were close as hell (lost by 3, won by 2, won by 3), and the CPU had me on the ropes a couple times as well. I hope I can keep this whole thing going, but every game is a struggle, which is amazingly fun. It really puts an emphasis on recruiting to replenish talent that leaves. Really looking forward to next season!
  4. JHeb

    JHeb Sooner Magic

    Jul 7, 2009
    The sliders irritate me, esp. when the CPU pulls things out of their ars but overall, I like to see that all users had a loss, whether it be from a user game or CPU. Nothing more irritating than being in a dynasty where 5 of 12 guys don't lose a game, every season.
  5. jello1717

    jello1717 "Those who stay will be champions." -- Bo

    Jun 21, 2009
    I agree, although I'm still waiting to lose to the CPU. So far my 6 losses have been in USER games and 2 of the 3 games that I had to SIM (go figure). I need to figure out how to get by freakin' ND. Those bastards account for half of my losses in 3 years so far! I won't be winning any National Championships until I can figure them out.

    Not that anyone cares, but here's my record:

    Column 1
    Opponent Record Notes
    Penn State 3-0-0 2 user wins
    Wisconsin 3-0-0
    Iowa 3-0-0
    Michigan State 3-0-0 2 user wins
    Purdue 3-0-0
    Illinois 3-0-0
    Boise State 1-0-0
    Duke 1-0-0
    Central Michigan 1-0-0
    Ole Miss 1-0-0
    Ohio State 1-2-0 1 user and 1 SIMmed loss
    Marshall 1-0-0
    Indiana 1-0-0
    Eastern Michigan 1-0-0
    Western Michigan 1-0-0
    Louisville 1-0-0
    Virginia Tech 1-0-0
    Cincinnati 1-0-0
    California 1-0-0
    Minnesota 1-1-0 SIMmed loss
    Mississippi State 1-0-0 1 user win
    Notre Dame 0-3-0 Need to figure out Dat!!!

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