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Forum Draft Concept

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by BadaBing319, Nov 19, 2010.

  1. BadaBing319

    BadaBing319 OMFL Broncos / PMFL Eagles

    Jul 16, 2010
    OK, here's what I'm proposing - the two posts below will be separate threads that we post to kick off the forum draft. The first post is just an informational piece about how we are going to do the draft. We need to pick a time on Sunday before we post it.

    Post #2 is what we can use as the forum draft template.

    Let me know if/when we are ready to roll on this. If we get it going soon, we should be able to get a bunch of picks in tonight and hopefully complete round 1 and maybe get into round 2 tomorrow.

    POST #1

    Draft Announcement

    The OMFL Draft is underway! We will be doing a two-part draft:

    Part I - Through the forums using this thread:
    <insert link here ONCE IT IS POSTED>

    Part II - Live draft Sunday (time TBD)

    For the forum portion of the draft, we will not be enforcing a time limit. Please try to make your pick in a reasonable time to keep things going. However, the goal is to start things up and see how many picks we can get through before the live portion of the draft.

    We will cease the forum portion of the draft two hours before the live draft commences. This will allow the board to get caught up with the draft document and the other owners and get their draft boards current.


    POST #2

    OMFL Draft - Round 1

    The OMFL draft is underway! Please use this thread to make your round 1 picks. The draft order for round 1 is below. As picks are made, a member of the board will keep this post up-to-date.

    OMFL Official Draft Board

    ROUND 1
    1 Seattle (from ARI) -
    2 Dallas (from TEN) -
    3 San Diego (from BAL) -
    4 Buffalo -
    5 Philadelphia (from DET) -
    6 Arizona (from SEA) -
    7 Washington -
    8 Dallas -
    9 Oakland -
    10 San Francisco (via PIT) -
    11 Green Bay -
    12 Tampa Bay -
    13 Cincinnati (from MIN via DEN) -
    14 Atlanta -
    15 St. Louis -
    16 St. Louis (from MIA) -
    17 Miami (from DEN) -
    18 San Diego -
    19 Houston -
    20 Arizona (from IND) -
    21 NY Giants -
    22 Cleveland -
    23 New Orleans -
    24 NY Jets -
    25 Denver (from CIN) -
    26 St. Louis (from KC) -
    27 Chicago -
    28 San Francisco -
    29 Carolina -
    30 New England -
    31 Philadelphia -
    32 Jacksonville -


    When you make your pick, please use the following format:

    Additionally, please "alert" the owner next to pick by using this tag at the end of your post:

    An example of a correct post would be:
    This will put an message in the owner's alert box letting them know a thread needs their attention. This will hopefully help to keep the draft moving at a reasonable pace. REMEMBER, we are NOT putting a time limit on picks in the forum draft. We are simply trying to get a head start to get things moving and help limit the amount of time Sunday's live draft will take.



    AFC Teams

    Buffalo - @StevenRhysCann
    Miami - @mustang20241
    New England - @CoachKO
    NY Jets - @Fr3sH_UC

    Baltimore - @weblink21
    Cincinnati - @DJDunn6
    Cleveland - @greeeeeeeeg2003 (8 e's)
    Pittsburgh - @Jethro

    Indianapolis - @NDCOLTS1979
    Houston - @duvalbault94
    Jacksonville - @sdunlap
    Tennessee - @bigox1337

    Denver - @BadaBing319
    Kansas City - @Bluebean
    Oakland - @savaunte
    San Diego - @sammymitchell

    NFC Teams

    Dallas - @BRUCE80
    NY Giants - @saintsdave75
    Philadelphia - @VishaL
    Washington - @coachgaddy

    Chicago - @chrisdstan
    Detroit - @Winuvas
    Green Bay - @Miklos_Nyiszli
    Minnesota - @Jeremy

    Atlanta - @Obisan
    Carolina - @Claven
    New Orleans - @natedawg212000
    Tampa Bay - Open (use @Winuvas)

    Arizona - @CoachWest
    Seattle - @pbates86
    San Francisco - @dritsch
    St. Louis - @Wayne


    As always, keep us posted of any trades involving draft picks so we can keep the draft board updated. Thanks guys - best of luck and happy draft weekend!
  2. Winuvas

    Winuvas OMFL Jets

    Oct 8, 2009
    Looks good to me.
  3. BRUCE80

    BRUCE80 Let the dirt just shower over you..

    Feb 11, 2009
    Like it.

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