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Florida Gators

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by riley420, Jul 29, 2009.

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  1. riley420

    riley420 Guest

    Florida Gators

    Just a reservation for my dynasty reports. The forum looked so lonely without it.

    Move along...nothing to see here.
  2. riley420

    riley420 Guest

    Florida Gators start slow...but run away.

    The Gators 2009 football season is finally here. All the speculation is over. All the waiting, the guessing and the hate...it's time to play ball.

    All eyes were on Gainesville this week as the reigning BCS Champion Florida Gators hosted the Sun Belt's Troy Trojans (very original). It was a hot, humid afternoon as Tim Tebow and Brandon Spikes hit the field to see what they could do this season.

    After winning the coin toss, the Trojans surprisingly chose to kickoff to start the game. The kick went to Chris Rainey, not Brandon James, the feared return specialist, for a 20 yard pickup. Then, Tim Tebow looked at the camera and said, "You want my Heisman...come and get it" and ran on to the field. The first snap...Tebow-left for 14 yards. The huge cheers for the Heisman favorite were simply not enough as the Trojans stopped the Gators just inside the 30 yard line, where John Phillips promptly missed his first FG of the year.

    Troy gets the ball and impressively marched down the field on the vaunted Florida D, who return all 11 starters this year. After bending, but not breaking, Brandon Spikes put the smack down on J. Jarboe across the middle on the UF 6 yard line. The Trojans had to settle for a field goal, drawing first blood and freaking out the Florida fans a little bit. Unfortunately for Troy, these would be their only points of the half.

    On the ensuing drive, it seemed like Tebow & Co. woke up. 3 big plays, including a great option run by Jeff Demps on 3rd and 7 for 14 yards, set up a beautiful play action pass across the middle to Tim Tebow's roommate, Riley Cooper for the Gators' first score of the day.

    The crowd awoke from its booze induced stupor and shook the ground for the next 28 seconds as the next drive went: dropped pass, dropped pass, sack and punt. A bad punt...you actually felt bad for the punter as he walked back to the sideline while his coach was screaming racial epithets at the top of his lungs.
    After a series of medium length runs, it was time to show the Trojans how to play the spread option. Riley Cooper came in motion from the left side and took the handoff from Tebow at the 12 yard line. The only thing stopping him was the Trojan defender who decided to go for the injury by trying to rip his head off with a horrible personal foul facemask penalty (surprise!). You'll never guess what came next.

    That's right...Tebow right. Right up the middle, that is, putting the Gators ahead 14-3 with 2:00 left in the 1st quarter.

    The Trojans QB made a mental error on the next series, throwing a bad INT to sophomore Janoris Jenkins, setting the Gators up with great field position. Unfortunately, the drive stalled and John Phillips set up for a 48 yard FG. Which he missed...it looks like Urban Meyer will have to do some kicker adjusting in the coming weeks....maybe there's a hot recruit out there itching to play in Gainesville.

    The Trojans went 3 and out, again, and the Gators get the ball back...again...with great field position. Tebow right, Tebow left...uh-oh...Tebow sacked. Eventually, the Gators were faced with a 4th and 1 situation. Phillips began to trot onto the field when Urban Meyer horsecollared him and pointed at the bench. Another opportunity was wasted, though, as Aaron Hernandez dropped the easy pass giving Troy the ball back.

    After yet another Troy 3 and out, the Gators decided enough was enough and it was time to put the game out of reach. They embarked on a 9 play, 78 yard drive chewing up nearly 4 minutes to end the half. Just before the whistle blew, Tim Tebow went through 3 offensive lineman and into the endzone for his first rushing touchdown of 2009.

    The Gators kicked off to start the second half, and after a twitchy-finger first down, Joe Haden put the smack down on Harris forcing a fumble that FS Major Wright brought back to the house for 6....or not. Harris' knee brushed the ground and the CPU found it necessary to reverse the call. Fuck you, computer.
    Angered by the swift turn of events, the Gator D locked down and stopped the drive inside their own 20 yard line, forcing Troy to kick their second FG of the day.

    Aside from a Tebow INT on a really bad look by the stick-man, nothing much else happened aside from a sweet fade to Aaron Hernandez and a few more great Jeff Demps runs. As the Gators tried to run the clock and collect Sportsmanship points, the Trojan D fell down and decided to give up a garbage time TD on a really nice option. The Gators 2nd team D also gave up a garbage time TD, putting the final score UF 49, Troy 13.

    Tim Tebow collected player of the game honors with his performance, going 16-33 for 266 yards and 3 TDs. He also ran the ball 10 times for 61 yards, finding paydirt twice.
    However, coach Meyer decided to give out a second gameball to Jeff Demps on his first career start. He had 15 rushes for 130 yards and 1 TD.

