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For the polls

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by MurkYa21, Aug 31, 2009.

  1. MurkYa21

    MurkYa21 Walk On

    Apr 19, 2009
    For the polls

    Instead of actually adding polls to the threads, I am going to have everyone send me their ballots...to ensure that votes aren't persuaded by vote #s and things of that sort lol and to make sure everyone participates..and so I don't have to check back and forth..

    SO..copy and paste what I right under the line, and write back with your two votes...I don't care if you add in some details just because you feel like it, but make sure it is clear to me who your two votes are....and remember THAT, you must vote for two people in each category.

    If it comes down to split decision, I will go by statistics. If someone you want to vote on isn't on the ballot, put "other - then their name or team"

    Coach Of The Year
    A. Buffalo - Newb Slice; avenged his only loss of the season in the MAC championship...
    B. Tulsa - Jman; took over the 0-2 team of deceised spreadoption...made his team eligible for a bowl game, and upset SMU of their NC dreams.
    C. SMU - 1ke; won all but one game, took his team as high as #2 (I believe) in the BCS rankings. His Sophomore WR took second place in the Heisman, and set plenty of records.
    D. CMU - Murk; went through a gaunlet of user games, lost one of them to Buffalo who he had beat previously, but won the rest. Had a very talented offense, but had a terrible defense. (Im throwing my self in there, because of the user vs user schedule that I had to win all of my game just to get to the conf. championship.)

    Team Of The Year (just vote once)
    A. SMU - 1ke
    B. Buffalo - Newb Slice

    Best Offense
    A. SMU - 1ke
    B. CMU - Murk
    C. NIU - Parrothead
    D. Ball State - Riptides
    E. Houston - mcyork

    Best Defense
    A. SMU - 1ke
    B. ECU - troy
    C. Akron - mors
    D. CMU - Murk
    E. Buffalo - NewbSlice

    Player Of The Year (just vote for one)
    A. Dan LeFevour - CMU - Murk
    B. Deandre Brown - SMU - 1ke
    C. Lewis - Ball - Riptides

    Upset Of The Year
    winner: Jman

    Game Of The Year
    A. Jman vs 1ke
    B. Jman vs Houston
    C. Murk vs Mors
    D. Murk vs NewbSlice (1st time)
    E. Others (I can't name them all!)

    Make sure you go back in each individual thread to read the arguments before you vote. Also, the stats are gone if you are looking for stats from an individual who was a senior (LeFevour's stats are posted in that thread though).

    Okay, PM me this list with your choices and I'll mark you off the list..

    • newbslice
    • riptides
    • parrothead
    • troy
    • 1ke
    • natisaint
    • mcyork
    • jman

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