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Florida State Summaries

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by runthepound, Mar 8, 2010.

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  1. runthepound

    runthepound Get on the Bus!

    Feb 18, 2010
    2014 Florida State Seminoles Game Summaries (Updated)

    FSU defeats Texas A & M 38-26

    Couple of vids I was finally able to upload

    2nd play of the game for the Noles. Adrian Phillips houses a handoff to tie the game up.

    Big Sack and fumble/fumble recovery. This play swung the MO of the game in the favor of FSU.

    Co-Players of the game for FSU
    HB Adrian Phillips 13 carries for 124 yds and 3 TDs

    TE Daniel Petty 6 catches for 105 yds long of 57 yds

    QB Steve Moore faced a lot of pressure all game long from the TAMU front 4, but was still able to complete 17 of 29 passes for 262 yds and 2 TD's and no INT's. DE Nate Reid led the defense with 2 sacks combined with 8 tckl 4 TFL and 1 FF.

    FSU now braces for the Wisconsin Badger and Coach TUCO.
  2. TRudethaDude

    TRudethaDude Walk On

    Jul 8, 2009
    good job. Adrian Phillips was the #1 RB recruited and immediately reshirted and then I had come academic santions handed down and left the program. Tell Adrian coach Rude says whats up!
  3. runthepound

    runthepound Get on the Bus!

    Feb 18, 2010
    Florida State beats #20 Wisky in a rain soaked game in Doak Campbell Stadium 38-16.

    Game Summary
    #20 Wisky 0 8 8 0 16
    #11 FSU 17 14 7 0 38

    The game started off with Wisky taking the opening kickoff and going 3 and out. FSU drove the field only to stall out in the redzone and kick a FG to go up 3-0. On Wisky's next possession, what looked to be blown coverage was actually a well played ball and INT by FSU CB T. Blankenship. Blankenship would return it 48 yards for the score and a 10-0 lead.

    The next drive for The Badgers would stall near mid field when RSFR CB Travis Bailey would step in front a pass intended for a Badger WR.

    That turnover resulted in another TD for the Noles. This time it was a 22 yard pass from Steve Moore to M. Hawthorne. FSU 17 Wisky 0

    Wisconsin would stall out on another drive and be forced to punt. After gaining little yardage on 1st and 2nd down, Moore would connect for his 2nd TD pass of the game, this time to Phil Young on a 74 yard catch and run. FSU 24 Wisky 0.

    Wisonsin would finally find the end zone on their next possession after a nice drive and a 9 yard pass to Evans. Wisky would add a 2 point conversion to make it FSU 24 Wisky 8.

    FSU would put one more TD on the board before the half. This time, FSU caught Wisky sleeping on an option play. A. Phillips would take the pitch and after a tight spin move, Phillips would have a 48 yard TD to his season stats.

    Score at the half 31-8 FSU.

    FSU received the KO in the 2nd half only to get a good drive started only to be intercepted and have it returned for a TD. Wisconsin would get another 2 point conversion. FSU 31 Wisky 16.

    FSU would regroup after the pick 6 and drive the field. FSU HB A. Phillips would find the end zone once more, this time on a 13 yd run right up the gut. FSU 38 Wisky 16.

    FSU would spend the rest of the game trying to protect the ball while Wisconsin would give it their all trying to close the gap. On what would be their best scoring opportunity on the 4th Qtr., Fr CB travis Bailey would step in front of another pass for his 2nd pick of the game.

    This would help FSU seal the victory.

    Key Stats
    QB Steve Moore 12 for 16 for 240 yds 2 TD's and 1 INT
    HB Adrian Phillips 19 carries for 121 yds and 2 TD's
    CB Travis Bailey 2 INT's

    Wisconsin 5 turnovers
    FSU 1 Turnover

    0 Strategy Points eared by wither team.

    Great Game and effort to TUCO! The game probably would have been a little different had your guys held onto some of those passes. GL the rest of the season!
  4. runthepound

    runthepound Get on the Bus!

    Feb 18, 2010
    Bump for completed recap
  5. runthepound

    runthepound Get on the Bus!

    Feb 18, 2010
    West Virginia Came into Doak Campbell in what should have been a blowout, but broken tackles and missed blocks ended up resulting in somewhat of a close game and a close call for the #9 Florida State Seminoles.