    The Gators host rival Tennessee next week. It should be interesting...
  3. VolPett

    VolPett Walk On

    Jul 20, 2009
  4. jms493

    jms493 Veteran Member

    Feb 10, 2009
    Finish #1 or bust!!
  5. riley420

    riley420 Guest

    Yeah, yeah...I'm working on it. At least nobody can accuse me of picking UF because I'm a bandwagon fan.
  6. riley420

    riley420 Guest

    From 2007, Tim Tebow is in the grasp before throwing a strike to Aaron Hernandez for 35 yards and a TD.
    Laney Kiffin's coming...to town

    After months of shit talking and general misbehaviour, Lane Kiffin and his Tennessee Volunteers are coming to Gainesville tonight to play the #1 Florida Gators in the Swamp.

    Can Kiffin succeed where Philly Fulmer failed? Will Jonathon Crompton do what Peyton Manning was never able to do? How many stupid stick related touchdowns will ChefRiley let happen?

    We'll see tonight at 9 PM EST. (Depending on how horny Coach Riley's wife is, the game may be pushed to 9:15)
  7. riley420

    riley420 Guest

    Kiffin says, "Tim Teb-who?"

    The annual UF-UT rivalry was played earlier this afternoon on a beautiful day in Gainesville. With the orange sun beating down from the blue sky, you'd think that God was smiling on the Gators.

    You'd be thinking wrong.

    Volpett and his Tennessee Volunteers roared through the Gators today, with a final score of 42-14. Montario Hardesty ran rampant, scoring 3 TDs on the Gators, while everyone's favorite QB Tim Tebow threw 2 INTs, had 1 fumble and an option pitch picked off and returned for a TD.

    "I'm not giving any speeches this year," said a tearful Tebow. "My performance was horrendous and unacceptable. I did my speech making last year. This year, it's time to shut up and put up." Not everything can be blamed on Tebow, who also threw for nearly 300 yards and ran for 100 more. The UF defense was holier than Pope Benedict's underoos.

    "We're going to have to look at some tape," said coach Riley. "I thought there were a lot of uncalled holds. Like A LOT of uncalled holds. It seems strange that Brandon Spikes gets beat to the outside on every run play. I don't know. I knew we had some defensive issues, but I had no idea they were this bad."

    To make matters worse, Jeffrey Demps broke his ankle on the Gators second play, ending his season early. Coaches on the sideline needed to restrain him from punching Erin Andrews in the face when she got to close. Sources say that Demps made a remark about "seeing her cootchie, and it sure was fine" before he was pulled away.

    Were there any bright spots? Few and far between. The Gators have a lot of work to do this week, which is building up to a rematch of the 2009 BCS title game when the Oklahoma Sooners come to town. The only thing coach Riley had to say, "Our pass defense is OK. It's a good thing that OU likes to throw a lot."
  8. Maynard

    Maynard Banned

    Jun 10, 2009
    lol....thats funny...good write up
  9. riley420

    riley420 Guest

    "What the hell is going on with the defense": Tebow heard to shout in the locker room

    While the Gators won going away against the lowly Kentucky Wildcats, there are still some serious problems to be addressed. Tim Tebow was heard by many screaming in the faces of Brandon Spikes and Carlos Dunlap, the supposed "impact" players on defense.

    "What I don't get is how you let someone from Kentucky run for almost 100 yards. Where are the turnovers? Where are the big hits?" Tebow was unavailable for comment after the game, but this released statement shows his growing frustration with the defensive unit.

    "You know what I have to say about that?" replied Spikes to reporters. "Stop throwing f---ing interceptions. You want to blow people out, you can't throw 3 INTs a game. It's that f---ing simple." The rift between the offense and defense is becoming a frightening thing, for a team that returned 27 starters from the year before.

    Coach Riley had this to say: "You play to win the game. We have winners. We've proven that. Maybe it's time for a playbook switch. My good friend Dan Mullen in Starkville has some interesting things we may have to check out." Riley is referring to the former OC from Gainesville who is now the head coach of the Mississippi State Bulldogs.

    What remains to be seen is if the Heisman hype surrounding Tebow is dragging him down. The #1 Oklahoma Sooners visit the Swamp this weekend, and if something isn't done, the Gators are in deep shit.

    One of the highlights from last night's game was a 65 yard scamper from replacement RB Chris Rainey, who fought injured player Jeff Demps for the starting roll all summer. If only everyone could play the way Rainey wants things done.
  10. riley420

    riley420 Guest

    D-Fence? D-Fence?​

    In yet another heartbreaking game for the Gators, Tim Tebow had nothing to say. Nothing at all....as he was carried to the locker room on a stretcher during the 4th quarter. Heart stopping...yeah, you could say that.

    Tebow went 18-31 for 164 yards and 2 TDs. Not surprisingly, he also threw 2 bad INTs to wide open safeties. On top of that, he carried the ball 21 times for 143 yards. It was the 21st carry that was a problem. "I was running the play coach called in from the sideline, then BOOM...I'm on a stretcher with a broken toe."