    Scoring Summary
    WVU 7 0 22 0 29
    FSU 7 17 7 15 46

    392 Total Yards 468
    241 Rush Yards 156
    151 Pass Yards 312
    1 Turnover 2
    2 Fumble Rec 1

    S. Moore 13 for 18 217 yds 1 TD
    J. Scott 5 for 8
    A. Phillips 24 for 110 yds 3 TD's

    Broken Tackles are GAY and CPU D-Line play is a JOKE
    The running game for WVU alone not including the WR's resulted in 17 broken tackles. Hardly ever was a WVU player taken down after the first hit.

    That being said.....here are some highlights.

    The game opened with WVU putting together a nice drive before FSU AA Corner T. Blankenship forced a fumble inside the redzone.

    FSU would punt and then on their next possession QB Steve Moore would find Hawthorne for a 39 yds TD strike.

    FSU would take a 31-7 lead into the half after A. Phillips would find the endzone for his 3rd time on this 6 yd run.

    WVU would strike fire in the 2nd half putting up 22 unanswered points to make the score 31-29 to end the 3rd Qtr.

    FSU would then score 15 unanswered of their own in the 4th Qtr to take the lead a seal the victory for the Noles 46-29.
  6. runthepound

    runthepound Get on the Bus!

    Feb 18, 2010
    Florida State and Georgia Tech squared off in a battle for ACC Supremacy....at least thats what they think. A battle it was and although FSU pulled away in the 3rd qtr, GT got back in the game only to fall short. FSU wins 52-42.

    FSU was on their game for the most part, allowing only 335 total yards and 16 rushing yards to one of the hottest teams in the ACC and the country in recent years. FSU was suspect to the big play and that is what allowed GT to stick around the whole game. FSU would take the opening drive all the way down the field and score on a 11 yd pass to Matt Hawthorne. GT would drive and score and then pick off a Steve Moore pass and return it 54 yards to go up 14-7. Not to be outdone, Moore would drive his team down the field in just over a minute and connect on a short 4 yds pass to TE Darrin Petty to knot the score.


    After forcing the Yellow Jackets to punt, Steve Moore found Darrin Petty once again, this time on a 12 yard pass to take the lead 21-14.


    FSU would score again in the 2nd Qtr and again it was none other than the AA Combo of Steve Moore and Darrin Petty. This one was from 14 yards out. Georgia Tech would take the next Kickoff all the way to the 1 yd line of the Noles and then punch it in to make it 28-21. Moore would connect on anothe TD pass before the half to Matt Hawthorne from 21 yards out for his 2nd TD of the game.


    Halftime score 35-21 FSU.

    FSU would pull away and almost slam the door on GT on the 4th QTR TD pas from Moore to Jose Robinson from 44 yds out.


    GT would score score then recover an onside kick to pull within 7 late in the game, but FSU would drive the field managing the clock and kick a FG to make it a 10 point game. GT would take one last shot at a desperation drive only to have the last pass intercepted by Travis Blankenship. Blankenship fell on the ball, choosing not to return it for the TD as the field was wide open for the score.


    Game Stats
    GT FSU
    355 Total Yards 559
    16 Rush Yards 108
    339 Pass Yards 451
    3 TO's 1
    8:29 T.O.P. 15:31
    9 First Downs 21

    Steve Moore 18 for 24 for 389 yds 5 TD's and 1 INT
    Jason Scott 4 for 6 for 62 yds 1 TD

    Adrian Phillips 23 for 90 1 TD

    Darrin Petty 5 for 43 3 TD's
    Matt Hawthorne 5 for 75 2 TD's
    Jose Robinson 4 for 113 1 TD
    Peter Young 4 for 115

    Player of the Game
    FSU QB Steve Moore
  7. runthepound

    runthepound Get on the Bus!

    Feb 18, 2010
    FSU goes into Miami and Brings Home a Victory

    Florida State came into this game knowing that this game could put them in the driver's seat in the ACC for a shot at the conference championship. Miami had only lost one game that to #1 Ohio State in the first game of the season. FSU was able to control the game and the line of scrimmage for the most part. FSU would jump out to a 21-3 lead at the half and it was only in the 4th qtr when the U would find the end zone.

    Rushing yards were hard to come by for the Hurricanes.

    FSU Miami
    390 Total Yards 238
    115 Rush Yards 38
    275 Pass Yards 200
    21 1st Downs 10
    0 TO's 1
    14:25 T.O.P. 10:03
    6-9(66%) 3rd Down Conv. 1-6(16%)

    Jose Robinson's 1st Qtr. 29 yard TD reception to open the scoring in the game.

    Adrian Phillips bust through the line to put FSU up 21-0 midway through the 2nd Qtr.

    Charles Smith intercepts a Marquardt pass in the 4th Qtr.

    Player of the Game
    Steve Moore 17 for 20 for 261 yds and 2 total TD's

    Notable Player Stats
    HB Adrian Phillips 22 for 111 yds 1 TD
    WR Jose Robinson 5 for 105 yds and 1 TD
  8. runthepound

    runthepound Get on the Bus!

    Feb 18, 2010
    Week 8

    FSU 56
    SCar 28

    FSU went into Columbia for a rare mid season OOC game. After gaining a nice lead and holding South Carolina yardage wise in the 1st half, FSU ended up giving up over 400 yards of offense to the GameCocks. Despite giving up so many yards, The Seminoles were able to use the bend but don't break method to dominate S Car on the scoreboard.

    42 yard TD pass from Steve Moore to Robinson

    Flynn's INT return for a TD

    63 yd TD pass from Steve Moore to Young

    Hill's INT

    Player of the Game
    Steve Moore Under Center
  9. runthepound

    runthepound Get on the Bus!

    Feb 18, 2010
    Week 9

    FSU 59
    Maryland 13

    Florida State came into Maryland to do one thing and that was take care of business. And that they did taking down the Terps 59-13. FSU would jump out to an early lead and hold the Terps out of the endzone until late in the game when their HB would break free and take it to the house. Other than that, FSU wold only give up 2 FG's. Florida State moved the ball at will and called off the horses at the start of the 4th Qtr.

    Adrian Phillips KR for TD putting Maryland through the spin cycle.

    Moore to Parker for the 2nd Qtr TD

    Jason Scott to Young for the 3rd Qtr TD

    Sliders....what sliders? Maryland running back breaking tackles like a MoFo!
    This happened all game long. Guy must have been wearing butter.

    Adrian Phillips coming out of his spin and heading home...toward the end zone.

    Biggest news of the game came with about a minute left to go in the 1st half when Starting QB and potential Heisman candidate and player of the year for the ACC, Steve Moore, went down with an injury. The outcome, a torn abdominal muscle which will result in 4 weeks recovery time, long enough to miss the NC State game and most likely the Florida game. This could potentially be a huge blow to the Noles ACC and National Title Hopes. Jason Scott stepped in and took over from where Moore left off, but his accuracy just wasn't the same as Moore. Scott has seen his fair share of playing time this season in mop up duty and in on situational downs when needed. He has done a great job when called upon. That does not mean he is the shoe in starter. Coach Runthepound got to see the thrid string QB as Scott would go down also in the 3rd qtr allowing Josh Parham to step in and get some live game reps. After seeing his accuracy, Coach Pound has opened up the QB race for this weeks practice guaranteeing a starting role to whichever QB works best with the number 1 offense.

    Week 10 Preview
    Next up is the NC State Wolfpack. This is another highly anticipated game for the Noles as this one could decide the ACC Atlantic Division winner who will likely meet up with Ga Tech in the ACC title game. NC State, after relinquishing Coach Trudy from his duties as head coach of the Wolf Pack, bring in new coach MisterTide51. MisterTide opens his coaching career against UT and Coach NoKnee before he begins his ACC play against the Noles.
  10. runthepound

    runthepound Get on the Bus!

    Feb 18, 2010
    Week 10

    FSU 42

    NC State 10

    FSU traveled to Raleigh North Carolina to face a NC State team with a newly renovated offense and defense. That being a new coach in Coach Mr. Tide and new schemes on both sides of the ball. NC State came out playing tough on both sides of the ball forcing turnovers and working the clock and driving the field. That was until just before the half when FSU was able to put a couple of drives together and take a 21-10 lead into the half. 2nd half was all Noles, who would finally catch on and force some turnovers of their own and control the ball and the clock. Jason Scott did good in his first career start for FSU. Throwing 3 TD's but also giving up 2 INT's. The perfection wasn't there like it is with Steve Moore, but it wasn't bad for his first start. Parham was brought in in relief completing his only pass on the day. The FSU D tightened up and played great late in the first half and the whole 2nd half. Final Score FSU 42 NC State 10.

    Game Highlights
    FSU Flynn's INT

    PA Sack

    FSU Hill's INT

    Scott to Robinson for a TD

    Next up is a struggling Clemson team. Although they have had a down year, FSU expects to get the Tigers best, knowing this is a heated rivalry. FSU will Also have a nice group of players visiting for the week 11 game at home.
    More stats to come when I get home....
  11. runthepound

    runthepound Get on the Bus!