    The game started like another blowout for Coach Riley. After marching down the field, Oklahoma put their first score on the board with 5 minutes to play. The Gators answered with a 33 Yd FG, but Bradford again marched the Sooners down the field on the roughshod UF defense.

    The second quarter turned around a little bit as Tebow scores on a QB keeper, then Murray goes in for another TD for OU. The next drive was a beautiful one for the Gators, converting 3 3rd downs and 1 4th, ending with Tebow throwing a strike for the TD with 51 seconds remaining. The Sooners threatened a drive, but fumbled and the Gators took a knee to end the half.

    The 2nd half started with OU scoring...again. The score is 28-17 and panic begins to set in...this is when "The Longest 30 Seconds of Kutis' life" happened. Tebow threw a great pass for a touchdown, and then on the ensuing kickoff, Coach Kutis had a great return. However, on the next play, Janoris Jenkins came up with a Big Hit forced fumble (also earning Coach Riley the "Ball-Ball-Ball" achievement) and Joe Haden brought it in for 7. After another kickoff, Ahmad Black had another Big Hit FF which Haden brought back to the house...again!

    So, check your watches, people...28-17. Blink...38-28 Gators.

    Yeah, that fast.

    The rest of the game was a blur of Bradford shredding the UF defense and Murray running all over them, getting 138 yards on the ground. The Gators went down again by 11, with the score 49-38 but closed it to within 3 with a minute left. However, on a huge 4th and 2, the Gators were unable to stop Murray and the Sooners were able to kneel on the ball to take home the W.

    "If OU doesn't win the BCS, I'll be shocked," said Coach Riley. "They took everything that we could throw at them, and threw it back. It's hard when you score 46 points and lose. Man...we need some practice."

    Next up for the Gators is a trip to Baton Rouge to take on the LSU Tigers.
  11. riley420

    riley420 Guest

    There is no joy in Gainesville...​

    3 straight user losses. 2-3 and about to drop out of the top 25. SEC hopes? Gone.

    What else could go wrong?


    Tim Tebow was knocked out of the game early in the second quarter. And was knocked out for the next 7 games, as well. Coach Riley plans to petition the NCAA referee committee for the horrible late hit out of bounds by LSU SS Harry Coleman.

    That doesn't really fix things, though. The Gators D was torched up and down the field, even when he was standing on the spot the ball goes to. Bad stick play and the disbelief that the loss of a legend just happened didn't help either.

    Backup QB Jon Brantley, who was a wonderful shade of blue throughout his time on the field, will need to step up his game. "I don't know what it's going to take...running the stadium, pilates, magic...we need to get Jon ready to play. There is no other option."

    On the bright side, the Gators didn't give up a turnover...

    *Sigh*...LSU 31 UF 17. Good game up until the middle of the second quarter...
  12. riley420

    riley420 Guest

    John Brantley's mad as hell...and he's not going to take it anymore!​

    All week long, the whispers were in his head. "Can he do it?" "He's not Tim." "He played horribly against LSU...what's next?"

    Here's what happened: First drive...7-7 55 yards and a TD. Second drive...4-4 for 38 and a rushing TD. Third drive...3-3 for 25 yards and another TD. All in the first quarter. By the end of the game, Brantley was named Player of the Game with 26-32 passing for 252 yards, 3 TDs and 2 rushing TDs.

    After a long meeting with Coach Riley, Brantley came to a conclusion. "Coach said to me, 'John, I recruited you to be Tim's replacement when he left. Well, he's gone.' That meant a lot to me. Coach really let me sling the ball around today...it felt good."

    Instead of collapsing into a hole and crumbling for the season, Coach Riley looks towards the future. "If we hadn't lost Timmy last week, we would have stayed in that game. We are competitive...and young. A lot of guys want PT. Now they've got it." One of the young players, sophomore replacement RB Chris Rainey finally got involved in the game getting 24 touches and 118 yards on the ground.

    The defense came out very strong, only allowing Arkansas 10 points all day and keeping them out of the endzone until garbage time. The Razorbacks had only 63 yards of total offense in the first half.

    "It felt like the first complete game we've had all season. Thank goodness all of our user games are behind us so we can focus on finishing the season strong."

    Final score: UF 49 Arkansas 10
  13. riley420

    riley420 Guest

    Put a fork in 'em...they're done.

    Yep...with an OT loss to Mississippi State last night, the Gators...once having dreams of an undefeated season...will undoubtedly drop from the top 25.

    "Too many fucking mistakes," responded Coach Riley when asked what went wrong. "You can't punt a ball 20 yards and not expect points to be given up. You can't have a roughing the kicker on a missed field goal. You can't throw interceptions. Mistakes cost us...big time."

    The Gators were also trying out a new offense, which worked well in the first half until Chris Rainey, the 2nd string HB, went down for the game with a pulled quadricep. John Brantley may not be the answer for next season that the Gators were hoping for, since he badly missed several wide oped receivers. It didn't help that the WR corps had nearly a dozen dropped balls.
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