    Feb 18, 2010
    Week 11

    FSU 30

    Clemson 20

    Clemson 14 6 0 0
    FSU 17 3 10 0

    As mentioned in the week 10 recap, Clemson is experiencing a down year, coming into this game they sat at 3-6, but when it is a rivalry game, you can expect to get the best of both teams. Clemson brought their best and FSU showed up a little too confident and that almost cost them. The game was close and Clemson actually had a 14-3 lead in the 1st Qtr, but the Noles fought back and sealed the victory to stay undefeated.

    Parham to Jose Robinson for the 30 TD strike in the 1st Qtr

    Parham to Peter Young from 19 yds out in the 1st Qtr

    Micheal Hargrove with the fumble recovery in the 3rd Qtr

    Matt Hawthorne houses 69 yard pass from Jason Scott

    Travis Blankenship recovers a fumble at the 5 yrd line to prevent a 4th qtr. TD by the Tigers

    FSU utilized both of their backup QB's in this one again as the 3rd stringer Darrell Parham got the start. Parham was very efficient in his only start, but FSU never really clicked until 2nd string QB Jason Scott entered the game. Scott was able to produce several TD drives throughout the 2nd and 3rd qtr to help lead the Noles to Victory. AA Senior QB Steve Moore is still nursing his torn abdominal muscle and looks hopeful for next weeks game against in state rival, The Florida Gators. Coach Runthepound hopes his starter Moore will be healthy enough to return, but has full faith in Jason Scott to lead the team if Moore isn't healthy enough to do so.

    Next up in week 12 is a much needed bye week for the Noles. Several players need to rest up and be ready to produce big time for the week 13 game against Florida.
  12. runthepound

    runthepound Get on the Bus!

    Feb 18, 2010
    Week 13

    Florida State 48

    Florida 27

    Florida State has had this one marked on their schedule for a long time. What better way to see where you team is as a program than to square off with the reigning national champion? Although some of the players from that team are gone, the rivalry remains the same. When the Noles and Gators take the field opposite one another, it will be interesting.

    FSU's AA QB Steve Moore was questionable coming in but Coach Runthepound decided to play him and risk injury. The risk paid off big time as Moore picked up where he left off, this time with a little more help from his HB Adrian Phillips. Phillips was the star in this one as he rushed or 125 yards and scored 3 times.

    UF 7 10 3 7
    FSU 10 10 14 14

    UF FSU
    24 First Downs 15
    452 Offense 369
    21 Rush Yards 147
    431 Pass Yards 222
    5 Turnonvers 0

    Player Stats
    Steve Moore 13 for 19 222 yds 1 TD 0 INT
    Adrina Phillips 15 car. 125 yards 3 TD's

    Steve Moore pass to Darrin Petty in the 3rd qtr

    Blankenship's 3rd qtr INT

    Adrian Phillips 11 yd TD run in the 3rd qtr

    The Pitch

    Bailey's pick 6 in the 4th qtr

    Once again...Great Game to Dean! Looking forward to some great battles in the years to come.

    FSU has a bye week before their rematch with The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. FSU won the previous contest in Tallahassee 52-42.
  13. runthepound

    runthepound Get on the Bus!

    Feb 18, 2010
    ACC CHampionship

    FSU 38

    Ga Tech 24

    GT FSU
    17 1st Downs 14
    319 Total Yds 348
    81 Rush Yds 86
    238 Pass Yds 262
    1 TO 1
    2 Sks 4
    14:59 TOP 9:35

    FSU made it through the season without losing a game and only one game stood between them and the National Championship. Ga Tech won their division and the right to play in the ACC Championship game as well. Their best result would be a BCS game. Both teams came into this matchup with high expectations and huge things at stake. FSU and Ga Tech met up in week 5 of the regular season in a game that ended up a 10 point victory for the Noles at home. How would the pressure of the game and the neutral setting affect the game differently?

    Both teams scored on their first possession and it was obvious that Ga Tech wanted to control the clock and sustain drives. The Yellow Jackets had several very nice drives and were able to control the ball for most of the game. The 2nd half is when most of the game changing plays took place. Tech was up 24-17 when FSU was trying to drive but threw and INT. At that point neither team had been stopped until then. FSU was then able to force a punt and drive the field to tie the game up. Next Tech drive resulted in an INT in FSU territory. FSU would drive the field 2 times after that and take a 38-24 lead and held onto that lead for the rest of the game.

    Steve Moore to Parker 7 yd TD pass in the 1st Qtr

    Steve Moore to Hawthorne for 22 yds and a TD in the 2nd Qtr

    Steve Moore to A. Johnson for a 47 yd completion in the 3rd Qtr

    Peter Bradley Intercepted by Travis Bailey in the 4th(Pontiac Game Changer)

    Steve Moore hooks up wth Adrian Phillips onthe screen pass for a 20 TD in the 4th Qtr

    Key Stats
    Steve Moore 16 for 20 262 yds 3 TD's 1 INT
    Adrian Phillips 11 for 80 1 TD 2 Cat. 38 yds 1 TD

    FSU held All American Fitzpatrick to 2 catches for 55 yds and 0 TD's. Heisman winner Peter Bradley threw for 238 yds 1 TD and 1 INT.
  14. runthepound

    runthepound Get on the Bus!

    Feb 18, 2010
    National Championship

    FSU 38

    Ohio State 31

    An Epic game as advertised. Both teams were undefeated coming into this one and had both proven themselves among the elite in the nation. The time had come to settle the score as which team was truly the #1 team for 2014. Both teams were loaded with All Americans and future NFLer's.

    Ohio State won the toss and elected to kickoff. FSU would patch some nice runs and passes together to drive the field and score on a 36 yard TD pass from Steve Moore to Jose Robinson. FSU 7 Ohio State 0.

    After a 3 and out by OSU FSU would throw and INT. The Bucks would put together a quick drive to tie it up on an 18 yard pass from Sam Bailey to J. Henderson. FSU 7 Ohio State 7.

    Steve Moore would throw another INT, setting up OSU in good field position. The Noles stood strong and only allowed a FG. FSU 7 Ohio State 10.

    FSU would take their next possession down the field and score on a FB dive from 1 yd out. FSU 14 Ohio State 10.

    On Ohio State's first play on their next drive, Sam Bailey found J. Henderson just behind the Corner, who tried to make a play on the ball but fell, allowing Henderson to take the pass 76 yds to take the lead. FSU 14 Ohio State 17.

    FSU would stall out on their next drive resulting in a punt. Ohio State would drive the field a chew come clock. Sam Bailey found P. Temple on a 12 yard crossing route that the FS read and almost picked off. Temple would score on the reception. FSU 14 Ohio State 24.

    Florida State, knowing that Ohio State would be getting the ball to start the 2nd half, was desperate to get some kind of points on the board. The Noles would drive down the field in just over a minute to score on a 13 yard pass from Steve Moore to TE Darrin Petty.

    Halftime Score Florida State 21 Ohio State 24.

    Not much going on in the 3rd Qtr as the defenses buckled down and were able force each other to punt. The only score would come as FSU would inch into FG territory and King would kick a 32 yd FG with just over a minute left in the qtr. FSU 24 Ohio State 24

    Ohio State would hold onto the ball on a very well scripted drive, chewing up over 5 minutes of the clock. Same Bailey would connect with J. Wheatly on a 13 yd TD strike to take the lead. FSU 24 Ohio State 31

    Florida State wasted no time giving up the lead as they drove down the field quickly after a huge screen pass to Adrian Phillips.

    Phillips wouldn't score on the play, but 2 plays later he would walk it in for the TD from 2 yds out.

    This is where the game changed. Florida State lined up for the FG. As the ball was snapped, Ohio State came in for the block but, FSU pulled up to find 2 Noles wide open in the endzone and connected for the 2 point conversion. FSU 32 Ohio State 31

    FSU would put the handcuffs on the Bucks stopping them on a 4th down attempt inside their own territory. FSU's K King would add a FG, after working the clock, from 47 yds out. FSU 35 Ohio State 31

    On the ensuing kickoff, Ohio State's return man would bring it out only to be met by the FSU kick team. He bit off more than he could chew as he made the 1st guy miss but was leveled by the 2nd defender, resulting in a fumble and a recovery by FSU.

    FSU would drain the clock to 6 secs before King came on for his 3rd FG of the day, this time from 44 yards out. FSU 38 Ohio State 31.

    FSU would pooch the next kick and Ohio State would return it to the 40 yd line as time expired.

    Steve Moore capped off a brilliant season going 16 for 24 with 2 TD's and 2 INT's.

    Adrian Phillips would carry the ball 16 times for 84 yds and 1 TD.
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